How to Display Baseball Cards in Your Man Cave

How to Display Baseball Cards in Your Man Cave

Did you hit a home run and get your hands on some valuable or meaningful baseball cards? Instead of them sitting in an album or box up on a closet shelf collecting dust, put them on full display in your man cave or home office.

Not sure exactly how to display baseball cards? Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to displaying them like on the wall, in a display cabinet, or even using a baseball card stand.

Even if the card isn’t worth anything it still could tell a story. It could be your favorite player growing up or the first card you ever bought. I will tell you that every time you look at it on display will give you good memories.

If you have a baseball man cave and want to know what to do with your signed baseballs, check out How to Display Baseballs in Your Man Cave.

Baseball Card Wall Display

Displaying your cards on the wall is a great option whether you want to display multiple cards or just one. Sports card wall display holders are similar to cardholders in a book but on a whole different level.

Either choose from a nice frame that holds multiple cards or use a single card wall mount.

Baseball card wall displays allow you to frame the cards directly inside the frame. While this option looks the best on the wall, we do not recommend wall displays for valuable cards because most displays require you to take the cards out of their protective cases to frame them.

Steps to Displaying Baseball Cards on the Wall

Find a frame that holds the right number of cards you want to display. Or go with multiple single card displays to give yourself maximum versatility with where you want to hang them.

Prepare cards and make sure they are securely and safely placed in the case. Even if they aren’t your most valuable cards, you want to keep them in good condition.

Find the spot on the wall where you want to hang your display. These frames are usually pretty easy to hang and will come with the hooks you need to get the job done.

Mark the spot on the wall with a pencil to keep track of where you want to hang it. Carefully hammer the nail and hook into the wall. Place the frame on the hook and of course, make sure it is straight! Also, remember to dust and keep the display clean, especially if it is always the main focal point of a room.

Graded Baseball Card Wall Display

Similar to the single card display, graded baseball card wall displays allow you to hang up individual cards. The wall display will fit all graded card cases including PSA, SGC, and Beckett.

This is a great option for graded cards, as they are already well protected in their cases.

Want to hang up a different card? The wall display is designed to allow you to easily switch out cards.

We like these because they tell a little more of a story for the card. But we don’t like them if you are looking for a clean look. We would recommend the single card displays above.

Wall Mounted Baseball Card Display Cabinet

Looking to really feature and show off your cards? A baseball card display cabinet is a good idea for displaying multiple cards. This is the best option to protect highly valuable cards as you can leave the cards in their protective cases when putting them in the case.

With a display case, you are going to need to find the right place to put it. You can either put it on a shelf or mount it directly on the wall.

The display case’s quality is of utmost importance. The glass should be high-quality and clear, which will make a world of difference. Not only will a display case protect the card, but it will also give you the option to put your cards on display all in a row on a shelving unit for a cool and creative baseball card showcase.

Here is a nice display cabinet that comes with a built in lock and UV protection.

We love the UV protection because after time UV light from the sun or even lights can cause fading and cracking of your prized card collection.

Steps to Displaying Baseball Cards in a Case

First, find the perfect case. Most cabinets are designed to hold ungraded cards, but some cabinets are designed to hold graded cards.

Decide if you want to put the display case on a table or shelf. Make sure to find a sturdy and safe spot!

Keep the display case clean and free from dust at all times. When done right, it really is an ideal way to display valuable and autographed cards.

If you really want to protect the card leave them in a plastic sleeve or case while on display.

Don’t want to put holes in your wall? Learn how to hang heavy objects without drilling.

Baseball Card Stand

Do you have that one special baseball card? Or maybe just a select few special cards? A baseball card stand is a creative way to feature your memorable baseball cards.

There are a few different options when it comes to a stand though. You can either choose from a classic wooden stand, a clear or black stand or even customize your own.

The stand pairs well on a desk or a shelf. Especially if the card is important to you, it will be safe, yet visible. Pair it up with top loading hard plastic case (typically for cards not that valuable) or a hard plastic card holder that is difficult to get access to the card for greater protection.

This holder is what I use for many of my cards and I even have some of them in a plastic sleeve for further protection.

I love this type of holder and I use it for my most expensive cards even though I haven’t checked to see if they have gone up in value in over 25 years! The only negative is that if you have to get access to the card it could take some time. But in reality you won’t need access to the card much.

Either one on the simple plastic stand will make a great display.

Steps to Displaying Baseball Cards on a Stand

Start by putting the card in the right protective case. Then, pick the stand you want.

Carefully place the card in the protective case and securely on the stand.

Now it is time to find the perfect spot for it, as long as it is out of the line of danger. Remember to keep it out of the reach of kids, and sunlight if you are placing it near a window. If it is in a UV protected case then shining a dim light on it could make it really cool.

Whether you have a valuable card collection, or just like the look of your sports cards on display, there are several ways to incorporate your collection into your man cave.