Fans With Soccer Scarves

Why Do Soccer Fans Wear Scarves?

Scarves have been utilized for hundreds of years in many different ways. In the beginning, people would wear them for fashion, utility, and identification but now it is really just used for warmth and fashion. That is wear soccer or football fans come in. 

In soccer or football, fans wear scarves to show support for their team. If it happens to be cold out it can double for warmth but there are many teams fans that bring them to matches to represent their team from the stands no matter the temperature outside. They will hold the scarves up high and show off the colors and the name of the team to let the away fans and the fans watching from home who they support!

The display of hundreds of scarves up in the air can be a sight to see and can be quite intimidating.

Why Are Scarves Popular In Soccer?

To find out why soccer scarves are so popular in the sport we have to look back to some history. 

Soccer scarves have been part of the game since the 1930s in the United Kingdom. At first, the scarves were typically made by supporters themselves and they were simply made to keep them warm in the stands while they watched their favorite team. So when you are making your own clothing might as well choose the color of your favorite team. In 1970 it started to grow popular and people started to buy them. From the 1990s till now almost every club sells scarves for their supporters to wear and show off. 

It is so important to fans because in certain parts of the match, the scarfs are held up high and stretched out so that you can see the entire scarf and its details from far away. Typically this is done during the anthem of the team or the anthem of the national team. It has become a tradition on many teams and now it has made its way to soccer in the USA no matter what club you are part of. 

FC Dynamo Kyiv fans with Scarves

Another reason they are so popular is that it is a great piece of merchandise for the clubs to sell and make money. If a club can put their logo on something to make an extra dollar they are going to do it!

What Are On Soccer Scarves?

Match Day Soccer Scarf
Match Day Soccer Scarf

Typically what are shown on soccer scarves are the team name and crest but that isn’t always the case, especially in today’s on-demand manufacturing. Here are some common things displayed on soccer scarves:

  • Team name
  • Logo or crest
  • Team colors
  • City the team is from
  • Specific match information like date, time, and place and who played
  • Team slogan
  • Mascot (more for US teams)
  • Player names
  • Player faces

If you have a house divided you can also find a scarf that shows support for the two teams. Typically this is not recommended but I guess if it is family then you have to make an exception. 

The good thing is that this won’t happen too much in the USA because cities are so far apart but in England, cities can host multiple clubs. Just check out London, it has a whopping 12 professional clubs that play across various leagues. In the case of Everton (go blues!) and Liverpool, their stadiums are a 4 minute walk away!!!

How Much Do Scarves Cost?

Selling Soccer Scarves

Unlike team jerseys, scarves don’t near that level of cost. But some can!  Typically you can expect to pay $25 to $60 for a team scarf. 

If you really don’t want to pay full price it is usually best to wait until the season is ending or completely done to get that year’s design. Just know that you will have an old design as the new year comes around the clubs typically try to entice you to buy another one because of some new design or a new player signing. 

But if you think you won’t get much use out of one because you aren’t close to the stadium you are thinking wrong! You can display them on your wall in your party room or man cave. Check out our recent article on how to hang up scarves on the wall. That will get you covered so that you can support your team while watching the matches at home.

Why Do Soccer Fans Wear Scarves – Wrap Up!

So get your scarf on next time you head to a match. There is no wrong way to wear it just make sure that when the time comes during the game or when your team scores that you hold it up high above your head to show support for your club!

One other positive of a scarf is that when you get absolutely throttled at an away game you can simply wrap it around your head and walk out of the stadium without being seen!