What Is A Power Recliner

What Is A Power Recliner? Your Questions Answered

Every man cave needs a comfortable place to sit down and relax. A power recliner is one of the best pieces of furniture to include in your man cave to kick back with a beer and enjoy the game. But what is a power recliner? This article will answer all of your pressing questions on the subject. Let’s get started.

What Is A Power Recliner?

A power recliner is a comfortable chair that offers a traditional recliner’s adjustability with minimal effort required to operate it. Power recliners make kicking your feet up effortless.

These chairs typically include automated motors that allow you to control the seat’s angle and position with the touch of a button. Most power recliners have adjustable back and footrest positions, and some can even help lift users into a standing position to get up.

Why Do Man Caves Need A Power Recliner?

The man cave is a separate space in a house where men can relax alone without worrying about external stresses. Men use their man caves for a variety of activities that help them relax. Some use them for poker nights, watching tv, or just napping.

Whatever you choose to use it for, every man cave needs a comfortable seat where you can kick your feet up. A power recliner is an ideal chair for this purpose because it allows you to lay back and relax while only lifting a finger.

Do Power Recliners Have A Manual Override?

Some power recliners do have a manual override that enables the chair to return to its original position if it loses power. Power recliners that do not have a manual override cannot function without a power source and may get stuck in uncomfortable situations.

These chairs use some of the same technology found in cars with power adjustments. Manual overrides allow these seats to release or shift when needed in case of an accident.

What Common Features Do Power Recliners Have?

Several models of power recliners available on the market today have unique features to increase comfort and convenience. Power recliners use an electricity source, so many models include more electric elements than traditional chairs or manual recliners.

Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner - Chestnut
Remote control for Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner

All power recliners need some method to adjust and control their positioning. There are several control methods used to operate power recliners. Options include:

  • Wireless handheld remotes
  • Remotes with cords attached to the chair
  • Side buttons
  • Power toggles

Features included to boost comfort can range from simple to luxurious. Standard features often include cup holders for beers, storage areas for remotes, and pillow headrests.

Advanced features found on premium models can include customizable heat, vibration, and massage settings. Users can also adjust some premium models to an angle that replicates zero gravity benefits.

How Do Power Recliners Get Their Power?

Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture - Rechargeable 2200mAh Battery for Power Recliners, Couches, Chairs, Sofas - Universal Wireless Recliner Power Supply
Lavolta Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture

Power recliners depend on power sources to provide the electricity their motors need to operate automatically. Most recliners connect to the power supply through a cord that runs through the chair. Generally, power recliners use around 100V – 240V of input power.

Some power recliners can use a hidden rechargeable battery pack. A battery pack is an excellent option if you can’t place your power recliner close to a power outlet. These battery packs can power the chair for around five days when fully charged, depending on how much you plan on using your chair.

Do Power Recliners Have To Be Plugged In?

Most power recliners need to plug directly into the wall unless you purchase a model that uses a rechargeable battery pack. Most manufacturers recommend running the cable connected to the unit’s motor directly into an AC unit through the back of the chair.

Power recliners are best suited for use on the perimeter of a room near a power source. Setting up one of these chairs in the center of your man cave can leave cords exposed throughout the room, which is a safety hazard.

Furniture companies do not recommend using surge protectors, adapters, or extension cords with power recliners. These chairs use a power switch that you must secure before unplugging to prevent opening.

Like all high-power appliances, power recliners can be dangerous to use with an extension cord because that may cause the cable’s rapid deterioration. A defective line can put you at risk of fire or electric shock.

How Long Do Power Recliner Motors Last?

The average power recliner has a motor that will work efficiently for about 10 to 20 years. After that period, the engine may begin to lose power or fail altogether.

How much you use your power recliner will determine precisely how long the motor will last. Extra weight can also affect the recliner’s engine’s longevity by placing additional stress on the structure. Plus, frequent motion can wear down the parts of the motors.

The best way to promote the longevity of your power recliner’s motor is to ensure that you use your furniture correctly and minimize handling. Always connect the motor directly to a central outlet power source.

Keeping your man cave warm and dry can also help limit excess wear on the power motor. Remember to inspect underneath your recliner to check cords and wires. Cleaning under your chair can also help keep debris out of the engine.

Can You Replace The Motor Of A Power Recliner?


If you have a favorite recliner, you may end up facing a difficult choice to get rid of it when the motor fails. However, it is possible to replace the engine of a power recliner. Many owners of premium power recliners also have their electric chairs serviced to ensure they remain in excellent condition.

If your power recliner’s motor fails, work with a qualified electrician to determine if they can replace it.

How Much Do Power Recliners Cost?

A high-quality power recliner is an investment. These chairs can be significantly more expensive than other furniture pieces, with price points that range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

The exact price will depend on the build quality and features included in the chair design. Simple rocker power recliners are cheaper than models with wireless chargers, massage settings, and built-in speakers.

What Is A Lift Feature On Power Recliners?

RELAXIXI Power Lift Recliner Chair, Electric Recliners for Elderly, Heated Vibration Massage Sofa with USB Ports, Remote Control, 3 Positions, 2 Side Pockets and Cup Holders (Faux Leather, Brown)
Power Lift Recliner Chair

Power recliners with lift features can adjust forward and help users stand up. Most power recliners can only move back to create a comfortable seat, but some people may have difficulty getting out of their chairs from that position.

Power lift recliners are especially useful for older adults with aches and pains that make it challenging to stand up. These individuals can simply press a button, and their chair will shift forward and help them get out of the seat safely.

Are Recliner Chairs Good For Your Back?

Lady On A Recliner

There are few things more comfortable to sit in than a recliner. But some argue that the reclined position may not be ideal for back health. However, power recliners can be safe for individuals with back issues if they have adequate lumbar support.

Lumbar support is the support that furniture gives for the lower back when seated. Recliners with proper lumbar support keep spinal alignment to reduce muscle fatigue.

If your recliner does not properly elevate your feet, it can also cause stress on your back. So choosing the right shape for your body is also essential.

Can You Sleep On a Recliner?

A comfortable recliner may be an appealing spot for an afternoon nap, but some users worry about if it is okay to fall asleep in their favorite chair. While mattresses generally provide the best support for your body while sleeping, some people may struggle to fall asleep in a traditional bed.

Pregnant women often prefer sleeping in recliners, and sleeping with your upper body at an incline can also be beneficial if you struggle with acid reflux. If you have any medical concerns, you should always consult a doctor, but sleeping on a recliner is perfectly safe for most people.

Final Thoughts

A high-quality power recliner can quickly become your new favorite piece of furniture in your man cave. The electric chairs feature automated motors that allow users to adjust their position with a single button to achieve maximum comfort.

Although most recliners are exceptionally comfortable, it can be hard to relax in manual models that require a lot of effort just to kick your feet up. A man cave represents a place to escape from the stress of everyday life and just relax. If you want to enjoy effortless relaxation in your man cave, consider a power recliner.

Now that you know what a power recliner is, check out our picks of the best power recliners for your man cave.