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Man Cave Cost Calculator

Man Cave Cost Calculator

So you decided to build yourself a man cave. Congratulations! You’re probably dreaming up everything you want in your man cave and wondering how much it’s going to cost. Lucky for you we’ve created a man cave cost calculator to help you estimate the cost of your man cave.

The calculator is pretty straightforward. It lets you choose from the low end, mid range, and high end prices for common man cave items including seating, furniture, TV, games, décor, bar, and video games. Of course, the items that go into man caves and the costs can vary widely. That’s why you can also enter custom costs and add additional items at the end to get a more accurate estimate that is personalized to you.

The calculator assumes that you have an empty room that you can use without any major renovations. It also assumes that you will be starting from scratch and buying everything you want to furnish your man cave with. If you already have an item on the list or don’t plan to add it, you can skip it or set the cost to $0.

Please note that this is a beta version and we are looking for feedback. What did we get wrong? What did we miss? Let us know at info[at]

Man Cave Cost Calculator
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