The Best Recliners for Big Guys

5 of The Best Recliners for Big Guys

Quality seating makes every man cave better. You don’t just want any seats, though – especially if you’re a bigger guy. You want a throne that fits you and your castle. This article takes a look at the best recliners for big guys.

You want to consider fit, style, reclining action, and material when you pick your seat. There are great options in this list that will fit you and your style.

This article looks at all these factors and finds the best options for you. There are two fabric upholstery options, two leather choices, and one faux-leather result on this list.

Whether you’re a big guy who needs a lot of space, or you enjoy sitting in a big seat, these recliners can help you out. After studying this list, you’ll have the right chair to kick your feet up and enjoy your tv show, game, or just chill out.

The 5 Best Recliners for Big Guys

The recliners had to be oversized to make this list. You want a chair that you can easily sit in. You won’t feel like you’re being stuffed in the spot. You’ll have plenty of space to spread out.

Comfort is another crucial concern. No matter how cool a recliner looks, you have to enjoy the feel. Some people like a stiffer seat that helps with back problems. Other guys want plush and luxurious padding.

Most recliners rock or glide. They also recline, allowing you to lay back and relax. You want to find a motion that works for you. Some people like an effortless glide. Other people wish to feel a rocking motion.

Here are the best recliners for big guys so you can find the seat that fits you.

1. Great Deal Furniture Merit Brown PU Leather Glider Recliner Club Chair

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This recliner screams classic man cave. It is the type of seat you can picture your grandfather using back when he had to listen to the game on the radio.

Even though it looks classic, the build is very contemporary. Instead of a rocking effect, this chair moves in a glide. It will help people that don’t like the movement of rocking chair seats.

High-quality PU leather covers this chair. It helps add to the elegant finish of this recliner. It offers you a wide seat so even big guys can easily fit.

The chair reclines so that you are nearly laying flat when it is fully back. You will have no problem taking a nap in this chair or watching TV.

The padding on this chair fits your back perfectly, and it covers the armrest to wrap you in comfort.

This chair will add class to any man room. If you’re trying for a classic or retro feel, this recliner will fit right in.

2. Signature Design by Ashley – Clonmel Contemporary Oversized Zero Wall Recliner

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Ashley made a large oversized recliner that requires minimal space to recline. The manufacturer claims two can sit on this chair, but it definitely works as a solo seat for big guys.

The Clonmel recliner gives you a ton of padding on your back and pillow-top armrest. The microfiber upholstery is super soft.

If you plan to eat and drink in this seat, you won’t have to worry if you spill. The microfiber is a breeze to clean.

The recliner works with a simple pull tab, so there is less to go wrong than with some of the more high tech recliners. With a simple pull, you are ready to relax.

You can place this chair almost right up against a wall, only leaving a few inches of space. This feature lets you put a whole lot of chairs in smaller areas.

3. Christopher Knight Home Halima Microfiber 2-Seater Recliner

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Christopher Knight created this oversized recliner to seat two people, making it a perfect size for big guys.

The chair comes in both traditional fabric and microfiber options. You can pick the feel that you like the best. Microfiber is easier to clean. However, some people prefer the feel of traditional fabric.

The back of this chair has plush cushions that fit great. The arms of this recliner have slightly less padding than other options on the list. It is designed to enjoy while reclining. The pull tab makes it easy to enter your reclined position.

The chair looks modern and sleek but still offers a lot of comfort. You can add this to a modern style man cave, and it will fit right in.

4. Signature Design by Ashley – Austere Contemporary Upholstered Zero Wall Recliner

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Ashley created a zero wall recliner that gives you plenty of comfort without giving off that overstuffed appearance that many recliners have.

They made this recliner with faux leather. This upholstery gives you much of the leather functionality, which is an excellent option for people who want the feel of leather, but don’t want to buy animal-based products.

The chair uses high-resiliency foam cushions to give you a comfortable seat that will hold its shape and feel for a long time.

You can recline this chair with only a few inches of space behind it. This feature allows you to fit this chair into some tight spaces but still enjoy the comfort.

This recliner’s modern look will help it fit into man caves that are designed to be sleek and new. It will provide an excellent seat while still looking stylish.

5. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver Walnut 4501-190 Model

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When you’re looking for a tough but still comfortable chair, the wall-saver might be what you need. The chair is rated to sit 500 pounds for the biggest guys.

The heavy-duty foam padding is covered with a hand plush suede. The upholstery gives you a very soft feel to the seat, but the padding is still tough and resilient.

The manufacturer made the base of this chair with seven gauge steel. This base allows it to hold a lot of weight without breaking down.

The reclining mechanism for this chair uses a large lever. This classic handle is easy to grip and pull so that you can relax with ease. It reclines into a nearly flat position, so you can nap on it or enjoy your TV while being fully relaxed.

This chair is an excellent option for the man cave of the biggest guys out there. It is tough yet plush enough to feel great. In our opinion, the Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver recliner is the best recliner for big guys.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of recliner you’re looking for, this list of the best recliners for big guys has you covered.

The Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver recliner’s quality and strength make it the best chair on this list. With it’s extra large size, it was built with big guys in mind.

The Signature Design by Ashley Clonmel Contemporary Oversized Zero Wall Recliner is an excellent option if space is at a premium in your man cave. It reclines using only a little space behind it.

You can’t go wrong with any of these chairs, though. They are all designed to fit big guys, and you may even be able to allow your favorite person to sit with you if you’re willing to share.

Find the recliner that fits you and your man cave the best. Your new seat will add comfort to your man cave, so you will be able to enjoy your time spent there even more.