Tips for Purchasing the Best Poker Table

Tips for Purchasing the Best Poker Table

Poker night is a staple of many man caves. While you don’t necessarily need a poker table to play cards with your friends, it definitely improves the overall experience.

There are two basic shapes of poker tables – round (or octagonal) and oval. The longer oval tables can fit more players, but also take up more space.

You also have the option of going with a poker tabletop instead of buying a full table. Poker tabletops are cheaper and require less space, but you have to have a table to put them on.

Below we will lay out our top 3 picks for at home poker tables, along with 3 picks for tabletop poker tables.

Best Poker Table Quick Picks

We have provided some of our top picks at the top of the article to save you some time.

If you have a little bit of time read on below to find a table that suits your needs! We have provided great reviews on 6 tables of different styles.

Best Poker Table Reviews

1. ESPN 10 Player Premium Poker Table With LED Lights

ESPN 10 Player Premium Poker Table With LED LightsThis 10-player poker table offers one of the best values for the money because of its numerous amazing features. When you play late into the night, your comfort is prioritized because of its extra padded armrests.

The playing surface is wide enough for every kind of poker game as well. Situated at the edges are 10 steel cup holders, ensuring there is no dull moment for all 10 players during the game.

It has a wide table apron that makes it a little less prone to scratches, thus making it one of the most durable poker tables. The robust legs of the table are made of steel, making it well equipped to handle the pressures from both the winning and losing players. It is foldable and can easily be transferred in case of any change of plans.

Its LED lights make your poker experience even more fun. At night, the tables are lit up with bright colorful lights. You will have no regrets buying this extraordinary poker table.


  • Dimensions — 80 x 43 x 3 Inches
  • Fits 10 people
  • Weight — 100 pounds
  • Brand — ESPN
  • Material — Felt

2. Barrington Collection Poker Table with Padded Rails and Cup Holders

Barrington Collection Poker Table with Padded Rails and Cup HoldersNo matter the poker game on your wishlist, rest assured that you have it all with this poker table. The playing surface is made to look like you are in a casino with its blue felt LED lights.

It has 10 metal cup holders, suggesting that up to 10 people can play at the same time. There is no worry that the game might last late into the night because the armrests are well padded for extra comfort.

The poker surface is supported by steel frame legs for additional stability. It comes assembled, and you don’t need to stress about dismantling it after each use. The surface is foldable.

It can easily be stored under your bed or anywhere in the closet after it has been folded. When you buy the poker table, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on it. If you notice any issues with it immediately after purchase, you can return it.


  • Dimensions — 84 x 42 x 30 Inches
  • Fits 10 people
  • Weight — 70 Pounds
  • Manufacturer — Medal Sports- DROPSHIP
  • Material — Felt

3. KARMAS PRODUCT Poker Table Folding Texas Holdem Casino Leisure Game Octagonal Table with Cup Holder 8 Player -Green

Poker Table Folding Texas Holdem Casino Leisure Game Octagonal Table with Cup Holder 8 Player -Green
This octagon shaped poker table is perfect for poker night with up to 8 players. With padded armrests and cupholders at each spot around the table, your guests will be comfortable all night.

Features include folding legs which make it easy to set up and store away. Legs are sturdy and durable.

The tabletop is made of felt, which allows cards to effortlessly slide across the table. The surface is printed with card and chip placement areas, making the game more organized.


  • Dimensions — 48 x 48x 30 inches
  • Fits 8 people
  • Weight — 30 Pounds
  • Material — Felt
  • Manufacturer — KARMAS PRODUCT

Best Poker Table Top

1. Trademark Texas Hold’em Poker Padded Table Top With Cupholders

Trademark Texas Hold’em Poker Padded Table Top With CupholdersWith this poker table, you get a casino experience with its wide playing surface. Just like the previous poker table, it is wide enough for 10 players to battle it out here. While playing, each player can occasionally sip from their cup of drinks because there are 10 cup holders.

It is foldable and lightweight, easily fitting into its accompanying vinyl carrying bag that has a double strap handle. The playing surface is equally padded for long hours of comfort while playing. The surface is also water-resistant.

The material is green felt, which playing cards glide over easily. The bottom of the table is made of vinyl that offers additional protection to the poker table. It can easily be placed on any table at home, even a kitchen table so you can enjoy your poker game with friends.


  • Dimensions — 78 x 36 x 5.5 Inches
  • Fits 10 people
  • Weight — 28.95 Pounds
  • Material — Felt
  • Manufacturer — Trademark Poker

2. Trademark Poker Deluxe Table Top

This is one of the most versatile poker tables covers available presently. It is an octagon and can be folded up put in its cover and stored away.  It can fit 8 players and comes with 4 slots per player for chips and one drink holder. The drink holder is key here because when you have arms waving around there are bound to be spills. This isn’t foolproof but it should save on some spills, I guess it just depends on how crazy you get.

For the price, this is a great and cheap way to play poker without having to shell out the cash for a table. 

Check out the reviews photos at the link below and you will have a better idea of how it will look at your house.


  • Dimensions — 50 x 48 x 1.75 inches
  • Fits 8 people
  • Weight — 23.55 lbs
  • Manufacturer —Trademark
  • Material — Felt & 1/2 inch wood

3. VIVOHOME 48 Inch Foldable 8-Player Texas Poker Card Tabletop Layout Portable Anti-Slip Rubber Board Game Mat with Cup Holders and Carrying Bag

48 Inch Foldable 8-Player Texas Poker Card Tabletop
This tabletop poker table from Vivohome comes loaded with features that make it the perfect poker table for a card night with friends. The felt top allows cards to be slid across the table with ease. There are also built in drink holders, along with chip holders.

The table topper also features a four-fold concept which allows for maximum portability and easy storage. There is also a convenient carrying bag included.

The MDF tabletop is anti-corrosive, moisture-resistant, and high temperature resistant. It can be placed right on top of a standard pop-up card table.


  • Dimensions — 47.6 x 47.6 Inches
  • Fits 8 people
  • Weight — 15.76 Pounds
  • Manufacturer — VIVOHOME
  • Color — Green

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Poker Table

If you planning to host regular poker games in your man cave, it is important to find the table that works best for you and your friends. Here are four factors to consider before making your purchase.


If poker night is just you and 3 or 4 friends, then you can get away with a 48″ octagonal or round table. While these tables and tabletops can seat up to 8 players, they are really more comfortable for 5 or fewer. If you are going to have more than 5 players, it’s best to opt for a larger oval-shaped table.

Storage and Transportability

If you only plan to have your poker table set up on poker night, you may want to consider how well you will be able to store it away when you’re not playing. Additionally, if you plan on bringing your table over to friends’ houses, you should think about how easy or hard the table will be to transport.


You have to decide which features you consider important. Do you want a table with drink holders? Chip holders? Padded armrests? All those features are nice to have, but you have to decide which is most important to you.

Remember the more features you have the more it is going to weigh. Look at the ESPN and Barrington table. They have all the bells and whistles but they weigh 70lbs and up!


Cost is always going to be a factor in what you pick to put in your man cave. If you are going to be playing poker every weekend, it may be worth it to pay up for a nicer table. If you are only going to be playing a few times a year, it might make more sense to go with one of the less expensive tabletop options.

Also, if you are buying the table for a cabin up north maybe you don’t need something so nice because you know others may use it when you are not there so opt for the cheaper table.


If you plan on hosting poker night, we absolutely recommend investing in a poker table. You don’t want to be that guy who has his friends sitting around the kitchen table. Depending on your budget and how often you plan on playing, one of the 6 options above should be a good fit for your home poker games.