The Best Extra Tall Bar Stools

6 of the Best Extra Tall Bar Stools

Whether you’re a big guy or you just want some extra legroom, you built your man cave bar taller than most. That’s great, but now you have to find the bar stools to match. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our picks for the best extra tall bar stools.

If you have a tall bar, standard height bar stools aren’t going to be comfortable to sit at. You’ll end up feeling like a little kid sitting at the grown-up’s table. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best extra tall bar stools to fit your bar.

The Best Extra Tall Bar Stools for Your Man Cave Bar


This is a comprehensive guide to the six best extra tall bar stools on the market. We have considered price, comfort, style and durability in our product reviews.

Each of our extra tall bar stool selections has a distinctive look, so consider the style of your man cave and bar when making your choice. We think you’ll appreciate a functional extra tall bar stool that’ll be comfortable for seating for all four quarters of a football game, but also one that can add some punch to your man cave’s looks.

1. LOKKHAN Industrial Bar Stool

If you’re into an antique pub-meets-steampunk look, this is the stylish-but-comfy extra tall bar stool for you. We love it for its vintage vibe, and avid cyclists will appreciate its bicycle gears and welded pedal footrest. The cycling touches will definitely be a conversation-starter!

This extra tall bar stool features a brown polyurethane upholstered seat that swivels 360 degrees and a high-grade iron base that’s stable and durable.

Easily adjust this extra tall bar stool up or down by spinning its locking bolt. It reaches up to 37.8 inches, so it’s not as tall as some of the stools we reviewed, but it’s close. They’ll definitely tuck neatly under your bar when not in use.

2. Flash Furniture Vinyl Bar Stool

Packaged as a pair, this sleek blue vinyl extra tall bar stool adds a pop of color and the clean lines and gleam of 1950s-style chrome seating.

You won’t be sacrificing comfort for style, though. These upholstered vinyl waterfall seats take pressure off the legs, allowing you and your crew to sit comfortably for hours. There’s even a footrest to turn up the comfort even more.

Reaching 44.75 inches in height, this vinyl bar stool is easy to clean and gives your man cave a vintage look without looking dated.

The vinyl comes in nine color choices, including this cobalt blue, red, burgundy, black, white, gray and more. Depending on your favorite team, you might try getting these in the colors of your university or pro team to make these extra tall bar stools the spot for taking in a game.

3. VASAGLE Bar Stools

If rustic and rugged is the look you want for your saloon-style man cave, consider this pair of extra tall bar stools. A blend of wooden particle board backs, polyurethane upholstery and black steel, these bar stools are masculine but comfortable, with low back rests and footrests.

Measuring at a 39.4-inch height, these bar stools will fit well at a tall bar and coordinate with man caves that are rustic, minimalist or industrial in style.

A little edgy, these would be at home in a darker man cave, and you can lean back on these wooden-backed stools to relax on the weekends while you take in a soccer match or basketball game.

4. Christopher Knight Home Alanis Firwood Barstool

Iron and fir wood make for a rustic-style extra tall bar stool that will coordinate with and accentuate your man cave’s existing décor.

With a height of 39 inches, this extra tall bar stool is a perfect match for man cave bars. It’s tall enough without being too tall to slide under the bar when not in use.

Black-brushed silver iron legs and back contrast to the firwood seat for a masculine but clean look with plenty of strength and sturdiness. Who says man caves can’t be stylish?

5. Tov Furniture Parma Stainless Steel Counter Stool

Futuristic and minimalist, this extra tall bar stool from Tov Furniture is city-chic with clean chrome lines and enough eco-leather upholstery to make for comfortable seating. This is the kind of bar stool you’d like to sit in while sipping a 12-year-old single malt or enjoying some Wagyu beef sliders. The Parma extra tall bar stool packs a luxurious vibe.

With a height of 36.2 inches, this is one of the shorter options in our roundup of extra tall bar stools, so keep this in mind when ordering. Its designer looks aren’t for every man cave, either. For those who love this stool’s looks and have a bar to accommodate, it’s perfect.

6. Holland Bar Stool Co. Bar Stool

Looking for extra tall bar stools to complete your man cave’s Irish pub décor? Look no further. This bar stool, with its black wrinkle powder-coated steel frame and solid maple seat is sturdy but has styling that would fit in decorating styles from antique to modern.

A swivel that comes with a lifetime guarantee for the 52 ball bearings that let it spin, this is the sturdiest extra tall bar stool we reviewed. This Holland bar stool can handle up to 550 pounds, so it can stand up to wear and tear that your buddies can dish out.

This extra tall bar stool option is plenty comfortable, too, so relax and enjoy another round. You won’t have an achy back after that baseball game goes into extra innings.

Have a Seat at the Bar

Ready to belly up to the bar? Here we have the six best extra tall bar stools for your man cave. We love these options because they’re functional and comfortable as well as stylish, and what’s a man cave bar without comfort?

Each of these extra tall bar stools is reasonably priced, and some lower the cost further by coming in pairs. If you’re looking for seating to go with the bar area of your man cave, you can’t go wrong with any of these top choices, but our pick for the best extra tall bar stool is the Flash Furniture Vinyl Bar Stool. It comes in various colors to fit your man cave, has a modern look, padded seat, and doesn’t break the bank over some of the other great options.

We hope this guide to the six best extra tall bar stools helps you in choosing the best-looking, most comfortable extra tall bar stools for your man cave.

Having your favorite bar in your home as part of your man cave will ensure there’s always an open bar stool and your favorite game on TV. Chances are, your man cave bar will be your friends’ favorite bar, too.

Now turn on the TV, and hand us a beer.


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