Binho Board Review

If you are looking for a soccer or football type game then you need to check out these Binho Boards and what they are all about. 

In this post, we also cover some other tabletop board games if the Binho Board game doesn’t excite you but we promise you that all of these games will provide tons of fun for whoever plays it. 

What is a Binho Board?

Here is a quick intro into what a Binho Board is. 

A Binho board is a physical board game that takes its inspiration from soccer and a little taste of foosball. But in contrast to its big brother foosball, it is a tabletop game that can be played almost anywhere! 

You shoot the little soccer ball with your finger and try to make it into the net. If you miss the opposing team gets to shoot it from where it stops. But it is not so easy because you have to avoid or utilize the steel pegs/defenders that are in the way. Miss by a lot and you may give your opponent a great shot at your goal! 

The first team to 7 goals wins!

Here are some specs on these boards:

  • The size of the boards is 22 inches by 13 inches
  • You can get the boards on painted wood or actual artificial turf
  • 20 player pieces or pegs for your defenders
  • There is even an option to customize your own field!
  • You can choose your own logo
  • Turf color
  • Field markings and line color
  • Player piece colors
  • Band color
  • Goal Color
  • You can also buy different color goals and balls
  • Unfortunately, they only have Liverpool and Arsenal boards but you could ask if they can make your favorite team board.

We love this game because of its portability, its ability to be played by anyone at any time, and the ability to be customized for gifts or even yourself. It is a great addition to any man cave or game room in anyone’s house. If you are not using it simply touch the small board and its pieces on a shelf or you could even promote its use by leaving it out because it is really cool to look at as well. 

Check out these boards at the Binho website here! 

Binho Board Classic with Green Turf
  • Very portable tabletop game
  • Most customizable game on this list
  • Easier for all ages because you control the ball with your finger
  • Most expensive board on the list
  • Customizing can take a long time
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Small Tabletop Games

If you are not into the Binho boards check out these other tabletop games that will also be a hit and can be taken anywhere. 



Klask is another great small tabletop game that is similar to the Binho Board. But instead of beings similar to soccer Klask resembles air hockey. Built by a Danish carpenter in 2013 little did he know he had built not only a game but something that would be played by millions. 

The very unique part about Klask and the part we love is you control your striker (it resembles a large pawn from chess) via a magnetic controller that is below the board. Hit the ball with your striker to get it into the goal which is a cut out on top of the board. 

But just like Binho, they had to make things difficult. They placed three biscuits or magnetic white blocks that will stick to your striker. If two get stuck on it then it’s a point for your opponent!

Also, don’t fall into your goal or have the other team’s striker capture you or else you may give them more points!

This is another game that is going to be hours of fun and it’s so easy to play you may never get bored with it. Set up tournaments with your friends or just play one on one for a quick game. 

Score 6 points and you have bragging rights all day!

Here are the specs on Klask:

  • The board size is 14 inches x 18 inches and has a height of 5 ½ inches
  • Made of wood but the type is unknown
  • Two strikers, two balls, 4 biscuits, a carrying bag, and two scoring chips are provided
  • The side rail on one side has the score painted on to keep score. 

FYI, Klask means slap in Danish. 

KLASK: The Magnetic Award-Winning Party Game of Skill - for Kids and Adults of All Ages That’s Half Foosball, Half Air Hockey
  • Unique game invented by a Carpenter in Denmark
  • Portable and easy to play
  • Priced at an affordable rate
  • Can get the game in 4 players too!
  • Might not be fun for kids under 8
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GoSports Magna Ball Tabletop

This tabletop game actually resembles Klask in many ways except it is more like soccer or football in so many ways.  It utilizes magnets to move your Magna players around a soccer pitch to shoot a ball into a soccer-like net/box. 

But this game plays a little differently than Klask in that there are no annoying biscuits to block your shots so it is a free-flowing game. 

Again another game we love because of its size and ability to be played anywhere and stuffed in any bag for easy travel. 

Specs on this tabletop Board game:

  • The size of the board is 14 inches x 18 inches
  • Includes 3 Magna Balls, 2 Magna players, and game rules
  • Built out of wood but they do not state what kind of wood
  • Built-in score trackers

Check out the link below for the most up to date price on Amazon.

Budget Pick!
GoSports Magna Soccer Tabletop Board Game - Magnetic Game of Skill for Kids & Adults, Green
  • Cheapest Board on the list!
  • Mix between Klask and Binho
  • Doesn't appear to have the fan base Binho or Klask has
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