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Best Foldable Pool Tables for a Small Room

Friends going out to play pool at a pool hall or bar used to be one of the most popular activities for an evening out. Nowadays, pool halls are closing, and bars are resorting to other games for their patrons.

Pool tables are still a common find in man caves or houses with a room that allows for it. A full-sized pool table is ten feet long and five feet wide, making it large enough to take over an entire space.

Additionally, full-sized pool tables can be expensive to install and set up in the house. That’s without considering the price of the table itself.

Standard pool tables are easily over $1,000, but foldable pool tables are significantly less expensive. Foldable pool tables also take up less space than a full-sized table, making it easy to transport or move around in a small area.

Foldable pool tables are a smart in-between option for pool lovers who want to save a little money or have limited space.

Best Foldable Pool Table Quick Picks

Finding the Best Foldable Pool Table

Foldable pool tables come in a variety of sizes, usually somewhere between five and seven feet long. These tables are typically much thinner than a regular pool table, making moving the table around or folding it up so much easier.

The best foldable pool table for you will be less expensive than a regular one and will fold out to comfortably fill the space you have in mind. All of the foldable pool table sellers on the market keep storage in mind and try to transition from storage to play as seamless as possible.

Some of the best foldable pool tables currently on the market are the following:

1. Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table

This 6-foot frame portable pool table is a close comparison to a regulation-sized table at more than half the cost. This sleek, sturdy table is perfect for small spaces and seamless transportation between games.

The blue, blended wool felt keeps your shots honest, and the table is detailed with chrome-plated corner caps, 5″ top rails, and rubber cushions to make the table feel like it belongs in a pool hall.

There are integrated levelers on all four of the steel legs to ensure the table sits evenly, no matter where you set up. The legs can be easily folded down by hand to make travel and transport easier.

The best foldable pool tables include all necessary accessories, and this table is no different. A Nylon carry bag, a full set of standard-size billiard balls, two full-size pool cues, two chalks, a table brush, and a racking triangle are all included with this table’s purchase.

When you receive this item in the mail, it should take you less than ten minutes to have the table set up and a game ready to go!


Warranty — 180-day limited warranty + annual protection plans available
Weight — 115 pounds
Length — 76″
Width — 43.25″
Height — 32″
Cue length — 48″
Ball size — standard 2.25″
Material — Blended Wool Felt


  • Same height as a regulation pool table
  • Integrated 1.5″ leg levelers keep table even
  • Nylon carry bag included with purchase
  • No tools needed for folding or unfolding


  • Standard-sized balls may be too large for 66″ playing surface
  • A bit heavy

2. Costzon Folding Billiard Table

This foldable pool table is perfect for children or teenagers with a small space where a regular-sized table wouldn’t fit. The table is a bit smaller and lower than a regular table, but it is a perfect practice table for children interested in the game.

The table is made of a sturdy, medium-density fiberboard covered with the traditional green nylon cloth. The playing table is surrounded by black leather, just like a regulation-size table.

The table comes ready to play with a classic set of 16 resin balls and cue ball, a plastic triangle rack, two chalks, two pool cues, and a brush for the table.

Transporting or storing this table is very easy, considering it’s compact and foldable design. No tools are needed to unfold or fold this table to store under a bed or stand in a closet.

Many parents have said this beginner table was a great way to teach their children the basics of billiards. The lower stature of the table makes it easily accessible and fun for children of all ages.

Warranty — 2- or 3-year protection plans available
Weight — 33 pounds
Length — 47″
Width — 25″
Height — 27″
Cue length — 36″
Ball size — 1.1875″
Material — Medium-density fiberboard, covered with nylon cloth


  • Inexpensive
  • Includes everything you need to play a game of pool
  • Perfect for children and beginner players


  • Too low for comfort for adult players
  • Poor quality pool cues

3. RACK Crux Folding Billiard Table

If you’re looking for the best folding pool table that can work for beginners or the whole family, this may be the one for you!

This 55″ pool table is both lightweight and sturdy, making it easy to maneuver or set up in a family game room. The height is close to a regulation table, while the length and width are a bit smaller.

The table’s playing space is ½” medium-density fiberboard coated with blue, regulation-grade velvet felt. The fiberboard is a cheaper, lighter option than the slate that most larger pool tables use. The playing space also includes cotton ball pockets and rubber bumper cushions to keep the balls from flying off the table.

The table’s legs are sturdy, foldable, and include levelers to keep the table steady and even.

All accessories needed to play a full game of pool come with the purchase. Some pool-lovers who have purchased this table have said it feels like playing a real game pool in a smaller area.

The seller, RACK, specializes in pool tables and is very proud of their work to guarantee top-of-the-line customer service. If there are any issues with your folding table, you can contact RACK directly to utilize your lifetime warranty for an undamaged piece or extra pool cue, if needed.

Warranty — Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
Weight — 66 pounds
Length — 55″
Width — 29″
Height — 31″
Cue length — 36″
Ball size — 1.5″
Material — ½” MDF with regulation grade velvet felt


  • Levelers ensure a flat surface
  • Free additional cue and chalk can be sent upon request
  • No tools required
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Cues are not standard sized
  • Cues may warp during travel

4. Triumph Sports Portable Pop-Up Pool Table

This modern, pop-up pool table is different from other portable options with its foldable, plastic legs similar to a foldable chair’s legs. To play a game, you simply unfold the pop-up frame and lay the playing table on top.

The table is made of manufactured wood and coated with a blue, nylon cloth to keep the game feeling authentic. There are fiber finished top rails and white, beveled trim edges to offer a clean look while keeping the balls on the table.

This table sits just as high as a regulation table would, and it’s at least a foot longer than several other portable options. Despite the product’s mobile nature, the table is sturdy and equipped with high-quality nylon cloth to keep the balls from moving if the table gets bumped.

These features offer the feeling of a full-size table without dishing out the full-size cost.

All the accessories needed for a full game, including a set of regulation-size cues, comes with purchasing this pop-up table.

Warranty — 90-day limited warranty + 2- and 3-year protection plans available
Weight — 61 pounds
Length — 72″
Width — 36″
Height — 31″
Cue length — 48″
Ball size — 1.5″
Material — Manufactured Wood with Nylon Cloth


  • Longer than most other portable pool tables
  • No tools required
  • Modern and sleek appearance
  • Wide pockets for multiple balls


  • Legs are not adjustable for uneven surfaces
  • No rubber in the rails


Finding the best portable pool table is a challenging to-do when the options vary so widely. Before deciding on a table, make sure you consider how big of a space you are working with and whether you consider yourself a beginner or more experienced.

If your kids will be playing with the table to practice their strokes, opt for a lower, kid-friendly table like the Costzon Folding Billiard Table. This table is lower to the ground, so it’s easy to reach, and it comes with smaller balls and cues. It’s a perfect option for a beginner or a kid’s birthday or Christmas present! Also check out our reviews of the best multi-game tables for kids.

However, if kids are not a concern and you just want a table to fill that extra space in your man cave, you should go for the Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table. The Hathaway Fairmont table is a cost-effective option for an authentic-feeling pool table that you can store easily or play in a small space.

Plus, this table includes 1.5″ leg levelers on its sturdy legs so that you can compensate for even the most uneven surfaces. The rip-proof nylon also offers a “true roll” play surface that makes it feel like a regulation table.

The Hathaway Fairmont table is the best portable pool table to fill a man cave or complete a game room for the whole family to enjoy.