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7 Best Tabletop Arcade Machines for the Man Cave

A tabletop arcade game brings men back to their childhood or teenage years, when you could enjoy playing games at the arcade or from the comfort of home. Retro or vintage games are making a comeback. Classic games such as Space Invaders, Star Wars, Pac-Man, Centipede, and others are found in “bar arcades” across the country.

A tabletop arcade game differs from its fuller counterparts, as it’s a smaller version of the full arcade. It can be used on a table or flat surfaces. Plus, it’s played seated as opposed to standing up.

A tabletop arcade machine has several arcade games – sometimes one can contain over 1,000 – although small ones usually just have about five or so. The themes are generally the same – vintage, fun, and iconic.

These machines are also like the full-sized models, as they have a four-way joystick, track balls, old-school cabinets, and large buttons.

Here are a few of the most recommended tabletop games for your man cave:

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NBCP Arcade Games

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Users can play seven classis consoles like NES, GBA, SNES, Sega, DC, MAME, and PlayStation with this machine. There are 68 built-in games, with the possibility of downloading more from the internet. All users must do is copy them to a USB stick.

This classic arcade tabletop machine has a high-resolution screen and a built-in battery. It can also be neatly packed down and stored or taken anywhere.

The only cons are that artwork must be applied and it would be better with an LED screen.

Abvideo With Adjustable Stools

If you have a bit more space available, this system is the perfect addition to your man cave. The unit is commercial grade and comes with two stools. It’s made for both left-handed and right-handed players.

It has a coin option, although you can set it for free play as well. This table comes with a tempered glass 22” screen. This system comes with 412 arcade classics, which will be a delight to any video game enthusiast.

The downside of this system is that it is heavy (145 lbs), and it takes up space. However, the number of games that it can store – easily at least 100 – makes this system quite desirable.

Arcade1Up Countercade

arcade 1up pacman countercade game machine

Arcade1Up has a slew of arcade games that can easily fit on any tabletop or bar. The games come fully assembled, have an 8” color LCD screen, and come equipped with true-to-size arcade controllers. Appearance-wise, it looks like the actual arcade machine without the cabinet. As for the actual size, it is quite compact.

There are various games that you can play depending on the system you select. Depending on what system you select, it comes with two-to-four different games.

The only con is that the system is small, and some customers wished that it had a larger screen. Other than that, most people were quite pleased with it and enjoyed it immensely.

Creative Arcade Systems

This manufacturer creates classic arcades that are extremely durable. They are created with melamine, which is known to withstand abuse, and are built to last. They’re a decent size, yet they can easily fit on a counter or on top of the bar.

They come fully assembled and are free to play. They host 412 classic games, ranging from retro Atari, to sports, to racing, to sci-fi. Everyone is sure to find something they really enjoy.

The same company that designed the tabletop arcade system above also created a glass version. This one has a 21” monitor but only houses 60 games. The arcade joystick and buttons are all full sized.

Since it is a larger system, it comes mostly assembled and arrives in three boxes. There’s some assembly required, but everything has been pre-drilled and pre-inspected for any defects.

Savings Wear 4 U

savings wear 4 u arcade game machine

This manufacturer offers a 60-in-1 classic games system. It is designed for both right- and left-handed players. It has a high-tech main board and other hardware that guarantees a stable performance every time. It has the versatility wherein users can select free play or coin mode.

The screen size is 19”. That may be a little smaller than others, but not by much.

Docs and Pies Arcade Factory

This is an LCD tabletop machine with 412 retro video games. This machine is perfect for a retro game room, as the cabinet is decorated with that ‘80s feel and includes a retro joystick.

The cabinet is manufactured out of a durable plastic material and is very sturdy. It has a 19” LCD screen with high-quality sound. This system provides a very realistic experience of being in an arcade, so it will give you the same environment in the home.

It is probably one of the lighter systems, as it only weighs about 50 pounds.

This manufacturer makes several different-looking systems. The difference between them is the decaling. So, if you don’t like the Galaga decaling, you can also buy Pac-Man decaling, Donkey Kong decaling, etc.

When thinking of a tabletop design, most people think of an arcade that can fit directly on a counter. While this is true of most systems, we did include some that are classified as tabletop, not because they can go on the top of a bar, but because they have a tabletop glass component.

Both systems are tabletop designs by definition, but it depends on what type of tabletop system you are looking for. Both systems work equally well, and customers may have a different need or preference when it comes to both.

Some customers may want the glass design because it takes them back to their youth and they have the space for it. Many of these systems are sturdier and come equipped with more games. So, they are a good investment if you love to play games.

However, with the increased games comes a larger cost.

Meanwhile, the tabletop arcade designs usually range from 2-400+ games, depending on the system. The lower-priced ones tend to have just a few games. However, if you can spend a bit more, you can purchase one for 100-400 games. It all depends on your budget and what you want.