How to Build a Man Cave Bar

How to Build a Man Cave Bar

Having a bar at your home is kind of a dream for every man. This is because you don’t have to visit the bar every day after your office to get a relaxing drink. Moreover, when you have a bar at your home, it helps you spend more time with your loved ones after work.

Most importantly, if you want to party with your friends, you don’t have to go out and spend a butt load of money. You can invite them to your man cave bar at home.

If you plan on building a man cave bar at your home, this article is for you. Here, we will take a comprehensive look into the various aspects you need to consider while building a man cave bar. We will also study some cost-effective man cave bar designs. Let’s begin!!

A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Man Cave Bar

The process of building an awesome man cave bar is not an easy thing. You need to plan a lot of things way before time. Here are some of the crucial factors that need attention.

How to Build a Man Cave Bar

Finalize the Location of the Bar

The very first thing that you need to finalize is the location of the bar. Many places in your house will be the perfect fit for opening a bar. For example,

Basement: Most of us use the basement of our house for stacking up the old and not frequently used items. But, you can leverage that location to build an awesome man cave bar. Moreover, there are various benefits of having a basement man cave bar.

  • You can easily store everything right where you need it.
  • It eliminates the hassle of running up to get the required stuff like glasses, drinks, etc.
  • The basement provides you with a significant amount of space.

Attic: The attic of your house is another great place for you to open a bar. Yeah, initially, it would be a bit difficult to bring all your required stuff up. But, once done, the experience of hosting a party over there will be divine.

Having a bar in your house attic will:

  • Provide you a great view of your surroundings.
  • Maintain proper ventilation of fresh air.
  • Offer you an environment to host a romantic date with your loved one.

Garage: The third location of your house that will be ideal for your man cave bar is your basement. It all depends if your garage has space for it.

If your garage has extra space, you can use it to build a bar for your buddies to come over and have fun with you.

  • This will become way better when you are working in your garage. No more hassle of going to another room to get a beer.
  • You can even host a house party by opening up the garage shutter.
  • The best thing about a bar in your garage is that if you accidentally spill something, it would not be a really serious matter, as it is easy to clean up.

Other than these, you can also choose another place to build a man cave bar as per your preference.

How to Build a Man Cave Bar – Prerequisites

The look and feel of a bar play a great role in the overall experience. Hence, you need to see what you can include in your bar to make it stand out.

The must-have things in your bar are as follows:

The Anticipated Bar Counter

A great bar counter is the best thing to have in your bar. Your man cave will look more appealing with a bar counter. Moreover, you can make bar counters of various materials.

Some of the best bar counter designs will be highlighted further in the article, but before that, let us take a look at some of the crucial things that you need to integrate into your man cave bar counter.

Here are some of the essential contents of a bar counter:

Countertop: Usethe top of a bar counter for serving drinks to the guests. Hence, you need to make sure that the material used in making the countertop is of premium quality. Here are some of the materials that you can use:

  • Granite
  • Onyx
  • Slate
  • Gemstone
  • Marble
  • Quartz

Try to get these materials from a local vendor to save additional costs. Moreover, you can also try the online option for more savings.

You don’t want to cause any inconvenience to your in-house guests, right? So, it is important to make sure that the height of the counter is sufficient.

  • The height of the bar countertop should be 42 inches above the ground.
  • The width of the bar counter should be between 16-20 inches.

The appropriate height of the bar counter will also help you in choosing the appropriate furniture for it.

The bar countertop will probably take a lot of liquid spills in the future. Hence, it is essential to add protection if your countertop is of wood.

  • Make sure that you treat the wooden countertop with some sort of wood floor varnish. This will make the surface of the wooden countertop lustrous and will also protect it from liquid damage.

The Bar Overhang for Resting: The bar overhang is the second part of the counter that you need to design nicely. After all, it is the part of your bar counter where your guests can comfortably rest their arms and hands while taking sips from their drinks.

  • The ideal length of a counter overhang is around 8 inches.

The overhang will help your guests relax on your man cave bar, and it will also prevent any accidental spills on their clothes.

It is also possible for you to extend the overhang as per your preference. But, be sure that it does not take much space in your man cave.

The foot rail: Some people have leg pain issues if their legs are not supported properly from below. To help, it is necessary to add foot rail on the counter.

The foot rail is not mandatory, but you can add it to elevate your guests’ comfort level.

  • It is recommended that the height of the foot rail should be between 7-9 inches from the ground.
  • The Bar Furniture

After the bar counter, it is time to make some space for sitting in your man cave bar.

Now, for the bar counter, it is pretty obvious that you will need some chairs and stools. Suppose you plan on including any other entertainment system in your bars like Television, Playstation, or others, you need to get some more furniture like a couch, sitting booths, and more.

While purchasing and fitting stools in your bar, make sure that:

  • The height of the stools is between 24-30 inches from the ground.
  • Moreover, maintain optimum distance between the adjacent stools. It should be between 24-30 inches.

Cooling Station

Chilled beer, wine, and cocktails are what makes the bar experience worthwhile. Hence, it is crucial for you to have the best and efficient refrigeration system for the drinks.

No matter how attractive your bar looks, if you can’t serve your friends with chilled drinks, it is of no use. You don’t need to break the bank; you can choose from various types of simple refrigerators for your man cave bar.

The mini-fridge is the best one to choose as it takes limited space and is best for a full day of fun with your friends. Moreover, these days, mini-fridges also come in various varieties. Choose the one that suits you the best.

Serving Gears

As you have a great refrigeration system in your bar, it is time to divert your attention towards serving gears like taps and liquid dispensers. After all, they are the things that add a bit of style to your bartending skills.

To make a seamless serving experience in your man cave bar, get the best beverage dispensers. There are many of them available online varying from 2 bottles to 5 bottle beverage dispensers.

Moreover, you can also look into the kegerator. It is a device that serves beer through a tap. It is cost-effective with respect to other dispensers.

How to Build a Man Cave Bar – Additional Features

So far are the basic things that you need to have in your man cave bar. It will enhance the overall experience of a fun weekend or a party with your friends.

How to Build a Man Cave Bar

Other than these, you can also add some additional features to your bar and make it a perfect man cave. Some of them are:

Games: A man cave is a place that holds entertainment. Thus, it is important to include some games in your man cave bar. Some of the best games that will definitely impress your friends will be:

  • Pool
  • Darts
  • Playstation

And many more, depending on the area you have.

Television: It would be great if you could include a television in your man cave bar. You can watch a game together with your friends while sipping drinks. Moreover, you can also play some TV games on it.

Music System: Want to provide a romantic time to your loved one? Well, you can do it just by adding soft music to your date in your bar.

A music system in your bar will also come in handy when hosting a man cave party.

Personalized Beer Glasses: The very best thing about some of the bars is that they provide personalized cups and glasses to their customers. So, add a bit of twist to your man cave bar experience and try the personalized drinks feature.

Lighting: Lighting has a unique way of relaxing a person’s mind. To make a man cave atmosphere, you should try installing these lights:

  • Shelf Lighting: Lighting on the bottom of the shelf supporting the bottles.
  • Bar Lighting: These types of lighting are used to highlight the specific areas of the bar.
  • Pendant Lighting: If you have a pool table or a table for a candlelight dinner with your partner, then this light is the best for you. The pendant light is the one that is suspended from the roof to provide light in a center position of the room.

Install these lights in your man cave bar and offer your friends an unforgettable experience.

Beer Dispenser: Apart from the drinks at your bar counter and refrigerator, it includes a dedicated beer dispenser at your man cave bar. It reduces the hassle of going to the bar counter repeatedly for a refill.

Here are all the things that you can include in your man cave bar to impress your friends and family.

Affordable Bar Designs that You can Choose From

After going through the above section, you would have decided where the bar is going to be, right! Moreover, you would have also analyzed the features that you will integrate into your bar.

Now, as you are well versed in all the essential aspects of a man cave bar, it is time to analyze the space you have and how you will use it effectively to fit the above features.

Based on the space, there are a plethora of bar designs that will fit your budget. These bar designs can be broadly divided into two parts:

  • Small-sized bars
  • Medium to large-sized bars

Small-Sized Bar Designs

Here are some small size bar designs that you can implement in your man cave.

  • Pallet Bar: If you are looking for a cost-effective bar design that also looks unique, go for the pallet bar design. A pallet is used to move and store goods, so you can use the strength factor to your advantage and make a bar counter with it.

You can also put a stone slab over it to make the countertop.

  • Suitcase Bar: This is by far the best and handy way to build a bar. If you don’t have more space in your garage, attic, or basement, you can just turn a suitcase into a bar.

Look for an old suitcase, clean it up a little bit and place the beer and wine bottles in it, and you are ready to serve.

  • TV Bar: The third in the list of small bar designs for your man cave is the TV bar. For this, you need to get an old CRT from the junkyard or a vintage shop.

Post getting a CRT TV of the appropriate size, you need to remove the entire internal circuitry of the TV. Now, you can use the internal space of the Cathode Ray Tube TV for storing bottles and glasses.

The best thing about the TV bar design is that it will look way better than the suitcase model in your man cave.

  • Crate Bar: Among the bar designs so far, this is a bit unique one. In the carte bar design, you need to use the crates for designing your bar counter instead of pallets.

This type of bar design looks a bit out of the box from the others.

  • Pipe Bar: The pipe bar design can be made by assembling a network of pipes to create a counter of appropriate height. Post this; you can add the wooden planks on top of the pipes network to make the countertop. Place bottles and glasses on the top and your bar are ready.

So far were the bar designs that you can have at a lower budget, here are some of them that would need a bit more but not much to break your bank.

Medium to Large-Sized Bar Designs

Do you have more space for a bar in your man cave? Well, here are some medium to large-sized bar ideas for you.

  • Bookcase Bar: Well, this may not seem like a good idea for a bookworm, but if you are not, you can use the bookshelves for storing your booze.

No matter if it is a wall-mounted bookshelf or the one that is like a rack. You can use the top of it to make the countertop and the below section for storing bottles and glasses.

  • Workbench Bar: This type of bar can be easily made in your garage. You just need to use your workbench as a countertop to serve drinks.
  • Armoire: The Armoire is one of the vintage things to harness. If you can get one today, it will be the best addition to your man cave bar. You can use the shelves fitted inside the Armoire for storing beer and wine bottles.

Moreover, the look of the Armoire will also enhance the overall beauty of your bar.

  • Piano Bar: If you have an old and authentic piano at your home, you can use it and turn it into a great bar counter. You can use the top of the pian for a counter and bottom of the table for storing bottles and glasses.
  • Dropdown Tailgate Bar: This is a bit unique in the case of medium-sized bars. You just need to find a tailgate for this.

To fit this tailgate, make a frame on the wall of your man cave and attach it with hinges and chain. It is extremely easy to maintain it and serve drinks to your customers.

DIY for Building a Man Cave Bar

Building your own bar can be a tough task as it involves various cutting, joining, and picking procedures. If you have the upper body strength to do all of that, this will be the best section. If you feel that you can’t do it, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Here are some simple DIY steps to build your own Man Cave Bar:

  • Measure the place where you want to build your Man Cave Bar.
  • Take a saw and cut two slabs of a particular dimension. It is recommended to use slabs of 2×4 (WxL) inches 7 feet long. These will act as the bottom and top of the counter.
  • Cut five slabs of 2×4 (WxL) inches and fix them between the two 7 feet long slabs. Nail these slabs to form a vertical structure.
  • Stand up with this structure and make sure it is aligned to the wall at 90 degrees.
  • Secure this structure to the wall.
  • Make another structure like this for the other side. Secure both of them with each other and the wall.
  • Add shelves as per your requirement and make sure they fit well in the structure.
  • Add a flat wooden slab over the structure and stabilize it with nails to form a hangout.
  • Now, your man cave bar is almost done. Paint it as per your preference and use it as your personal man cave bar counter.
  • You can add other features also depending on your preference like lights, stools, games, etc.

Final Words

It is always best to maintain a positive atmosphere for your friends at your house. And the ideal way to do it is by including all the necessary facilities in it. To host a kickass party for your friends at your man cave, the best thing you can do is include a bar in it.

And after going through this comprehensive guide about building a man cave bar, it won’t be difficult to make a man cave bar. You can explore various décor methods along with various basic things that you need in a bar.