How to Display Baseballs in Your Man Cave

How to Display Baseballs in Your Man Cave

If you are a baseball fan, you will most likely have a few baseballs in your sports memorabilia. Some might have monetary value, while others have sentimental value. Either way, you want to keep them protected and on display – not just rolling around in some drawer. If you are wondering how to display baseballs, we’ve covered all the bases.

From using a protective display case to using a baseball shadow box, there are a few different ways to display baseballs.

Baseball Display Case

Keep your baseball safe in a protective clear case. This is going to be the best option if you have that one special autographed baseball.

A clear display case is going to protect the baseball while still putting it in plain view. With a case, you will not be as limited to where to display it since it is going to be well protected and easily moveable. Perhaps you want to put it on your desk, on a shelf, or even a fireplace mantle – a baseball display case is great for any man cave or home office.

Of course, always look for a high-quality display case that is made of acrylic or glass and UV protected. This will help keep your baseball from fading and is especially important for signed baseballs.

First, find the right size display case. You never want a case that is too big and takes the focus away from the baseball. Next, carefully place your ball in the display case. Finally, find the perfect spot where it can be truly admired. That’s it. Using a baseball display case is about as easy as it gets.

For bonus points, if you can get some lighting from up above onto the ball in the case you can have something truly special.

Baseball Wall Display

You can also display your baseballs on the wall.

If the baseballs aren’t really of any value, you can purchase a rack to hold all of the different baseballs you have collected through the years.

Or you can get cool individual baseball holders for the wall, keep in mind that these usually don’t come with a protective covering though.

Another option is to line up all of your baseballs on a shelf mounted on the wall. This is a fantastic idea if you want to also display other baseball memorabilia with it such as baseball cards or a glove.

To start, decide how you want to display your baseballs on the wall. If you are going to be using holders or hooks for an individual ball, make sure to carefully hammer the proper mounting hooks into the wall. Take measurements so that they are lined up evenly. And as for hanging anything, make sure it is straight. This is where a level will come in handy.

If you are hanging a shelf or rack, read all of the instructions and use only the hooks provided. Carefully hammer the hooks into the desired spot.

Next, carefully place your baseball on the display and make sure it is sturdy so that it won’t collapse. Now your baseballs are on display, so you can sit back and enjoy the view.

Baseball Shadow Box

For a more meaningful display, design a baseball shadow box. Maybe you went to a really cool game and caught a foul ball. Create a shadow box and personalize it with the baseball and other memorabilia such as a photo from the game, a team sticker, and a ticket stub. A shadow box can also keep the ball safe and out of harm’s way.

The other option is to make a shadow box full of all of your baseballs stacked on top of each other. You could even get creative and make a cool design out of them.

After designing your shadow box, hanging a shadow box is going to require the same work as if you were hanging a shelving unit.

Find the desired spot on the wall, maybe use a pencil to mark the spot so you can keep track of it easily. Then, hammer in the hooks that come with the box. Make sure it is straight and you are all done! With something so heavy it’s probably best to find a stud to secure it to instead of relying on your drywall.

DIY Baseball Display

If you have a vase, some old balls, and a wooden plate or bowl you can create a neat-looking display for any baseball room or man cave. The example below shows someone that added some softballs to get a little bit of variety but size ball could work. Rough them up or keep them clean. If you have the DIY in ya then this could be a cheap option for you.


Whether you have one special ball or dozens, using the right display is a great way to improve the look of your baseball man cave.

If you have more baseball memorabilia you want to show off, check out our article on displaying baseball bats and displaying baseball cards.