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How To Make A Golf Hole At Home

So you want to know how to make a golf hole at home! Hopefully, you have already started your putting green or if you are a golf maniac you have already built your own par 3! 

If you have just planted or seeded your grass you may want to wait until it has grown in for a couple of months before you start ripping it up. 

Read on to find out what you need and how to create your first golf hole at home!

How To Cut A Golf Hole

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When cutting your golf hole, you must know your specifications and the best tools you need. It is best to read through these instructions before you start so you know everything you need and what to look out for. 

Let’s start with the tools:

  1. A tool to help dig a hole. 
    1. A post hole digger ( this isn’t your best option because it will not make a clean cut but sometimes you have to get creative)
    2. An actual golf hole cutter! These are expensive but if you are planning on moving your hole a lot this could come in handy and save you a lot of time! They range around $200 to $250. 
    3.  You can even DIY it with a PVC pipe by sharpening the edges and utilizing a sharp knife. Check out this video below for a DIY solution. 


Here are the products you are going to need:

  1. Flag for your hole! Not necessary but definitely makes your putting green authentic and makes sure no one trips on the hole. 
  2. Golf Hole Cup. You can get these in ABS plastic or aluminum but just make sure they are the correct size and it helps if it says it is up to USGA regulations! These make sure that your flag stays in your hole no matter how windy it is

Or you can get a mini flag set if you plan to have many different holes around your green. This idea is great for putting because you can always have different holes to shoot at when you go practice. This is also a great option for artificial turf. Be sure to check the diameter of the cup before purchasing otherwise you may think you are better than you really are. See below for more information on the sizing. 

Golf Hole Mini Flag
Mini Flag
  1.  If you really want to be legit then you will need some hole paint a cup protector and a paint applicator. This is totally not necessary but we wanted to provide it to you so you are aware it’s out there!  We have no affiliation with this site RR products ultra white hole paint.

Putting Green Hole Size


The hole size on putting greens has been standardized over the years.

The hole is required to be 4.25 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep. 

When you buy a golf hole cup be sure to check its dimensions. You will have to check the inside depth of the cup and then typically add 2 inches of depth to the hole to be sure you get an official 4 inches of depth. If you don’t want to remove that much soil then don’t worry about it. The depth shouldn’t matter that much, but just be aware that the deeper the hole you have the more balls you can sink so you don’t have to keep removing them. 

There are many different products out there that allow for easy removal of the balls and so you don’t have to bend down and grab them each time. And there are some that you don’t even need a hole it just allows you to hit the ball at a target and then you can move it anywhere you want. So a combination of these types of holes may fit what you are looking for. A legit hole that you move around every now and then and a couple of practice simulation holes that can maximize your putting stroke practice!

Here are some of the products we recommend: 

KINGTOP Golf Hole Cup

The king top is Amazon’s highest-rated golf hole cup and it is made out of ABS plastic so it should be able to withstand some crazy weather. You get to choose how many you need and these are not going to break the bank. You can get up to four of them so you can have an amazing putting green and not have to worry about changing the holes. 

Here is what we love:

  • Meets USGA and PGA standards
  • Multiple choices to choose from
  • Pair it with a mini flag and you are good to go. 


  • Because the cups are plastic we recommend them keeping them in the hole or stored away somewhere. Sun is a killer for plastic. 

King Top also makes some mini flagsticks to go into their holes so be sure to check them out.

When choosing a cup size be sure to pick either the 4-inch or the 6-inch. When installing measure the depth of the inside of the cup and then you will need to add a certain depth to the hole if you want to meet regulations. Again not very important but the more balls you can fit in the hole the more practice you will get. 

Golf City 6 Inch Cup

This is very similar to the King Top but it’s made out of Aluminum. So a little more durable and can take even more stress from the environment. It also has the 4 inches of depth to the bottom of the cup so you don’t necessarily have to measure and adjust to meet the 4-inch depth requirement simply dig a hole to the depth of the cup and place it in and you should be ready to rock!

Here is what we love:

  • Aluminum tough!
  • Depth to the ball drop is 4 inches which is regulation!

Here are the cons:

  • A little more expensive than the King Top
  • You can only order one at a time


Gravit Golf Putting Hole

The Gravit golf putting hole is great for your home putting green because it is very mobile and offers a lot of possibilities. The best thing about this portable hole solution is that you can even take it with you inside the house or even on a road trip to make sure you get your practice in!

It is made of stainless steel and aluminum so don’t worry if you happen to leave it outside. It works by being slightly the same height as a ball so when you hit the putt perfectly the ball will stick into the regulation size object. It doesn’t quite simulate that exact feeling of sinking a put but it’s a great practice tool!

Here is what we love about this putting hole:

  • Detachable parts for easy transport
  • Mobile so you can move it anywhere on your green to give you an instant target to aim for instead of digging up a new hole
  • Sleek design that looks professional
  • Great putting aid

Some cons about this putting hole:

  • Not quite the same as sinking a putt from 30’
  • Expensive but the construction is better than the cheap plastic options


How To make your golf hole at home – Wrap up!

Alright so get started making your golf hole at your home putting green! The quicker you get your hole installed the faster your can make sure you two put every hole!

No more three putts am I right????