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How to Choose Man Cave Signs for Your Room

Man cave signs are a great way to liven up your favorite spot in the house. Some might think that man cave signs are pointless – after all, you, and most likely your friends, already know that you are sitting in your man cave. However, when purposefully chosen, you can use signs to personalize your man cave and make it feel more like your dedicated spot.

Below, we’ve detailed how to choose a man cave sign and listed off different types of man cave signs to help you to complete the look and feel of your man cave.

Pick Your Man Cave Vibe

Man cave signs will serve as decorations, and you can’t decorate your man cave if you don’t know how you want to decorate your man cave. This is easy if you have already established a theme in your man cave – you can choose signs that go with that theme.

Even if you do not already have a theme, you probably already know the general vibe of your man cave. If not, take some time to look around and think about what’s already there. What color are the walls? Is your furniture wood or leather? Do you already have a lot on your walls? What you already have in your man cave will largely dictate what type of man cave signs you should add to your walls.

For example, if you have a bar in your man cave, you may want to consider some bar-themed signs to add to your man cave. It can be as simple as an “open/close” sign, or you can get a personalized sign that lights up, something that is reminiscent of classic bars and pubs.

Consider Your Interests and Personality

Your man cave should be a reflection of your personality. To do that, think about what your interests may be, how other people perceive you, or how you perceive yourself. Consider the following to determine what type of man cave signs may best speak to you:

  • Sense of humor: Are you known as the funny one among your friends? Maybe you enjoy corny jokes, funny puns, irony, or even the occasional dad joke. Funny signs can lighten up the mood of your man cave and create a fun atmosphere.
  • Sports: If you are a sports fan, or even an athlete, having sports-focused signs in your man cave may give it more of a personal touch. It could be a vintage sign of your favorite team’s logo, or a sign of a sports team that you previously were a part of.
  • Music: If you’re a huge music fan, you might want to choose signs that reflect your love of music, or the type of music you like. You can get custom signs that welcome your guests into your “music room,” or choose signs associated with your favorite artist. You can even get a neon guitar sign to really brighten up your man cave.

Types of Man Cave Signs

When it comes to a man cave, there are so many different types of signs you can use to decorate it, that you may not know where to start. Below are some different types of man cave signs that you may want to consider adding to your guys’ spot.

Neon Sign

A man cave gives you the opportunity to get that neon sign you may have always wanted. Neon signs can add brightness and a pop of color to your man cave. You can even get a customized neon sign to add even more of a personal touch to your man cave.

JadeToad creates custom neon signs available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can make it fit in your man cave in every way.

jadetoad custom led neon light signs individual personalized design for wall decor

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs not only add a rustic look to your man cave, but, depending on the type of wood, they generally last a long time. You can make wooden signs work for almost any décor. Better yet, if you are good with your hands, you can carve out your own wooden sign to make your man cave even more personal.

Road Signs

If you’re a nomad at heart, you can make your man cave feel like you’re always on a road trip. Many people and businesses commonly use road signs as décor on their walls, so why not use them to decorate your man cave? Vintage road signs especially can serve as fun man cave wall decorations. Road signs are also versatile – your man cave does not need to fit a certain theme for you to add a simple “Route 66” to the walls.

Warning Sign

Warning signs are a common fun decor option to add personality to certain rooms, and man caves are no exception. Adding a warning sign to you man cave can lets people know to expect a great time, and may be even deter unwanted disruptions.

If you want to keep it friendly, you don’t have to settle for a simple warning sign. You can get a custom warning sign and personalize it with a lighthearted phrase, or simply label it “man cave.” These custom warning signs from Digi come in two sizes and allow space to write whatever you would like.

custom warning sign with your text personalized aluminum sign

Man Cave Rules Sign

If you want to make sure your guests follow the rules of your man cave, you can create your own custom man cave rule sign. To get some ideas for your man cave rules, check out our list of 100 Man Cave Rules or use the Man Cave Rule Generator.

Choosing a Man Cave Sign

Having the right man cave signs can make spending time in your man cave an unforgettable experience for both you and whoever you invite to hang out in it. You can choose from the large assortment of signs already available to you, or you can create your own signs to dictate exactly what you want them to express. The more custom your man cave signs are, the more likely that they will capture everyone’s attention.

Choosing the right man cave signs should be a fun experience and an opportunity to get creative, so don’t be afraid to try out a couple and see which ones suit your man cave the best!