How to Build a Man Cave Bar

How to Build a Man Cave Bar: 10 Step by Step DIY Home Bar Plans

If you want to learn how to build a man cave bar we’ve found the 10 best step by step guides available online to help you build your own home bar.

Having a bar in your man cave where you can hang out with your friends is the perfect alternative to going out and spending $8 per drink. Besides saving some beer money, you and your friends will be more comfortable and better able to relax.

You know your friends are going to be coming over to have a drink when the bar is finished, so don’t be afraid to ask them to help you build it. Below are 10 step by step DIY home bar plans to get you started.

1. DIY Bar with Foot Rail

This Old House How to Build a Man Cave Bar

This project isn’t for a beginner, but if you have experience with carpentry it takes about 2 days of work so you’ll be able to finish in a weekend. It will cost just under $450. The cozy bar is the perfect spot to store beverages and drinkware to help you entertain during the games. The guide is complete with photos and measurements to help you get the job done. View step-by-step guide from This Old House

2. Durable L-Shaped Home Bar

Strong-Tie How to Build a Man Cave Bar

If you are looking for a little larger size bar, this L-shaped bar is great and also very durable. It fits perfectly in the corner of your man cave, as long as you have the room. The guide contains a complete list of supplies needed such as lumber, connectors, and fasteners. It will also take you through the building process with detailed photos. And the best part? Depending on the materials you choose, it can be an inexpensive project. View step-by-step guide from Strong-Tie

3. The Stylish Oak Bar

John Everson How to Build a Man Cave Bar

Want to impress your guests with a stylish bar that you created on your own? This oak bar is high-quality and absolutely amazing. The detailed tutorial shows you how to create the plan and build the frame, including cabinets! The bar also comes with a fancy bar rail and shelves. A helpful YouTube video is embedded into the post so that you know how to build everything your bar needs from wine racks to the back bar. It is a more expensive option, but it is also the real deal. View step-by-step guide from John Everson

4. Peninsula Style Home Bar

Thrillist How to Build a Man Cave Bar

This guide comes with step-by-step sketches and measurements to help you get the job done right. Being prepared is always key and this guide comes with detailed construction steps and photos of the tools needed. It also gives you tips on how to add a beer tap for the complete wet bar. If you are looking for a bar with options, this is the bar for your man cave. View step-by-step guide from Thrillist

5. Step-by-Step DIY Dry Bar

How to Build a Man Cave Bar Milligans Gander Hill Farm

If you have a big space for a good size bar, this large L-shaped bar is an excellent option. There is no sink, so the dry bar is actually an easy project, even though it is fairly large. Using Oak Veneer plywood, it gives off a sophisticated and old-fashioned look. Complete with photos and measurements, this thorough step-by-step bar can store bottles and glassware. View step-by-step guide from Milligan’s Gander Hill Farm

Not sure if you need a wet bar or dry bar? Check out Wet Bar vs Dry Bar: What’s The Difference?

6. The Basic Home Bar

How to Build a Man Cave Bar Instructables

Looking for a basic home bar to simply store the essentials and a place for people to gather around during the games? This basic home bar is ideal for a small area. The guide offers tips for accuracy with photos and a list of the tools needed. Plus, they lay out the groundwork for you. The tutorial also gives you instructions on how to customize the paneling. The guide is brief but gives you a good idea of how to build the bar if you already have a grasp on construction and building. View step-by-step guide from Instructables

7. Garage Man Cave Bar

How to Build a Man Cave Bar Home Talk

Do you have your own man cave set-up in your garage? You can still build an impeccable bar for your garage! This tutorial shows before and after photos along with detailed instructions. The curved bar takes up a little more room than a straight bar, but if you have the space, we recommend this sleek bar. You can also give it your own unique look with fun countertops and under-bar lights. View step-by-step guide from Home Talk

8. Simple Wet Bar

How to Build a Man Cave Bar Bar Plan

A wet bar can be a little more challenging to build than a dry bar, but this simple wet bar makes it a little easier. The guide lists all the materials and tools needed along with accurate measurements. The assembly video is extremely detailed, but very helpful, especially when it comes to building the bar rail. The free bar plan also gives you more freedom when it comes to customizing the bar. View step-by-step guide from Bar Plan

9. Bar on a Budget

How To Build a Man Cave Bar YouTube

Did you know you can build your own bar for just under $100 bucks? Yes, all of the materials included in this tutorial totals less than $100. The video is only 9 minutes long but gives you all of the details you need to build your own bar on a budget. You may have to watch it a few times, but luckily it is a quick tutorial that will give you all the information you need to complete this budget-friendly bar. View step-by-step guide on YouTube

10. Small Basement Bar

How to Build a Man Cave Bar YouTube

Once you get past the cheesy intro and get over the voice over work, this is actually a pretty good tutorial if you give it a chance. You have the option to choose whichever lumber you would like, so you have the freedom to set your own budget. Just make sure to carefully watch the video for the tools needed and the exact measurements. If you don’t want to have to read along or look at photos, this video is a handy way to show you how to build a simple bar for your man cave. View step-by-step guide on YouTube

Building Your Man Cave Bar

As you can see, some bars are going to be bigger projects than others. But in the end, it will be well worth all of the research and work. With these DIY bars, you can transform your man cave into the ideal hangout. Now call up some friends and get to work!

Once your home bar is done, you’re going to need a good set of bar stools and maybe a new kegerator.