How to Display Vinyl Records

How to Display Vinyl Records on the Wall

Today we have all the music we could ever want at the tip of our fingers. We can stream almost any song in the world instantly. Even though CDs have been around since 1982 and MP3s made their debut in 1992, record collecting and playing vinyl records is an increasingly popular hobby.

Vinyl records are even making a comeback among modern musicians. In recent years, bands and artists have been releasing new music on good old fashioned vinyl. While it will never be able to compete with downloading and streaming, vinyl records don’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

If you are a record collector looking for vinyl record storage, don’t just look for cabinets that keep your collection out of sight. Look for creative ways to display your favorite albums.

If you have a vinyl record collection, you know one of the best parts of collecting and displaying vintage records is their album cover art. Instead of hiding your vinyl records away on a shelf, put them on display in your man cave. If you are wondering how to display vinyl records, here are 4 ways to show off your collection. Jump to the end of the article for 10 real world examples of records and album art on display.

While there are tutorials online that recommend using glue or nails to hang up your records and displays, we always recommend trying to find an option that doesn’t damage the wall if possible. Using Command Strips is an easy way to display records on the wall and it also allows you to take them down without damaging the wall.

1. Vinyl Record Album Cover Display

IEEK Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount,6 PCS Clear Acrylic Album Record Holder Display Shelf,Display Your Daily Listening in StyleUse clear record shelf wall mounts to turn your record collection into an art gallery for your music man cave. Filling an empty wall with vintage record album covers can dramatically improve the aesthetic of any room.

Wall mount record shelves are a great way to store and display some of your favorite records while also keeping them easily accessible for listening. Only the shelf gets affixed to the wall, and the records just sit on top of the shelf which allows you to easily rotate your collection and update the look of your wall.


2. Vinyl Record Display Frame

KAIU Vinyl Record Frame Solid Wood with Clear Acrylic to Display Your Album Innovative Open Close Mechanism to Ease Your Album Changeover Black LP If you have some more valuable records that you would like to display while protecting at the same time, a vinyl record display frame is the best way to display them. The KAIU vinyl record frame has a great design that allows you to easily slip your record into the frame. The wooden frame with acrylic front is a step up from a simple display shelf. The acrylic is also UV-resistant which is important to keep the album cover art from fading.

The frame can hold single and double record albums. Even once the frame is up on the wall, you can easily access the record to play it or switch it out with another album.

3. Vinyl Record Accent Wall

(25) 7" Vinyl Records for Crafts & Decoration If you have old records that are scratched up, don’t work, or you just don’t listen to any more, creating a vinyl record wall is a great way to create a unique display. Usually, an accent wall is a just a wall that is painted a different color than the other three walls. Covering one wall of a room in old records is a different way to create an accent wall for music lovers.

Using vinyl records for home decoration has become more popular over the years as collecting vintage vinyl has increased in popularity. No need to run to a record store or flea market to look for cheap records. You can buy real vintage records on the cheap meant specifically for decorating.

4. Tabletop Vinyl Record Holder

simesove Tabletop Vinyl Record Holder,Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand,Minimalist Design Walnut Non-Slip Record Cover Display Even if you don’t want to hang your records up on the wall, that doesn’t mean that you can’t display them. You can use a tabletop vinyl record holder to show off your records next to your record player. Even if most of your records are tucked away, a few tabletop stands will allow you to show off your favorite album covers. Take out a record and set the album case in the stand to show what is “now playing.”

This method of displaying your record collection is simple, but it gets the job done. It’s a great option if you rent an apartment that doesn’t allow you to hang anything up on the wall.

Display Your Vinyl Records

Stop hiding your vinyl records or leaving them all over your counter. Display your vinyl record collection proudly with one of the four methods above or combine them to improve the look of your music man cave or home office.

Pictures of Vinyl Record Storage and Displays

Need some more inspiration? Check out these pictures of unique vinyl record displays in real life to help you visualize ways to exhibit your own record collection. If you love your music, use these ideas to help make the perfect music inspired man cave. There are some great ideas how to display vinyl records on the wall.

1. Partial Framed Album Covers Wall

This homeowner in California hung up 25 of their favorite album covers in a symmetrical 5 x 5 grid. The large display of vintage vinyl makes a great piece of wall décor while still allowing room for other wall art.

2. Full Framed Album Covers Wall

Using almost the same number of album covers, this homeowner in Washington DC decided to display their album cover collection in a 3 x 8 grid to take up more wall space horizontally.

3. Record Album Display Shelves

Similar to the first option we discussed to display records, this record collection is displayed on shelves that go almost to the floor that make the records easily accessible.

4. Storage and Display Combo

This music lover in San Francisco uses a combination of display shelves and cabinets to display and store their very eclectic collection of records. Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, U2, and Sonny and Cher are just a few of the records on display.


5. Organized Record Wall

Like the record accent wall that we recommended, these records are affixed directly to the wall for decoration.

6. Messy Record Wall

Instead of lining the records up perfectly in straight lines, this home theatre in Austin has records hung up more haphazardly to create a different kind of look.

7. Music Office with Records on the Desk

You don’t have to limit yourself to walls when using old records to decorate. This amazing music themed home office in Minneapolis uses old vinyl to add some flair to the desk.

8. Open Face Record Cabinet

The fronts of the drawers on this custom designed record storage unit in San Diego allow records to be stored and displayed at the same time. The record cabinet is made of raw edge wood and the sides of the drawers are engraved with lyrics from some of the homeowner’s favorite songs.

9. Cantilever Record Shelf

This homeowner built a concealed cantilevered vinyl record shelf up high to exhibit their vintage records and keep them out of the way at the same time. Most of the albums are tucked away, but a select few are turned to show the cover art.

10. Vinyl Eyezz’ Method for Building a Record Wall on the Cheap

In this video Jarrett New explains how to build a record wall on the cheap. All you need is 4 L-Shaped screws per album. In the video, Jarrett builds a 3 x 3 record album wall display using 9 record albums. As he explains, this method also allows you easy access to the records to play them or switch them out.


Record collectors are always looking for new vinyl to add to their collection. Whether you plan to store them in your living room, home office, or man cave; you don’t have to be an expert in interior design to feature your favorite albums. Whether you want to go the DIY route or buy some nice frames, there are plenty of easy ways to give your vinyl record storage an upgrade.

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