How to Display Boxing Gloves in Your Man Cave

How to Display Boxing Gloves in Your Man Cave

Are you a diehard boxing fan, or have you ever been a boxer? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then you probably have a set of boxing gloves in your possession that you want to show off.

Boxing gloves will make a unique display in any sports room. First of all not many people have put them on and second everyone loves a good fight!

This article will go over 3 quick and easy options for how to display boxing gloves.

1. Hang them on the wall

Boxing Gloves Hanging on the WallIf you’re just going for the best look and want to display an old pair of boxing gloves, hanging them up on the wall is classic. This method is the simplest way to display your boxing gloves, but it will still look great against your wall.

1) Decide where you want to place the boxing gloves.
2) Use a nail or command hooks and place them on the wall.
3) Hang the boxing gloves by the nails or command strips by the strings.

If the gloves are signed or valuable in any way, you’ll be better off putting them in a protective case.

2. Boxing glove display case

Perfect Cases BOXOCT-C Octagon Glass Full Size Boxing Glove Display Case44; Cherry If you’re looking to show off your autographed boxing gloves in a way that prevents them from getting any damage, a display case with UV protection is the best option.

1) Choose a flat surface to place the display case, such as a table.
2) Place the display case in the desired location on the flat surface.
3) Open or remove the glass top of the display case.
4) Place the gloves (or single glove) into the case and close it.

3. Upright boxing gloves stand

Boxing Glove Display Case Holder Showcase for Boxing Gloves, UV Protection, Elegant Riser Stand (Vertical) Another simple option to display your boxing gloves is an upright boxing glove stand, which is quick and easy to set up in your home or office. The stands typically come in acrylic that can fit one or multiple gloves, depending on your needs.

1) Choose a flat surface to put the boxing gloves stand.
2) Place the boxing glove stand on the flat surface.
3) Place boxing glove (or multiple gloves) through the vertical part of the stand.

Some upright boxing gloves stand come with an encasing to surround your boxing glove—this an excellent option for those with signed boxing gloves or gloves from a favorite boxing match.

How to Display Boxing Gloves

Those boxing gloves that are lying in your storage room or attic deserve to be correctly displayed! Show off your prized possessions in your boxing man cave with one of these three ways mentioned above to impress your family and friends.