How to Display a Football in Your Man Cave

How to Display a Football in Your Man Cave

As a diehard football fan, you may have a football that you would like to display in your man cave. Whether it’s from your last football game as a senior or an autographed football from your favorite player, you’ll want to show off your prized memorabilia in the best way possible. Even deflated footballs can be valuable, so you’ll want to make sure you are displaying them safely. Keep reading if you want to learn how to display a football or check out our article about how to display a football helmet.

1. Football Stand Display

Using a stand is one of the easiest and basic ways to display a football. A football stand can be either wood, plastic, or acrylic. The stand is only a small piece on which a football would sit. There isn’t any need to build a stand, as they can be easily purchased online or in-store.

  1. Choose the desired location for the stand.
  2. Open up the stand (if needed).
  3. Place football horizontally or vertically on the stand.

2. Football Wall Hanger

If you’re looking to place your football on the wall, a hanger is the best option for you. A football wall hanger is typically mounted on the wall, with variations of two prongs at the bottom or a full enclosure on all sides. A football hanger is relatively easy to put together.

  1. Choose the desired location on the wall to place the hanger.
  2. Mount hanger to the wall with nails (or learn to hang anything without damaging your walls).
  3. Place football onto the hanger.

3. UV Protected Football Display Case

If you’re looking to display your football where it can’t be damaged, then a display case is the best choice. You can choose to have a UV-protected case to keep the football or signature from fading.  A display case is the best choice if you have a one-of-a-kind autographed football or any valuable football. If you decide to buy a display case, it will be relatively easy to put together.

  1. Open the glass top of the display case.
  2. Place football into the case in the proper area.
  3. Close and secure lid.
  4. Mount case to the wall with nails or place on a flat surface.


Anyone with a football man cave and memorabilia to display should look for ways to show them off while also keeping them safe. If you have a football, you can choose any of the three options above to display your football. You’ll be sure to turn heads and get lots of compliments when you have your friends over to watch the big game.