Club Scarves hanging on the wall

How To Hang Scarves On The Wall!

Show your club’s colors in your favorite room, man cave, or game room by hanging your club’s scarves on the wall. 

Club scarves are some of the coolest pieces of team apparel that can be utilized in many different ways. 

In this article, we provide many different solutions to hanging your club scarves up on the wall. Read on below to figure out which one suits your room the best!

How To Hang Scarves On The Wall

How To Hang A Football Scarf On A Wall Horizontally


Scarves hanging on the wall
Instagram: onefootball

There are several ways to hang a football scarf on a wall. Here are a few options:

  • Command Strips: Utilize 3M Command Strips to hang the scarf on the wall. If you need to take it down for a match then ripping down the command strip should not cause any damage to the wall. Attach the strips to the back of the scarf and press firmly against the wall. We recommend using 6 total. And two at each location so the scarf doesn’t have to sag. If you only have a minimum amount of command strips then place them at the top not at the bottom of the scarf will fold over!
  • Shadowbox: I have to admit this isn’t our favorite idea. In order for this to work you would need a very long shadow box or you would have to fold the scarf nicely in order to make it fit into a shadow box that is available online. You could get a custom frame made for it. 
Scarves hanging in shadow box

Here is a shadow box you could that could fit many scarves into it. Don’t mind the baseball equipment inside of it. While this display case is probably the most elegant design for your scarves it is the most expensive so you will have to see if it fits your budget!

  • Command Clips: Another solution by 3M allows you to clip your scarf in place. This is another easy solution like the strips but what we don’t like is that you will see the clip at the top. Seeing the clip at the top will make it look a little cheap but you could get away with it if you paint the clip the same color as the scarf. Also if it’s a sports man cave or sports room then it really doesn’t matter because most likely you have a ton of stuff hanging around and it will blend in. So in the end we say go for it!
  • Hang it with tacks or pins: This is another easy solution to hang your scarf on a wall. If you don’t mind putting a few small holes in the wall, you can use tacks or pins. Pin the scarf to the wall at the corners and one in the middle. The less you can get away with the better. Also if you can find a tack or pin that is the same color as the scarf they will stand out less and make the scarf stand out on the wall a lot better!

Remember to take into account the size and weight of the scarf, as well as the material of the wall, to ensure that the hanging method you choose is appropriate and secure.


How To Hang A Football Scarf On A Wall Vertically

Hanging a scarf on the wall vertically isn’t very common but it’s not to say it can’t be done. What we love about this solution is that you can present many different scarves from top to bottom of your wall. It also allows for a cool presentation since the scarves have less of a chance of sagging over time like the horizontal solutions above. 

You can utilize the command strips, clips, and tacks or pins for this solution. You will only need them at the top of the scarf. Either have the scarf completely stretched out or you can even fold it in half so you can center it on your wall. 

Here is another idea for a vertical solution:

  • Single or multiple towel rack: We love this solution because you can drape a single scarf or multiple team scarves on a single bar rack. You will have to fold the scarf in half and we recommend placing the rack ¾ high up the wall so that it isn’t touching the floor. But be warned that dogs will love to play with this and also the annoying friends that will think it’s funny to touch your team colors with their dirty hands!
Club Scarves hanging on the wall
Scarves hanging on towel rack Instagram: beanie_cap_hat_scarf_machinery

This towel rack is simple and will let your scarves hang and be proudly displayed. Easy to install and not too much damage to your walls!

Another reason we love this idea is that the rack gives it a very clean and professional look! There is no clip or anything showing just the silver or black finish of the rack and the scarf will hide a lot of it. When people ask if it is a towel rack simply say no and that it has been designed for your scarves!

Medal Hanger for your Soccer Scarves!

Here is another idea that is intended for other uses but could simply be converted to hanging up your scarves!

This is a medal display but instead of medals hang up your soccer scarves! It’s cheap, easy to install and has great reviews!

Here is what we love about it:

  • Cheap
  • Easy installation
  • It is a simple design and itsn’t too bulky so your scareves stand out proud

Here are some cons:

  • You will have to drill into your wall (but they are very small screws)

Wooden Coat Rack for your Soccer Scarves

Okay, this is our least favorite out of the box idea. But! Let’s put a little work into it and maybe we can make this work. If you paint it a matte black then it can give it a more modern look.

The way the scarves would hang out it could be quite cool so I am definitely warming up to the idea of using this method. You can get a total of 9 scarves on there which isn’t too bad and more if you don’t mind a lot of overlapping. We still think the other options are better but definitely give this a try if you are feeling crafty!


Hanging Scarves On The Wall – Wrap Up!

Showing your team colors by hanging your team scarves up on the wall is a cool way to show your support for the club. With so many ways to do it, the option is left up to you! If you are still a little curious about soccer scarves check out our write up on why do soccer fans wear scarves!

But since we wrote this article we have to pick the towel rack solution as the cleanest of the bunch. It provides a great clean look, screws into your drywall very easily, and can hold multiple club scarves. If you collect them at each game we know you can end up with a lot. 

We hope you enjoyed the list we made and we apologize for being so creative with the options. There are simply not too many products out there made for your soccer scarves. Either way a lot of these choices get the job done and at the end of the day they will look great on your wall no matter how you put them up!