She Shed

What is a She Shed?

If a man can have a man cave then a woman can have a she shed! The she shed is similar to a man cave but for a woman.

Before the she shed it was the men that thought they deserved some peace and quiet after coming home from a hard day’s work. But now women have entered the workforce and are excelling so they need a place of their own as well. That is where the she shed has come in!

Everyone equates a she shed to a shed that sits in the back of the yard. That doesn’t sound that great especially if it is cold out. A she shed was just used because those two words went well together and I think it was a State Farm commercial that elevated that term to the next level. 

A she shed is really a room in the house that is made up just for a women or a place to gather that is put together to her liking. So you could even call it a she cave!

It could be a shed in the back of the yard, a basement, or even a powder room. It can be used to chill out, be creative or entertain the possibilities are endless. 

History of a She Shed?


While there is no specific historical background to the term “she shed,” there is a long history of women creating private spaces with their homes. 

Women have often had limited opportunities to enjoy privacy, especially in their own homes. In many cultures in the past, women were expected to fulfill domestic roles and care for their families, leaving them with little time or space for themselves. However, some women have found creative ways to carve out personal spaces within their homes or gardens. With gardens being the most popular in the past. 

Example of a Bedchamber from back in the day!

One example of a historical “she shed” is the “boudoir” or “lady’s chamber” found in many European homes in the 18th and 19th centuries. These were private rooms that were often decorated with feminine touches like floral wallpaper, lace curtains, and comfortable seating. 

Women would use these spaces for reading, writing, and socializing with other women.

In the 20th century, as women’s roles in society began to shift, more women began to create private spaces for themselves outside of the home. 

For example, some women would set up a small garden shed or cabin as a space to pursue hobbies like painting, writing, or gardening. These spaces provided a much-needed break from the demands of work and family life.

The term “she shed” itself seems to have emerged in the early 2010s as a way to describe these private outdoor spaces that are specifically designed for women. Today, “she sheds” are popular among women who are looking for a private retreat where they can relax, read, meditate, or pursue creative hobbies. They can be found in a wide variety of styles, from rustic cabins to modern studios, and are often decorated with feminine touches like floral wallpaper, cozy seating, and soft lighting.

What Goes In A She Shed?

A she shed is a space that can be customized and decorated to suit the individual needs and interests of the individual. 

Here are some ideas of what could go in a she shed:

Hobby space: Depending on the interests of the owner, a she shed can be a perfect space for hobbies such as painting, crafting, sewing, or gardening. Have a place where you can make a mess and not have to worry about it. It doesn’t have to look amazing because you know you are going to be creative and sometimes being creative can get messy!

  • Reading nook: A she shed can be an ideal space to curl up with a good book or kindle and relax in a cozy reading nook.

Reading she shed

  • Exercise space: A she shed can also be transformed into a workout space, complete with exercise equipment, yoga mats, and weights. Put posters up for motivation, and blast your youtube or app training videos to make sure you complete all those reps. Hang a whiteboard up to keep track of your workouts and the days you made it in. 

Work out she shed

  • Work from home space: A she shed can be converted into a home office, providing a quiet and peaceful space to work from home. Create a space that lets you thrive at work or in your side gig. If you need a space on the weekends to write a blog or shoot a video then your she shed is the perfect place to knock out that task in no time. Just remember to put a lock on that door and a do not disturb sign on!

Office She Shed

  • Entertainment space: A she shed can be a fun spot to hang out with friends and family, complete with a TV, sound system, and comfortable seating. Watch the movies you want to watch, the podcasts you want to listen to, and talk to your friends as loud as you want about whatever you want!
  • Relaxation space: A she shed can also be transformed into a peaceful and calming sanctuary with comfortable seating, soft lighting, and calming decor. This can be a place where you are so lazy and there is no one to judge you. Take a nap, eat bad food, and feel absolutely no guilt!
  • Storage space: If storage is at a premium in the main house, a she shed can provide a great solution for storing garden tools, sports equipment, or other items.
  • Beauty Space: Chill out after a shower in your own beauty relaxation spa. Have all your makeup out with no one to complain about how much room it is taking up. Put up your jewelry so it is available to try on and off. We suggest installing a very comfortable-looking chair, an amazing mirror, and incredible lighting!
  • Plant Room: Have all the plants you want in one room without the dog or kids ripping them up! As per Piedmont health, there are many health benefits to indoor plants. These plants can assist in air quality, reduce stress, and for us just give you someone to confide in that won’t talk back!

Ultimately, the contents of a she shed will depend on the owner’s personal style and interests. 

But I think it’s clear that it is a space that is away from the hustle and bustle of the day to day the household can bring.