The 5 Best Shuffleboard Tables Available Online

The 5 Best Shuffleboard Tables Available Online

A shuffleboard table is an excellent feature to spice up your man cave. Playing games is a proven way to help friends and families bond.

In shuffleboard, the players slide pucks down a table into the scoring area at the end of the table. The game can either be played by two or four players. It is an old game that is slowly making a comeback.

Of course, to get the most out of your experience, you need to get the best shuffleboard table. That’s where we come in!

Best Shuffleboard Table Quick Picks

The Best Shuffleboard Table

In this buying guide, we look at the top five shuffleboard tables you can find online. They have been made with the best materials and have the right specifications to serve you well.

Here is a look at what we have.

1. Olhausen Billiards 12-Foot x 16-inch York Shuffleboard

Olhausen Billiards 12-Foot x 16-inch York Shuffleboard TableThis is a shuffleboard table made of maple wood with a mahogany finish. The playfield consists of maple wood leveled with polymer resin. That butcher block helps ensure that there is no warping and the level is consistent.

In addition to solid wood, it also has cross-braces for support and stability. It has an Accu-lock leveling system to give you a perfect level so that you don’t have to make any of the adjustments usually associated with shuffleboards.

An Olhausen dealer will confirm from your preferable cloth color and any upgrade options you may go for too. The company also offers delivery and installations.


2. Olhausen Shuffleboard The Breckenridge

This is a shuffleboard table made of solid pine wood but with a Breckenridge finish. The playfield is characterized by Maplewood but leveled with polymer resin.Olhausen Shuffleboard The Breckenridge

It is characterized by a cross-brace construction for added rigidity and stability. It has an accu-lock leveling system for a perfect level and prevents the need for any readjustments that are generally done to shuffleboards.

The playfield is hand-built using maple butcher block so that there are fewer chances of warping.

When you buy the package, you get four red pucks, four blue pucks, two abacus scorers, shuffleboard wax and cleaner, shuffleboard spray, and a brush. The company offers delivery and installations too.


3. 11′ True North Modern Shuffleboard Table

11' True North Modern Shuffleboard TableThe True North shuffleboard is made using hard-grain maple, making it reliable. It has a playfield that has been professionally leveled by a laser. It is made with a sleek and modern design. The legs are adjustable to help you do any micro-leveling if you need to.


4. Hathaway Excalibur 9′ Shuffleboard Table

This is a shuffleboard table made of driftwood melamine with a rustic touch through the bronze hardware accents.Hathaway Excalibur 9' Shuffleboard Table

It has a sturdy build with a solid X-pattern support system with a support bar to give you strength and stability.

The play surface is characterized by a poly-coated engineered wood that is smooth and has padded gutters to minimize noise when you are playing a game.


5. Barrington Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table

This is a premium quality 9 foot birch wood veneer table that gives high performance and class. It is UV coated to make it scratch-resistant. That gives you a smooth field for playing games while ensuring a fast puck.Barrington Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table

The table features a sturdy construction with a faux concrete block leg for stability when playing the game.

It comes with everything you need to get started with the game such as two integrated abacuses, 8 pucks and a shuffleboard powder.

When you buy the table, you get a 90-day warranty.


Buyer’s Guide

It may be challenging to choose a specific shuffle table for your man cave when you have five excellent options. In this section of the guide, we hope to make it easier for you to settle on one. Here is a quick guide:

Shuffleboard Table With a Professional Leveling System:

Leveling is vital when it comes to shuffleboard tables. Though all of these tables have some type of accu-leveling system, the True North Modern Shuffleboard Table is the most precise as it has been professionally leveled with a laser system.

Table With the Smoothest Playing Surface:

The Barrington shuffleboard table is UV coated giving it a smooth surface and making it scratch-resistant. The less resistance your shuffleboard table provides, the better, and this table is the best on our list in this regard.

The Least Expensive Table:

In terms of affordability, the cheapest table is the Hathaway Excalibur 9′ Shuffleboard Table that retails at only about $750, which is several thousand dollars cheaper than the most expensive table.

Our Overall Recommendation:

When we compare the five, our favorite is the Hathaway Excalibur 9′ Shuffleboard Table, as it is wallet friendly and has great features that you will love.

Unless you’re a professional shuffleboard player or a huge enthusiast, spending thousands on this one piece for your man cave probably won’t be worth it. However, the Excalibur still offers great performance so it’s not like you’re cheaping out too much.

Other Factors to Consider:

If you are still undecided on what to choose, here are some additional factors to consider:


This is very important to think about, as it needs to be the right size for you. You need to identify the space where it will be kept. Shuffleboard tables range in length from 9 to 22 feet.

It is also good to know how the table will get into the room. Some tables are very heavy. Although many people consider the length of the table, the width is equally essential.

The board surface should give you enough space for puck movement. Additionally, the size of the table has a significant influence on the price.

Design of the Shuffleboard

Most shuffleboards more or less have the same design. Most of the time, the playfields are the same, but the cabinets are the parts that differ in structure and design.

As critical as the shuffleboard material is, you need to check that it is durable, playable, and beautiful. Shuffleboards get damaged from dropped pucks and high impact forces.

When the table gets damaged, it is expensive to fix. If you can, it is better to go for wood as it can endure high impact well. The common materials used are maple wood, mahogany, oak, and Russian Birch, as they are versatile and resistant to dents.

Again, the material used will affect the price as some materials are more expensive.


When you are shopping for a shuffleboard, you also need to consider its finishing. There is a chance that you will dent and scratch your new board, especially if you are a beginner.

Spray-on finishes are getting out phased with time as they are not as durable. The best quality finish is probably epoxy resin, which ensures a perfectly smooth surface and helps achieve accuracy when you are playing. It is also durable and does not need much maintenance.


This is like the heart of the game. The right materials should be used in the playfield so that it is durable. It should have a low moisture content with rails on the side.

The playfield needs to have the right thickness to give you enough stability. If possible, aim for a thickness of three inches. In addition to being stable, it will provide you with sanding options if you need to change the finishing in the future.

When checking the thickness of the playfield, check the wood’s width too. (Most companies will refer to the thickness to mean a combination of the wood and the finishing.) If you do not get sufficient information from the product description, you can always confirm with the manufacturer just to be sure.

Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters

Even though climatic adjusters are ignored most of the time, they make a big difference. Climatic adjusters are metal bars under the table that run across the width of the table. Climatic adjusters reduce resistance when you are moving, especially when there is high humidity or rapid temperature changes.

When a table has a climatic adjuster, the table will maintain its level better because they protect the table from warping. Since there is less misalignment, the quality of the game is not impacted.

If you are interested in a table but it does not have climatic adjusters you can install them on your own, though it may cost you a little bit of money.

Tables will come with a different number of climatic adjusters. Most of them will have two to six adjusters.

The Outer Cabinet

Many people only associate the outer cabinet with aesthetics, but it has a more critical role. It affects the weight and stability of the cabinet too, which affects its structure.

For example, cabinets made of solid wood are sturdier, keeping the shuffleboard from not being affected when you have intense games.

Shuffleboard Accessories

Many shuffleboard tables come with accessories such as a full maintenance kit to help you maintain your unit. Whatever table you get, you need wax, which is mostly in a powdered form.

A dust cover is also essential to keep dust and dirt off.

Shuffleboard Scoring System

Shuffleboards have scoring grids on them. Most of them have a 1-2-3 system though some tables have a triangular scoring grid.

It is best to confirm that the board you are looking at has the scoring system you want.


Most shuffleboards are expensive, but the beauty of it is that they are a one-time purchase. Prices are based on the materials, the size, and other extra features.

If you want quality, you should be ready to pay more. However, also consider how often you expect to play. You don’t want to overpay for something you’ll only use sparingly.

Final Thoughts

When you know what to look for and do your research right, you will land yourself a good shuffleboard table. Just make sure you give it the maintenance it deserves, and you will be happy for a long time.