Man Cave Chairs

9 Best Man Cave Chairs – Buyer’s Guide 2023

There is nothing more important for a man cave than purchasing the right chair. Chairs should be comfortable, fit into your space well, and have all of the features that you require for the activity you will be doing in this space. The best living room chairs aren’t always the best man cave chairs.

Some additional considerations are whether to get a single or double seat. If it is for entertainment or home theater, then dual seating is preferable. Some great chairs can fit three people or turn into a two-person with storage in the middle.

All chairs are designed differently. Some have heated massage, some have a 360 degree swivel, some are powerlifters, and some are designed for gaming. They do not all have the same purpose, which is something to be aware of when looking for furniture for your man cave.

The Best Non-Massage Chair

Homall Single Recliner Chair– This chair uses high-quality leather. It is easy on the skin and is effortless to clean, with a push back with a plush seat allowing users to lean back at three different angles. This feature is ideal if you want to relax, watch television, or take a nap.

homall single recliner chair padded seat pu leather for living room

It has a double-thick footrest which keeps your legs comfortable. The metal frame of the footrest keeps it sturdy while reclining.

This recliner is fully adjustable and comes with wide, curved armrests for added comfort. The seat cushion is oversized with a recliner back that is thick.


  • High-quality pu leather
  • Effortless to assemble
  • Comfortable, wide, curved armrests


  • The headrest may not be long enough for some men
  • Does not come with massage or heat like other chairs
  • The design is quite basic
  • Requires assembly

The Best Massage Chairs

Esright Massage Recliner– The Esright Massage Recliner has five relaxing functions. It vibrates, reclines, heats, rocks, and has a 360° swivel. The massager has a manual control with five control modes and two intensities. The chair uses sturdy yet soft faux leather and is extra thick.

esright massage recliner, heated pu leather ergonomic lounge chair

Men will enjoy the fact that it has two cup holders and four extra storage components for things such as remotes or gaming accessories. It has two storage bags on the sides and two located on the front by the cup holders. The front holders are designed for smaller items, while the side bags are for items like magazines.

One thing that is needed in your man cave is swivel action and the Esright chair has that.  The swivel allows you to command your man cave and enjoy all the action on game or party day!


  • Innovative features such as vibration, heat, and rocking
  • Remote controlled
  • Multifunctional design


  • Footrest can be difficult to close for the first few times after assembly
  • Chair may scratch wood flooring if not careful

The Best Powerlifter

Mcombo Electric Power Lifter– For people who have difficulties standing, this recliner has a power lift assistant. The entire chair will push up to prevent stress on the back or knees. It lifts by using a remote control. The lift is quiet and gives better performance over its competitors.

mcombo electric power lift recliner chair sofa for elderly

The padding is overstuffed and is made of durable cloth. The chair is not susceptible to pilling or anti-felting.

It has a USB charger port and two cup holders. Note that the USB ports only have a low-power charge. They are designed specifically for things such as iPhones, iPads, etc.


  • Anti-back tipping design
  • TUV motor
  • Durable frame construction
  • Dual cup holders
  • USB ports
  • Two storage areas


  • Low power charge for USB
  • Price is higher for the motor to assist in lifting you out of the chair

The Best Overall Recliner

RelaxZen Recliner– This modern recliner is made of bonded leather. It is incredibly soft, comfortable, and offers a very sleek, contemporary design. If you are looking for a recliner and ottoman combination, this is the chair for you.

relaxzen 8 motor massage recliner with lumbar heat and ottoman

This chair has eight massage motors that target four zones (complete back, legs, lumbar, or thighs) of the body, has five intensity levels with nine different modes. It has a gentle lumbar heat feature as well.


  • Compact design
  • 8 different vibrations
  • Recline and swivel features


  • Not suitable for those over 5’6”
  • Cushioning may not be padded enough for some users

Best Gaming Chair

X Rocker Gaming Chair has dual wireless audio and a Bluetooth speaker system, including mounted speakers in the headrest and a subwoofer in the backrest for quality audio and real-time vibration. It makes you feel as if you were directly in your game!

x rocker 5152401, rgb prism pedestal gaming chair

The chair has multicolored LED lights and has over thirty patterns and color combinations. These can be controlled by simply touching a button.

The pedestal base is incredibly sturdy and gives maximum support. If you are in a small space, it folds down for easy and quick storage.


  • Great LED colors
  • Superior sound
  • Easy storage
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Built-in speakers


  • Not usable for VR gaming

Best Theater Recliner

The Everette Power Motion Recliner has a lift built into it, ideal for the disabled or the elderly – or for anyone who wants a little extra luxury in their home theater seating. It is made of PR leather making it both comfortable and easy to clean. This chair is relatively low maintenance.

everette power motion recliner isolated on white background

It contains a built-in USB port and has sidearm storage. This is ideal for storing remotes, books, or gadgets when not in use. It also has two cup holders.


  • USB port
  • Cupholders
  • Power lift motor
  • Arm storage


  • May be too small for certain people
  • May not be wide enough

Best Dual Seated Theater Chair

The Seatcraft Omega Chair offers the best theater experience imaginable! It comes with two seats and uses top grain leather gel. The adjustable headrests are powered, and the chairs also recline.

seatcraft omega home theatre chair isolated on white background

Not only is it comfortable, but it also comes with USB charging, in-arm storage, lighted cup holders, a center storage console, and tray tables.


  • USB charger
  • Cup holders light up
  • Two chairs
  • Smaller footprint
  • Easy to assemble


  • Leather may easily flake off
  • May not be for tall men – height wise it will fit; however, the width may not

Ultimate Theater Experience

Seatcraft Republic Home Theater is the luxury model of theater seating for your man cave chair. It is made of the finest leather material. It is created from the top 30% of cowhides which increases their durability and comfort.

seatcraft republic home theater isolated on white background

In terms of comfort, it has a power recline, reset function, and powered headrest. It reclines into four different positions. This recliner offers a complete theater experience at home. It also has lighted cup holders, a center storage console, USB/AC charging ports, in-arm storage, and overhead lights.

This system can fit two people with the storage in the middle or three people with storage hidden.


  • Comfortable
  • High quality
  • Hidden tray and storage
  • Well lit
  • Good support


  • Designed for a larger person
  • Wide seating
  • Some customers reported issues with USB

Best Supportive Chair

GTPlayer Gaming Chair offers the best support. It is built from a thick padded foam that provides good back support, improves posture, and has good neck support. The armrests are designed for maximum comfort which will enable good posture throughout the body.

It uses reinforced steel, high-density foam, and sturdy casters. This chair is made easily adjustable as it can be modified to fit many different people. The backrest also tilts for four different locations: work, reading, watching a movie, and taking a rest.  It also comes with a retractable foot rest.

Check out the amazon link below because a couple of customers have posted a great review of the chair in the reviews.


  • Supportive design
  • Available in many colors so buy one to fit your man cave theme!
  • Can fit multiple heights and weights
  • Durable


  • Typically for gaming

Selection of the Best Man Cave Chairs

When considering man cave chairs, consider how they will be used. Are you just going to be sitting in it while watching TV? Or will it be used for gaming?

Second, make a list of things that you would like it to have. Is lumbar support important? Is it all about comfort, or do you want it to add to your man cave décor? Does your man cave need an accent chair?

Also, determine what your budget is. A good man cave chair will be the most important piece of furniture in the room, but everyone has a budget.

Leather seating will cost more than fabric. However, it will probably last longer, it’s a comfort and style combo, and spills are easy to recover from. If real leather is out of your budget, you might want to consider faux leather.

You also need to consider what your height and weight are when reviewing the perfect man cave chairs. While most will probably be able to handle your weight, not all can adjust to someone taller. When purchasing online, make sure that it fits.

Types of Man Cave Chairs


These are for the man caves that want to get comfortable or if space is needed can act as a regular chair. A very versatile chair so you can get the most of your space.

For the Man Caver that wants: Space saving versatility

Theater Chairs or Sofas

The theater chairs or sofas are for the man cavers that want everything in one plus comfort! These chairs typically come with a lot of different add-ons.  Like the ones above they typically come with lighting, charging ports, storage, cup holders, and more.

If you plan it right you may not need to move for quite some time.  That is great for the man cave movie of the Sunday night football game that is action packed. You don’t want to miss out on anything!

For the Man Caver that wants: To avoid missing any action

Gamer Chairs

Even if you aren’t a gamer these chairs probably have a place in your man cave. They are very versatile and can be used from in the office or wheel it over when you are having a party.  Gamers use them to be comfortable for hours because they play their games that long. So if you have a long game night you can rest assured that the chair will come through for your guests.

For the Man Caver that wants: To game and not to game! 

Loungy Chairs

I put made this a category of it’s own because it can mean different things. I place bean bags, hammocks, and swings in this category. Some may say absolutely no to any of those because they aren’t expensive items. But to those people I say have you ever laid down in a bean bag or hammock?

Bean bags are absolutely perfect for mancaves because they can be molded to that persons body so it’s one size fits all!  If you don’t have space because so many people are coming over, move it into the next room. Trust me you will fall asleep in one like a baby!

Hammocks are also great because how comfortable you can get in them. These are a little tougher to get into a traditional room but there are hammock chairs and other options to make it work.

THE Man Cave Chair

THE man cave chair is what interior designers would call an accent chair. And no! it is not a flowery bright chair that sits in the corner where no one ever visits.

It is going to be your throne that you and only you sit while man cave activities are going down. It can be a unique piece or even the most comfortable chair in the room. It is not a sofa or anything big and is typically only meant for one person.

For the man cave designers, this can be the chair that you design your whole room around and coordinate the colors with. For example, if you bought a Kansas City Chiefs chair, then most likely you should design your man cave around football, Kansas City Chiefs, or even Kansas City!

Man Cave Chair
The Iron Throne!

The iron throne is the ultimate man cave chair out there!  Although we would recommend some man cave cushions if possible!  Even without cushions, it would be awesome to design a game of thrones man cave around this chair.

In the end The man cave chair choice is up to you because it’s your man cave! So be a proper man caver and start man caving to your desires!