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Home Bar Décor – 10 Sustainable Products You Should Have on Your Bar Cart

With the weather warming up and more people looking into being entertained at home, the emergence of home bars is evident. An increasing number of people are wondering how they can make their home – home bar included – more eco-friendly.

The increase of sustainable products in the bar realm has been rapid, mainly to eliminate the use of single-use plastics. Companies are all scrambling to catch up with the Environmental movement to incorporate more sustainable products.

For people looking to spice up their bar cart with new home bar décor and on the hunt for more sustainable products, you don’t have to look too far.

Read on to discover our list of 10 must-have sustainable products to have on your bar cart!

Home Bar Décor – 10 Sustainable Products You Should Have on Your Bar Cart

1. Recycled Glass Confetti Shot Glasses

novica hand blown recycled glass isolated on white background

No bar area is complete without shot glasses, and the same goes for any home bar! These shot glasses with a confetti design are made with recycled blown glass by NOVICA, certifying their quality and authenticity.

These glasses are a fair trade product, so not only does it look good, you can party knowing that you purchased something that is making a significant positive impact in the world. These super fun shot glasses are a great start to your home bar décor.

2. Recycled Glass Confetti Wine Glasses

novica hand blown multicolor recycled glass isolated on white background

Wine glasses are a staple to any home bartending you may do. These wine glasses have a confetti design and use recycled blown glass, similar to the shot glasses listed above. Purchasing these glasses promotes recycling and reduces waste!

These days, there is a multitude of different designs for wine glasses – big and small. Adding these unique-looking wine glasses to your bar cart will surely catch your guest’s eyes.

3. Cocktail Shaker with Bamboo Stand

mixkit cocktail shaker set with bamboo stand & drink recipe

The popularity of home bars has become increasingly easier to do with products like cocktail shaker sets on the market. You can find numerous videos online of professional bartenders teaching you how to mix up drinks in the comfort of your home.

This cocktail shaker bar set comes with a stylish stand that uses eco-friendly bamboo. With this stand, you can keep your bar cart neat and can proudly make whatever cocktails your guests desire!

4. Recycled PET Plastic Tumbler set

guzzini recycled pet plastic tierra tall tumbler set

Tumblers are a good substitute for disposable plastic drinking cups. When you have a small gathering with a small group of friends, you can bust out these versatile rustic Italian-made tumblers made from 100% BPA-free recycled PET plastic. They are high quality and eco-friendly.

Making more informed and conscious sustainable decisions doesn’t just give you a feeling of giving to the world, it also encourages others to make similar choices. Be a trendsetter among your group of friends with these cool tumblers!

5. Biodegradable Stir Sticks / Straws

plasticless biodegradable plant based stir sticks / straws

The Environmental movement started making waves in the food & beverage industries in recent years. An increased amount of companies are ditching plastic straws and welcoming more sustainable options. These biodegradable stir sticks and straws are even better than the other eco-friendly option of paper straws!

Made of plant material, these cocktail straws are sturdy and contain no hazardous substances. These are a phenomenal addition to your bar cart and can be used to mix drinks, sip on them, or just for aesthetics.

6. Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener with Eco-Friendly Pouch

coocouvaya wise products premium professional corkscrew wine bottle opener

Corkscrews are a must-have product on any bar cart. So instead of purchasing a random wine bottle opener, why not opt for one made with sustainability as a priority? This corkscrew uses stainless steel, but it’s the packaging that is “green”.

It comes in an eco-friendly pouch and kraft paper for packaging and sustainability. Support the Environmental movement with accessories you buy for your home bar. Adding this corkscrew to your bar cart will have your wine lover friends commending you!

7. Silicone Wine Stopper

sunnyac wine stoppers, funny and reusable silicone bottle caps

Since we’re on the topic of wine, why not talk about wine stoppers? Here is a clever silicone wine stopper that is reusable and leak-proof. Designed to look like a little top hat, this wine stopper will seal your wine with ease, keeping it fresh and preserving the taste!

It’s made with 100% food-grade silicone, making them healthy, eco-friendly, and durable. These smart wine stoppers are sure to get a few laughs and questions from your friends. Setting the trend with sustainable products in your home bar will get everyone wanting to add more “green” products in their own homes.

8. Reusable Bamboo Towels

mioeco reusable unpaper bamboo washable towels isolated on white background

Why waste paper towels to clean up a mess when you can go the more sustainable route? Adding these reusable bamboo towels to your bar cart is a smart and efficient way to clean up any spills or messes when you have guests over.

These are completely reusable and paperless, which makes them zero waste. They are biodegradable, and all you have to do is wash them out before using them again and again. It’s a clean and effective way to tend to any spills around your bar cart and doesn’t take up too much space!

9. Reusable Liquor Bag Flask

yushulin concealable collapsible liquor bags with funnel

These 15 pcs liquor bags are take-out flasks! Hosting guests in your home means being a step ahead and being prepared for anything. Dazzle your friends by keeping a stash of these liquor bag flasks in your home bar. They are made of high-quality food-grade plastic and are BPA-free, so no need to worry.

If you mix up an extraordinary cocktail – with the help of your cocktail shaker set – and your friends want some to take home, you know what to do! Your friends will be impressed by your eco-friendly options and crown you the best home-bar host!

10. Bamboo Wooden Charcuterie Board

bambusi premium bamboo cheese board isolated on white background

The popularity of charcuterie boards is no joke! This wooden board is handcrafted from organic, sustainable Mosa Bamboo, making it 100% food safe with no toxins or chemicals added.

Complete the bar experience with this beautiful charcuterie board that you can place on your bar cart. With the superior design and eco-friendly build, your guests will love the luxurious experience at your home bar!

Final Thoughts

Home bartending is on the rise because of the global pandemic and more people choosing to entertain themselves at home. Stocking up your bar cart with sustainable products will leave you feeling good for making informed decisions and your guests admiring your hosting skills!

Hopefully, the 10 sustainable products listed in this article inspired you to purchase more eco-friendly home bar décor. Choose healthily with your decorating ideas and go green!