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6 Minimalist Home Offices That Sport Simple But Stylish Workspaces

Minimalist designs are very simple, clean, and have clearly defined lines. The furniture is kept to what is necessary for daily living. The rooms have clean lines to them, and because there is an absence of clutter, they appear to be more open. The benefit to a minimalist design – especially in an office – is that you can find things faster.

For individuals who are thinking about incorporating a minimalist office design into their home but are unsure, this is a great location to introduce a minimalist space into your residence. Most people like offices that are well-organized, and office spaces usually have clear lines as well.

Streamlined Sandy

This office has a floating desk mounted to the wall between two built-in bookshelves. There are several ways you can do the desk for your minimalist workplace, depending on the look and what your requirements are.

A wall-mounted desk is a desk space that mounts to the wall. It is clean and simple, but only really has room for a laptop and maybe a cup of coffee. Individuals would probably not want to put a full-size computer on it, as it won’t support the weight.

You can also do a floating desk that mounts to the wall but comes complete with storage shelves. The desk portion easily folds up when not in use to create a small footprint in the room.

The office chair is very simple yet elegant. It is ergonomic and comes with armrests that flip down so that it can save space. The chair easily rolls under a desk for added space.

Two sets of built-in bookshelves flank the desk on each side. You can use floating bookshelves on each side as well.

With this office, there is a light wood-plank flooring that softens the harshness of the lines. The walls are painted an off white with a medium shade of beige used as an accent stripe. The stripe is the same color as the desk. Below the stripe is a darker shade of off-white.

The drapes are made of a sandy light beige and are comprised of a more durable, burlap-type material.

Room With a View

For offices with a great deal of natural light or large windows, this style works well. This design is usually for an upstairs office, or in a house that has split levels.

beautiful view home office

The walls are painted white with pot lights flanking each side of the room. There is a floating desk on one wall. However, instead of it being mounted at the center, it is mounted at the side as the rest of the desk space is against the window. This allows you to take advantage of a gorgeous view while working, and it makes use of empty space.

The wood on this desk must be thicker – about three-to-four inches – as the center of gravity has shifted from a traditional desk mounting. It needs to be able to support the weight of whatever is upon it without falling.

There is a faux animal skin rug on the white tiled floor. A large borderless mirror hangs beside the doorway. A white, clean lined bookshelf lines the wall opposite to the desk, and there is a low-lying couch in front of it for seating.

The Elegant Minimalist

This design is for a minimalist office space in a house with wainscotting or ceiling trim in the room. Taking advantage of the lines/borders in the wainscotting, a small desk is added to one corner. The desk is hinged for easy storage. Inside is an area to potentially tuck in a laptop, and it has two areas for storage. A large painting is over the minimalist desk.

Underneath, there is additional storage for printers, paper, etc. Flanked on both sides are white and grey box containers to hold files, or anything else you may need. The corner walls are painted white, and the trim is painted white as well. A medium-light grey is used as an accent wall. Shelf space lines the windows and is perfect for a few books.

The flank flooring is a light shade of beige and complements the wood chair easily.

The Corner Office

This wood paneling is painted white with a hint of grey. The recessed corner contains a light oak colored floating best with black trim. The walls are painted a dark shade with chalk paint.

A simple lamp is on the desk providing illumination. There is a very simple chair for seating, and to the left of it is a light greyish while minimalist sofa. A curved pole lamp is in the corner.

modern corner desk

Bedroom Office Basics

If the only space available for a minimalist home office is tucked away in a bedroom, you can still make it work. This design has a very sturdy desk made of a medium oak that is about four-to-five inches thick. It is recessed into a corner of the bedroom.

On top of the desk is a white bookshelf for storage. The bookshelf contains doors so that when it’s not in use, all of the office equipment is hidden from view.

A small chair tucks neatly underneath the desk to save space. Beside the desk is a white, accented standalone closet with glass on the front and a stripe down the middle. It can be used for extra storage or clothing.

The bed is low-lying and has a clean headboard. A matching nightstand is against both sides of the bed. The entire room is white with light grey flooring.

Beautifully Backlit

This space serves as a dual office area. The walls are a soft peach color, and the entire wall features a built-in shelving and desk unit. The unit is done in a light oak with two shelves located on the top of the unit. Underneath is a wide-open space for a full computer system.

The two areas are separated by about a foot with just a closed-in portion of the wall unit. The entire unit is backlit with a light, peachy, yellow lighting for extra effect and illumination. A hanging wall sconce is over both areas. A beige area rug with black borders outlines the floor. Two sandy brown chairs are in front of each computer area.

Two aqua blue chairs flank each side on opposite areas to complete the look.

All these designs create a clean, fresh, yet stylish appearance. The absence of overwhelming clutter makes the rooms feel very open and airy. For those who are concerned that the feel of a minimalist room may be too sterile for them, these styles are very welcoming.

The great thing about minimalist designs is that everything is efficient and organized without the need of a great deal of furniture. You can put a lot of things in a small space, and in terms of an office, the openness is quite delightful.