Man Cave Shed

Man Cave Shed Ideas

Man cave sheds are great ideas for sooo many reasons.  They are away from the house so you can party, turn up the tv, play games and hang out with your bros whenever you want. 

To help you in your Man Cave Shed expedition we have provided some top man cave shed ideas to give you the inspiration to move forward and create your freedom!

Sports Man Cave Shed


Sports Man Cave
From Pinterest

The sports man cave shed has so many ways you can take it. There are three major themes you can use:

  • The specific sports team fanatic man cave shed
  • The specific sport fanatic shed
  • All sports fanatic shed

The last one, all sports, is the easiest one to decorate. You get to choose from all the sports in the world and you can even choose some random sports like Fierljeppen. Just look it up, it’s a traditional sport in Holland. 

Sports Man Cave Shed Design Tips

So your imagination is your limit. Here are some ideas for this one besides the obvious choices:


  • Fake turf painting into your favorite sports lines
  • Faux wood luxury vinyl plans and sports lines painted onto them


  • Frames of your old sports photos or your kid’s photos, You could photoshop yourself in other famous photos to make them really stand out
  • For the budget friendly you don’t need that Michael Jordan signed basketball you can just use a basketball and some great lighting and you are set!

Hunter Man Cave Shed

Hunters Man Cave
From Pinterest

A hunter’s man cave shed is an easy one. This is essentially going to be a gallery for all your hunting trophies!

Now your skins, hides, racks, and taxidermied animals can get out of the basement or storage and be displayed prominently in your hunter man cave shed!

That is one of the great things about this style of man cave shed. You will be providing a lot of the decoration for free! If you are just starting to get into hunting and fishing then this gives you even more motivation when you have to get up early and in the cold to get to your spot to bag that deer or reel in that fish. 

Hunter Man Cave Shed Designer Tips

What typically goes with this style is the following interior recommendations:

Wood everywhere! 

  • Floors: You can use faux wood tiles, Luxury vinyl plank (wood) LVP is recommended because it’s waterproof
  • Walls: Paint drywall in darker colors, If you have the budget you can find old barns that have been salvaged and use it to make an accent wall. 
  • Another thing for walls you can use is corrugated metal sheets. These are easily found at home depot or Lowes and can give your space a quick industrial vibe to contrast the hunting vibe. 


  • You don’t need a lot of lighting in a shed if you have windows on the walls because its so small
  • Edison lights can set a dark mood that looks great
  • Neon Beer signs complement hunting sheds so well! There are many options on Etsy to get a customized neon sign that you can hang


Anything will do here but since you will probably be using this after hunting or coming in from horrible weather be sure to get something that can easily clean up or something that you don’t mind getting dirty every now and then.  You could go on the cheaper end knowing that you will replace it a little more than ordinary furniture.  The problem with going cheaper is that you are going to sacrifice comfort a little bit. 

Pub Man Cave Shed

Pub Man Cave

There is something about an English or Irish pub that sets a man at ease. That’s why turning your shed into a pub man cave could be one of your best ideas yet. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose this option:

You will have beer on tap ready to go at any time. 

Since its a pub theme you can keep it dark and cozy. Most pubs are small so your shed will fit this perfectly.

Your friends will be hanging out at your place so no need for an uber or driving drunk

Decorating for a pub is easy and any random thing that has some history will work! You don’t have to be English or Irish to run your own pub man cave shed!

Work out man Cave Shed

Work Out Man Cave

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to park your vehicles in your garage. If this is the case where can you put your home gym if not in the house or the garage? A man cave workout shed is the answer. 

The best part of this is that now the entire neighborhood doesn’t have to watch you work out and you can work out in the privacy of your backyard. 

Besides motivational posters, we don’t recommend too many decorations because you need to save space for all the equipment you need to hang up on the walls.

The best thing that came out of the pandemic was that gym equipment evolved. Get some more ideas on what to put into your compact gym from our article about weight training for small spaces. 

Work Out Man Cave Shed Equipment Tips

  • Here are some of our equipment recommendations:
  • Weight rack that folds back onto the wall. This is a space saver!
  • A peloton or stationary bike. These will give you cardio in a lot less space than a treadmill
  • There are small treadmills that aren’t too big that don’t have a giant console. The best thing about that is you can get a stand-up desk and use it to work and go for a walk at the same time. 
  • If you have a big budget check out Tonal. It is the all in one smart total workout. 
  • Or just get one of those all in one gym sets
  • For dumbbells, you can get one of those adjustable dumbbells. There are many providers and even Costco sells a set. They can save you a ton of space. Bowflex, Powerblock just to name a few. 
Bowflex Select Tech Adjustable Weights
Bowflex Select Tech Adjustable Weights At Costco

Racing Man Cave Shed

Racing Car man cave

Want to turn up the volume on race day to avoid losing your family? Creating a race man cave shed could solve a lot of your problems.

Whether it be NASCAR or formula 1 you can create a pretty cool little space for your racing needs. 

Racing Shed Designer Tips

  • The design doesn’t have to be too difficult for this theme but you will need a lot of posters and vehicles on the walls. 
  • For flooring, you can use diamond plate or if you have a solid floor you can paint it with epoxy and throw your favorite racing colors with some decorative epoxy flakes. Your shed could start looking like a racing garage if you do it right!
  • A great idea is that you can install a little electric racing track set that no matter your age you will love!

Rustic Shed

Rustic Man Cave

The rustic man cave shed is for people that have respect for older things. For some people, all you have to do is go digging in storage for a lot of pieces you can display or even go hit the antique store.

Leather everything is best for this theme because leather has that vintage look even if it gets old. Also using a lot of wood for either the flooring or furniture will help this theme shine bright. 

As seen in the photo one thing that can help you stand out is old signage. Whether it be gas, beer, or soda signs any of them will work. The older the better and do not worry about a little rust here or there. Wear and tear are in for this theme as well as rust!

Rustic Man Cave

For flooring, if you have concrete floors you may not need to do anything because the concrete will only add to the rustic look. Also, metal corrugated paneling and wood siding will also be an easy add on. 

Game Shed

Game Man Cave Shed

The idea behind the game man cave shed is easy, have a place to play your games when you want and at whatever level of sound you want. 

Gaming Man Cave shed
Simple arcade game in the corner of Man Cave – Pinterest

For this shed to work you will need to at least have two key pieces of gaming equipment. Here are some ideas and you can include them all if you have a really big shed!

  • Foosball Table
  • Ping Pong Table (for larger sheds)
  • Pool Table (for larger sheds)
  • Pinball Machine
  • Arcade Machines or Simulators
  • Shuffle Board Tables
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Poker Table
  • Darts
  • Golden Tee 
  • Golf Tee Simulator (if your ceiling is high enough!)
  • Skee Ball
  • Pop a Shot
  • Movie Man Cave Shed

For things to hang on the wall you can use any of the other ideas for this one or even keep it strictly gaming. Place on the walls sports posters, old gaming posters, and beer mirrors. Everything works for this theme. 

Movie Shed

Movie Man Cave

This man cave shed is perfect to watch the movies you aren’t allowed to watch around the kids! So think action movies and a lot of killing and swearing. But it doesn’t have to be just about you, if you create a chill place to watch movies the whole family will also be able to join in. 

If you are having friend over this can be a great place for you to put on a movie and let your kids relax there while you are entertaining. 

With the them of movies you will need to create a feeling of going to the movies and that is easily done with movie posters if you are on a budget. 

If you have a bunch of old dvds laying around this is a great time to repurpose them and make a part of the shed look like an old blockbuster or rental place. 

Man Cave Movies
Star Wars Themed Man Cave – Pinterest

A popcorn maker and luxury recliners can round out your shed into the ultimate place to watch movies. 

Some sheds don’t have the best lighting because of the lack of windows but that is going to be fine with this one because that will only make the experience of watching movies even better!

Dark walls and flooring are best and a surround sound system shouldn’t be too hard because of how much smaller sheds are. 

Prefab Man Cave Sheds

Some people instantly think of a shed as a small building you can fit a couple of shovels into. But that is not the case anymore. 

If you don’t happen to be handy there are a lot of options out there to get a prefab shed delivered right to you. For example on Home Depot, you can order a customizable Tuff Shed and for the Sundance Series TB-800 model you can get an 18 foot x 36 foot x 17.5 foot shed for your man cave!

That is probably way too big for a lot of people but you see where I am going with this.  Add some electrical work, insulation, and a mini split air conditioner and you are ready to rock!  If you want even more plumb it for a restroom and wet bar and your dream is ready to go!

Here is the link for the Tuff Shed site at Home Depot. 

Before you go ordering one be sure to check with your city’s codes because you never know what that may have. Also, check with your HOA, a lot of HOAs hate creativity. 

Man Cave Shed Ideas Wrap up!

Whichever idea you pick for your man cave shed it doesn’t matter because you are on your path to man cave freedom. No longer will you be told to turn the tv down, watch an episode of sex in the city, or have to talk about your feelings. 

Soon your friends will be coming over for refuge, supplies of beer will flow, and parties will be had. 

No, my man cave friends, your life is just about to begin…….again!


FYI, the cover photo was found on Pinterest here!