How to Display Hockey Sticks in Your Man Cave

How to Display Hockey Sticks in Your Man Cave

Did you finally score that hockey stick from your favorite hockey player? Or even better, you found the stick you used while playing in college and want to display it front and center in your man cave. But how? Here are a few different options when it comes to how to display hockey sticks in your hockey man cave.

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How to Mount a Hockey Stick on a Wall

Not only is mounting your hockey sticks a creative way to show them off, but it is also a smart way to safely store them.

It is actually quite simple if you have all the tools you need. Keep in mind that it will depend on how many hockey sticks you are looking to display and where you want to display them.

If you are looking to hang just a few hockey sticks on a wall above a television or table, we recommend using brackets made specifically for hockey sticks. You can easily use a bracket for a few or even just one hockey stick.

Mark the spot you want the bracket on the wall and carefully hammer the proper nail to hang the bracket. Make sure it is level and sturdy, then start displaying your hockey sticks.

Brackets are a great way to easily view your awesome hockey sticks without worrying about them getting damaged or misplaced.

Using a Hockey Stick Display Case

Maybe you have that one really special hockey stick that is autographed by your favorite player. You want to keep it really safe while storing it, but also keep it on display. This is where you are going to want to get a display case.

Yes, this is going to take up a little more room as you will want to display the case to be on a sturdy table or a safe place on the floor. Another negative about this if you are on a budget is that it is more expensive than the option above.

Mounting your display case on a sturdy shelf is also an option. This will require the same work as if you were hanging brackets. You will just want to make sure you have extra room for a bigger shelf to hold the case.

Wooden Hockey Stick Holder

Check out this Hockey stick holder that is made of wood. The wood gives it a little classier look when displaying your twig.

With this holder, you are able to take it off and on quickly if you want to show others a signature or let them hold it. It does not attach tightly to the stick.

What we don’t like about this holder is that it is a little more bulky than the first option above but other than that it is a great option. But check out the price on Amazon below.

Use A Puck!

Well kind of. The Etsy seller 10KCustomGoods has a really cool way to hang your stick.  They created a rubber holder that is the size of a regulation puck and it expands to fit almost any stick size. This thing is so unique that it is patent pending by them! Plus it has a cool name.  The TwigRig!

What is cool about it is that you only need one to be able to hold your stick on the wall at any angle and direction.  So your options are endless.

Check the Etsy price below because I think you will be surprised at how cheap it is.

Other Cool Hockey Stick Holder Ideas

  • Maybe your hockey sticks would look best out of a case and on full display. There are other ways to show them off without using brackets or a display case.
  • A shelf that is in the right spot on the wall can display a hockey stick (without the case) with other memorabilia such as gloves or even a jersey. This is a way to make a neat shrine for your favorite hockey team.
  • Does someone in your family have an old glass cabinet? You could repurpose that by refinishing and repainting and making it a hockey tropy case. It needs to be tall enough for your stick but you can also put in your other hockey collectibles like pucks and helmets.
  • If you want to DIY it just simply drill the stick into the wall!  We would recommend that but it’s definitely an option.

How to Display Hockey Sticks Recap

Luckily, displaying your hockey sticks is an easy do-it-yourself project.

  1. Decide how you want to display your hockey stick, with brackets, a shelf, or a display case.
  2. If you are hanging on the wall, find the right spot on the wall and take measurements to make sure your hockey sticks will fit, then mark it with a pencil.
  3. Use a hammer and nail or screws and screwdriver to mount the bracket or shelf. Remember to level it to make sure it is even if you are placing it horizontally or vertically!
  4. Always test out the bracket or shelf to make sure it is sturdy before placing your hockey sticks on it.
  5. As always finding a stud is the best choice but sometimes the drywall will have to make due!
  6. Once you know it is safe, start arranging your hockey sticks to your liking.

Before you start your project, make sure you have all of the right tools and know exactly what to do. This is going to make the do-it-yourself job much easier.

Another tip is to just place your hockey stick on the wall. You may think that you have a lot more room than you actually do. In order to test to see how you want it. Use some painter’s tape and actually tape the stick on the wall. That way you can stand back on see how it all lines up in your room. Plus the painter’s tape will not rip off any paint!

Now, sit back, relax, and admire your work… and then start working on hanging up your favorite hockey jerseys.