Are Kegerators worth it?

Are Kegerators Worth It?

Kegerators can be an excellent investment, especially if you want to save yourself the hassle of picking up endless cans and bottles after a party. However, with a kegerator comes extra costs. Many of us wonder if kegerators are worth the investment so we are going to go through some key points to decide together.

First, kegerators may cost more in the beginning but, over time, they can actually save you money. If you like to drink different types of beers or like to drink regularly, then a kegerator could be a great choice.

Instead of heading out to a bar, it can help you save money and, over time, your bank balance will be very thankful.

Kegerators also help you save space in your refrigerator. As we all know, beer tastes best when it is cold. However, storing beer in your fridge can take up a lot of space and leaves limited space for food items.

A kegerator means you can make beer and drink as and when is needed. Therefore, you won’t have to store any alcohol in your refrigerator or under any ice. It can also save you the cost of purchasing a secondary beer fridge.

The fact that kegerators are environmentally friendly is another benefit of using one. Beer cans and bottles are not eco-friendly as they are regularly found in our oceans and tend to increase the amount of trash.

Also, many resources are used to make bottles and cans. In the case of a kegerator, you can use it continuously and drink from reusable mugs or glasses.

They also help the taste of the beer. Making beer at home can be unique to your flavor palate.

You have the option of making many diverse flavors of beer at a low price. Also, kegerators keep your beer stored at the ideal temperature by using CO2 so the flavors are always protected.

Maybe not as important but kegerators provide a certain style to your home too. With different patterns, colors, and designs available, kegerators can be used as great conversation starters at parties. Most modern kegerators have a classy, elegant design that can fit into any home.

Simply put, the investment in a kegerator is definitely worth the price and it could save you a significant amount of money over time.

Are Kegerators worth it?

Do kegerators save money?

As we have mentioned, kegerators can, indeed, help you save money. While the best kegerators can be somewhat expensive, you should be able to save a lot of cash for a rainy day over some time.

When you invest in a kegerator for your home, you’re not only able to store large amounts of beer for long periods but you can potentially save around 40% to 60% in overall costs. This is compared to buying the same amount of beer in bottled or canned form.

The average cost for a standard half-barrel keg of domestic beer, such as Budweiser, is approximately $100. A standard keg usually contains 15.5 gallons while a case of Budweiser contains 24 12-ounce cans. This, alone, costs around $23.50. To equal the volume by the ounce as a standard keg, you would have to purchase seven cases of Budweiser costing over $160. This results in a savings of around $60.

Therefore, once you have bought your tenth keg of beer, the cost of your kegerator in savings would be entirely offset. You would break even with the added bonus of having top-quality, delicious draft beer ready at home to celebrate.

These savings can be even greater with other brands of beers and depending on the size of the keg. You may be able to break even with as few as 8 kegerators.

For instance, if you were to look at the average cost of half a barrel of Corona. This is around $125. The average cost of a case of this beer is around $26.50.

You would need about 6.88 cases to equal the volume of a keg resulting in a savings of approximately $57. The number of kegs required to break even would only be 8.7.

As well as saving money, you can also conserve energy and time. Kegs can be used with reusable and refillable cups and the keg itself is recyclable.

A half-barrel-sized keg can store about the equivalent of 165 cans for 6 to 8 weeks when refrigerated. This saves on a lot of waste from the cans that would have been used in this time.

A reusable keg can also save you time and money on frequent beer runs. Instead of driving to the store or heading to the bar, you have all you need waiting for you at home. No more fuel money or Uber bills.

With no packaging, kegs have up to a 68% lower impact on the environment than bottled beer. You get to save money and help save the world. You deserve a beer!