How to Make a Man Cave in a Small Room

How to Make a Man Cave in a Small Room

How to Make a Man Cave in a Small Room

The Man Cave. The space that a man can call his own. A place where he can relax and unwind—a room where he can gather with friends and watch football on a Sunday afternoon.

Once you decide that you will design your man cave, you need to determine where your man cave will be. Some men have the option of turning an unused garage or a basement into their man cave. But what if that isn’t an option for you? What if you only have a small room at the end of the house?

Where will you put your big screen TV? How big of a fridge can you get? How many friends will fit in your man cave?

Don’t worry. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how to take that small space and make it your own.

Making the Best Use of Small Spaces

Before doing anything, you will want to decide on the primary function of your man cave. Will it be a place for you to work from home? Do you want to use it for watching sports with your friends? Or will it become the place to hold your weekly poker games? Deciding its primary use will help you decide on what will go in your limited space.

You will need to use creative solutions to get the maximum benefit out of a small space. Try these ideas to get the most use from your man cave.


There are several options to choose from that will fit any room and budget when it comes to flooring.

A wood laminate floor creates the visual appeal of hardwood without the expense. It’s also easy to clean up any spills that are bound to happen. Painting the floor of your man cave is a budget-friendly approach. Use an epoxy paint for a floor that is cheap plus easy to clean and maintain.

If you choose to go with paint, laminate, or tiles, you might want to consider the use of area rugs. These can give the appearance of separate areas, even though your space is small.

If you prefer the look of carpet, a good option is carpet tiles. They are easy to install, and it’s always a good idea to purchase extra tiles. If a section of the carpet gets damaged, then it’s easy to swap out the damaged tile for a new one. If you’re a sports fan, you can purchase carpet tiles that reflect your favorite team’s colors.

Rubber interlocking floor tiles are also easy to install. Additionally, they are easy to clean and scratch-resistant. Just like carpet tiles, these are also available in a variety of colors.


Did you know that colors can affect your mood? When choosing the color to paint your walls, keep the following tips in mind.

Blue has a very calming effect making it the preferred color for a room where you want to relax at the end of the day. Blue shades can also help with concentration and focus, making it a good color if your man cave serves as your home office.

Red represents energy and excitement, which makes it great for hosting friends for sporting events. Paint your walls green to give the room a rustic, outdoorsy feel.

Brown and tan are good choices if you’re using your man cave for a variety of activities. Shades of gray can give your room a sophisticated feel, whether it’s used as an office or a place of entertainment.

How to Make a Man Cave in a Small Room


Track lighting is easy to install and allows you to light up different areas of your room. Add dimmers to your lights so you can modify the brightness of your space.

Rope neon lights that run around the perimeter of your room are an option for your man cave, no matter how you use the space. These lights come in different colors, so it’s easy to find the right one to set the right mood.

If you prefer a dimly lit room for watching movies, add some backlights to your TV to reduce eye strain while creating a movie theater effect.


There are a variety of options for shelving in small spaces. Depending on your budget and carpentry skills, there are shelving styles to suit your needs.

Floating shelves are versatile and are great for holding remote controls, or books and magazines. You can place them higher up on your wall to make a perimeter to display memorabilia.

Built-in shelves are a great addition to any small space. They can make an area feel less crowded and give you a lot of storage without taking any additional space.

Corners are another underused area of a room. A corner shelving unit makes use of that space.


Choosing furniture is where deciding on the primary purpose of your man cave comes in handy. But, no matter how you use your man cave, finding furniture that serves multiple purposes allows you to have an area that’s both comfortable and functional. We will look at three possible designs; home office, multi-media gamer room, or entertainment area.

The Home Office Man Cave

If you are looking for a place to work remotely or run your business, you will want a space that allows you to focus and be productive. Corkboards, pegboards, and magnetic whiteboards can help you stay organized while not taking any extra space.

You can place built-in corner workstations at bar height so you can work while standing or pull out a stool when you want to sit. Rolling file cabinets can be stored under desks and pulled out when using.

If you’re looking to use your man cave for multiple purposes, make use of a wall-mounted drop-down desk that gives you workspace when needed, but folds up flat against the wall when you’re not working.


The Gamer Man Cave

The gamer needs a room designed for many hours of playing Call of Duty. A wall-mounted or stand mounted large screen television is essential and serves as the focal point of a gamer’s man cave. Underneath the TV will be several shelving units to hold various gaming consoles and accessories.

For the PC gamer, a gaming desk is an essential addition to the room. A desk with an elevated monitor stand and compartments for gadgets will help keep your man cave clutter-free. Choose a desk with a built-in power strip and a charging base.

You will want a gaming chair that offers lumbar support for long hours of gaming. Additionally, a chair with built-in speakers will give you a surround sound experience that makes you part of the action. Going with a chair with castors will allow you to transition between gaming areas easily.

Add a touch of retro to your room with an arcade cocktail table with adjustable stools. Pass the time, playing some old-school video games, or use the surface for food and drinks.

Entertainment Man Cave

Are you looking forward to having a few friends over to watch a game and shoot some pool? If that’s your idea of the perfect man cave, then you’ll want furniture that can accommodate a large group in a small space.

A wall-mounted large screen smart television is the essential focal point of a room designed for entertainment. You will want it to be as large as your wall and budget will allow.

Go with stadium-style seating to both save space and add to the entertainment experience. Put in old theater seats or church pews on risers. This arrangement adds additional seating without obstructed views of the television.

Add a 3-in-1 game table that easily converts between pool, air-hockey, and ping-pong to pass the time during half-times and breaks in the action on TV.

Other Man Cave Essentials

Many men want a bar in their man cave but might not have the room. Use your carpentry skills to build a flip-down bar. When the bar is down, it exposes the built-in liquor cabinet. Use a padlock to secure the bar to the wall when it’s not in use. Stackable bar stools can add additional seating without taking a lot of extra storage space.

Every man cave needs a mini-fridge for keeping drinks and food chilled. There are several options when it comes to choosing your fridge. You can select a beverage cooler for just drinks or a multi-purpose fridge for both food and beverages.

If you plan to keep frozen items, be sure to purchase one with a separate freezer door. If you want a mini-fridge that blends with your furniture, choose the end table mini-fridge. Of course, it helps to double-check your man cave’s electrical capabilities so you don’t pop the breaker chilling your beer.

The Bottom Line

Just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you can’t have a place to call your own. A man cave should reflect who you are and your tastes. It can be a place to relax, do some work, pursue hobbies, or entertain friends.

Deciding on your man cave’s primary purpose will guide your choices regarding wall color, flooring, lighting, and furniture. Choosing décor that serves more than one purpose allows you to make the most out of small space. Using corners, unused wall space, and stackable chairs helps to free up valuable floor space.

With some planning, you will soon turn that small space into the man cave you’ve been wanting.