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Video Game Storage Ideas and Organizing Strategies

Are you a gamer? Has your collection maybe gotten just a little bit out of hand? We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve been collecting games for years or just recently acquired a vast array of games that are taking up real estate in your home, there are ways of reclaiming some much-needed space.

While video games are not in use, they must be stored and stowed away properly. In a family, it is easy for video games to get wrecked by someone stepping on them or scratched in one way, shape or form.

Furthermore, it can be even more challenging to get everyone to put their video games back into their cases when done playing. However, by incorporating a few simple techniques, you can turn video game clutter into a masterpiece.


Invest in a Media Rack

Media racks allow your games to be both organized and visually displayed for quick reference when gaming. It has a small footprint, so it doesn’t take up much space in a room. Many media racks can hold both smaller CD-type cases and larger DVD-sized boxes. They are also great to use for purposes other than video game storage.

The Atlantic Mitsu 5-Tier Rack fits 90 DVDs or 130 CDs or a multitude of Blu Ray Discs, video games, and VHS tapes. It can take huge amounts of clutter and place them conveniently in one location.

atlantic mitsu 5 tier media rack

The display is very customizable. It has dividers included allowing you to show off your most important games. If you have multiple systems, you can separate each according to the shelf for easy access. Video game boxes come in many shapes, allowing you to store them all in one location.

This media rack fits in small places. So, if your man cave is tiny, you will have even more room after everything is organized.

Need more space? This media shelf can expand with additional units (sold separately). There is also a two-tier version of this.

Combine the Collection in a Zippered Holder

The most efficient way to save space is to remove all the cases. You can put them into a CD/DVD binder such as the AmazonBasics Binder. By getting rid of all the disks and consolidating everything into one case, you eliminate the clutter.

amazon basics ybb12400r2 cd/dvd binder isolated on white background

This CD/DVD binder can hold up to 129-400 CDs and DVDs. The 400 binder is designed with PU material and high-quality nylon for durability. It has a very durable exterior and zips closed for easy storage.

Each page contains four disk slots which allow for plenty of room to store all your favorite games.

It also can be neatly tucked away when not in use, and, if you are visiting someone else, you can easily take it with you.

Make it Stackable!

Never underestimate the power of storage containers. They are like the duct tape of any room- you can use them for any purpose, they are handy, and they work to solve a multitude of problems.

The mDesign Plastic Stackable Household Organizer fits DVDs, Nintendo, PS4, Xbox games, remotes, headsets, controllers, and more. They are ideal for organizing gaming and entertainment items. Best of all, the box is clear, so you can easily see when it is in them.

mdesign plastic stackable household storage organizer container bin with handles

The built-in handles are easy to carry, which makes them effortless to transport. They can be placed in a closet when not in use and easily returned when needed.

They also stack easily.

They use chlorine-free shatter-resistant plastic and wipe clean easily with mild soap and water. They are, however, not to be placed in the dishwasher. Hand wash only, please.

Conventional Creative Methods

Other ways of managing a large collection of video games are more conventional. You can customize many bookshelves to fit a video game collection. They can be DIY projects as well if you are handy.

You can adjust shelves up or down so you can proudly display your collection in the room. This way, everyone can enjoy it.

Ottomans offer another great storage option. However, you must store video games neatly in them. Otherwise, you may run the risk of scratches or the games getting destroyed as they potentially move about.

If there is a great deal of room in an ottoman, you can purchase dividers and separate each section. You can easily categorize each section this way. It additionally doubles as extra seating.

The only downfall is that when you need to access them, you may not want to move a fellow gamer off the ottoman to retrieve your games!

Wall shelves offer another way to create space. Walls are not often in use anymore, and shelves offer an easy way to create more space in a room. The only downside is bringing a video game to the store to ensure that it fits properly on the shelf.

Another fun idea is to repurpose an old vintage suitcase. Old leather suitcases make the ideal storage space and can be a great conversation piece.

There is a vast array of options available when trying to tidy up and organize a man cave. Some of the shelving options offer a variety of ways to organize your collection. Many of them expand so that when your games grow, so will your storage space. They end up integrating nicely and offer a small footprint.

They are also easily customizable and have a very flattering design. They are perfect for any man cave available.

Many storage cases are perfect because they are clear. They easily allow you to peer into the box to see what is inside. They can be stored in the room for easy access or placed in a closet for storage. Best of all, they are completely stackable. This, once again, creates a small footprint for smaller rooms.

Video game binders allow users to eliminate the need for boxes which saves even more storage space. Up to 400 games can be placed in the holder and are held in place by translucent plastic sheets.

The benefit is that it is easily portable, so you can take them anywhere for a fun game night.


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