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10 Real Workout Rooms And Tips To Inspire Your Home Gym Decor

When it comes to a home gym, everyone will have a different setup because everyone has different workout goals and routines. Bodybuilders entering regular competitions require a setup that’s a lot different in comparison to someone that is preparing for a marathon.

Because every person has different fitness goals, the decor, look, and feel of their home gym is vastly different from the next person. Not every single person will have the same workout equipment, either. Someone that’s training for a marathon will most likely have more cardio equipment than a bodybuilder.

There are several ways to increase the look of your gym. Many people think that they cannot get a good home gym set up because they don’t have enough space. While a decent amount of space usually lends itself to storing more gym equipment, it isn’t mandatory to get a good workout in.

1. Small Spaces

Many people with small spaces can use little design methods to turn small areas into a functional gym. Using freestanding-styled cabinets in the room helps you utilize the center of the room for exercising. If you want to make your workout room appear bigger than it is, try making the colors of the walls the same.

Try getting workout equipment that can be situated in an upright fashion when not in use. With equipment you can situate vertically, you can easily lean it against a wall and use more floor space for exercising. Also, try getting a mirror into your workout area for increased transparency and lighting.

2. Storage Racks

Getting a storage rack for your home gym will go a long way in keeping it less cluttered. No one wants to trip and fall over gym accessories, and there are many of them out there that are available on the market.

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From skipping ropes and rubber bands to dumbbells, exercise balls to yoga mats, water bottles to dumbbell clamps, workout benches, and cable machines, things can get hectic pretty fast. You’ll want to get a deep storage bucket to keep everything neatly organized inside of it.

There are gym storage buckets that look a little more aesthetically pleasing, as well, so if you want to create more space, consider investing in one to enjoy the benefits of more space in your home gym.

3. Customized Details

If you want to switch up the look of your home gym into a more relaxed-looking atmosphere, consider getting some wood trim and puck lights installed. By doing this, your home gym will appear more comfortable to exercise in, and that’s always a bonus when you’re going through those days where you don’t have the motivation to exercise.

Consider getting a painted pattern on one of the walls in your home gym to give it a customized feel, so you have something to look at while you’re taking a break from a set of dumbbell curls.

4. Build Slowly and Adjust

If you’re new to the world of home gyms, you’ll want to develop an easily adjustable space. It’s best not to go out and purchase massive pieces of equipment that you can’t even budge without three people helping you out. When you’re just starting, you’ll want equipment and gym accessories that you can switch around conveniently.

Until you know a little more about what machine does what, you can gradually work your way up by collecting more pieces of workout equipment as you learn and grow. Many people like to install hooks around their gym to hold things up. This organization goes a long way in ensuring the organization of your gym is ideal. There are also adhesive strips you can purchase for this purpose.

5. Stretch

Every gym should have an area large enough to do a little bit of stretching in. Having an open space in the center of your gym will allow you to do your workouts easily. If you’re doing a set of burpees and keep hitting your limbs on a corner of something, that’s not conducive to a good workout. Always keep an organized gym for the best workouts.

6. Warm and Welcoming

You’ll always want to figure out tactics to make your home gym feel more inviting and energetic, but not to the point where things begin looking awkward. It’s all too easy to skip the gym when you aren’t feeling motivated, and by organizing or decorating your gym in a certain way, you’ll get a bit of increased energy every time you step foot in it.

Sometimes people will keep their stationary bikes in a different area than the room of their home gym, and by doing this, you’ll increase the free space to do exercises in. Try adding some plants into your home gym to make it feel more welcoming and inviting. Increase the natural light and make sure the ventilation and airflow in the gym are adequate.

7. Make Use of the Space

If you’re planning on developing a home gym in your unfinished basement, you can take advantage of the cooler temperatures that basements usually have. If you have any recesses in any of your walls, you can use that to your benefit and put workout equipment on them. By doing this, you’re creating a little more space for your other workouts.

8. Do It Your Way

Not every gym has to look the same. Some people like the look of mirrors everywhere so that they can see their form while exercising. Others like to be doing their exercises on rubber flooring mats. Sometimes people don’t need all of the bells and whistles to get a good workout in. Many people turn their living rooms into home gyms without you even knowing it.

By getting workout equipment that you can fold up and place underneath your couch, you can conceal your workout area wisely. Getting a rustic mirror instead of a typical gym mirror panel can help you with exercises and add some style.

man doing workout in beautiful lighting home gym

9. Choose Colors Carefully

Many gyms try to use neutral colors, but dark colors also work effectively, as well. Deep blues can make your gym look energetic. Keeping the wall colors in your gym all the same color will prevent things from looking overwhelming while you’re exercising.

10. Organize and Motivate

Organization is the best tool that you have at your disposal for creating a good home gym. If you like using free weights, consider getting adjustable ones that range from 5 pounds to 50 pounds or higher. By doing this, you’re eliminating dozens of dumbbells for each 5-pound weight increment being scattered all over the place.

Simple gym designs go a long way in ensuring that your exercise environment will be more welcoming and soothing. A workout should reduce the stress you feel during the day, and having an unorganized workout room won’t go very far in promoting a relaxed workout.

If you enjoy exercising with music in the background, consider investing in a good speaker system. For many people, music can help motivate people to exercise more profusely, and that will only add to their health.