How to Display a Baseball Bat in Your Man Cave

How to Display a Baseball Bat in Your Man Cave

Before the Louisville Slugger company began making baseball bats in the 1880’s, most players would make their own bats. As a baseball fan, you may have a collection of bats from your own athletic career or your favorite baseball team. Some baseball bats are worth big bucks. The bat Babe Ruth used to hit his first home run as a Yankee sold for $1.265 million in 2004. While your collection probably isn’t as valuable, if you want to display your baseball bats in your man cave, here’s how to display a baseball bat collection.

1. Baseball Bat Display Case

If you’re looking to display your baseball bat in which an enclosure protects your memorabilia, then a display case is the best choice. A display case will keep your baseball bat protected from any potential damage.

A display case with UV protection is the best choice if you have an autographed baseball bat. If you buy a display case, it will be relatively easy to put together.

  1. Open the acrylic top of the display case.
  2. Place the baseball bat into the case in the proper area.
  3. Close and secure the lid.
  4. Mount the case to the wall with nails or place it on a flat surface.

This display case is for your most prized bat. It can be locked away and protected by UV protection. Why that is necessary is because UV light aka the sun’s rays destroys everything over time. If you have a signed bat that could mean the ink fading away from the bat rendering your bat worthless!

Or use it for your high school bat where you led the conference in RBIs! Even if a bat doesn’t have any meaning it will still look great in a sports/baseball-themed man cave or room.

2. Baseball Bat Holder

You can choose to have your baseball bat placed into a holder. A baseball bat holder is typically made of wood and can either come in two pieces or as one piece. Baseball bat holders are easy to put together and are usually mounted to the wall. The instructions listed below will be for a two-piece baseball bat holder.

  1. Line up the two pieces on the desired location on the wall.
  2. Mount the pieces on the wall with nails.
  3. Place the baseball bat onto the two pieces.

This holder below is a favorite on Amazon and is currently an Amazon’s Choice. Many great reviews and if you click the link below go check out the customer reviews. Some of them are real creative and have even placed light sabers on this holder. So I guess it can be used for that as well!

3. Baseball Bat and Ball Holder

If you have several bats to display, a baseball bat rack is a great option. Unlike the baseball bat holder, the bat rack allows you to hang up multiple bats in a vertical placement.  The instructions are quite similar to a baseball bat holder.

  1. Decide where you want to place the rack.
  2. Use a hammer to place nails in the wall.
  3. Place the rack onto the wall on top of the nails. Remember it’s best to find a stud to place the nail in. That way you won’t have to worry about the drywall breaking off due to too much weight.
  4. Ensure that the rack and ball is sturdy against the wall.
  5. Place the baseball bats into the desired slots.

This rack is great because you get a set of two so you can hang to baseballs and two bats. They hang vertically so make sure to keep them away from the floor from any kids or dogs that like to get into trouble.

This is our cheapest option so decorating your space won’t break the bank!


When it comes to a baseball man cave, posters are okay but nothing is better than displaying some real memorabilia or just real sports equipemnt. With the three options listed above, you can easily create an awesome display for your baseball bats.

If you have a mini bat collection, check out How to Display Mini Baseball Bats.

If you don’t want to put holes in your wall, all the methods above can also be done without a hammer or nail.

If you are interested in the bat that babe ruth used here is the story about some of the most expensive bats.