Small Humidor

Small Humidors [Review]

Cigar aficionados come in all different sizes. Not in their waist but in the number of cigars they collect! For beginners and people with not a lot of space, the smallest humidor may be the best option for them. 

In this article, we will cover the best small humidor amazon and Etsy has to offer. If one seller has the same product we provide you that link so that you can potentially score a cheaper price. 

For our readers that don’t quite have enough time we have provided our best small humidor at the top. 

It is the humidor by Case Elegance. It has all the bells and whistles that you want in a humidor. A hydro system, great sealed top, and unique storage plus more. Your cigars will be safe in this humidor. It is one of the more expensive options but not too much more than even the budget humidor!

Click the link below to find the prices on Amazon and Etsy!

If you have a little more time to spare continue to read on to find some other top small humidors!


Best Small Humidors!


Engraved glass top cigar humidor by MagicwoodShop

This small humidor by magic wood shop is great for anyone that wants to personalize their small humidor. If you are buying it for a give then it will blow away whoever you give it to.

This humidor is found on Etsy and has great reviews from one of the top sellers of humidors. Many reviewers mention the great customer service that comes with the order so buyers can feel safe if anything goes wrong. 

Here are the specifications:

  • Size: 9” wide x 8.5” deep x 2.25” high
  • Cigar Count: 20 (depends on ring size of cigars)
  • Spanish Cedar Lined: Yes
  • Glass Top: Yes
  • Personalization: Yes
  • Color: Cherry
  • Hygrometer: No for the small humidor but the large one has it

For personalizing you can add a name, title, date, and initials. There are many different designs that can be selected that can be monogrammed on the humidor so each humidor can be unique. 

If you are buying it for yourself you can simply get a design on top, your family name, or no name at all. They also have the option to buy a larger one. 

What we like:

  • Personalization – 24 designs
  • Great reviews
  • Great customer service


  • Small size does not come with hygrometer

Mantello Cigar Humidor

The Mantello cigar humidor can hold 25 – 50 cigars depending on the ring size of the cigars. This humidor at amazon can be found in different colors but the cheapest one has a rosewood finish. 

This humidor is our budget model but still comes with a spanish cedar liner and tempered glass to avoid any breaks in clumsy hands. They mention that it comes with a felt-lined bottom but some reviewers mentioned that their selection didn’t come with the felt lining. 

If you want the hygrometer you need to ensure you select the one that comes with it. The cheapest model does not come with one. 

  • Dimensions External: 10.25” wide x 8.75” deep x 4.5” high
  • Dimensions Internal: 9.6” wide x 8.25” deep x 3.5” high
  • Cigar Count: 20 (depends on size of cigars)
  • Spanish Cedar Lined: Yes
  • Glass Top: Yes
  • Personalization: No
  • Color: Rosewood but there are other options available
  • Hygrometer: You have the option to select


What we like:

  • Budget price
  • Great reviews and 158 answered questions by customers


  • Cheapest model does not come with a hygrometer


Humidor with Glass Top by CaseElegance

A best seller on Etsy for a reason. For small humidors, this one has a lot of bells and whistles. Here is a quick list of everything Case Elegance has put into this humidor:

  • Digital hygrometer
  • Hydro system
  • Accessory drawer for your lighter, cutter, and more
  • Humidifying gel
  • Magnetic enclosure

More specifications:

  • Dimensions External: 9” wide x 8.5” deep x 5.39” high
  • Dimensions Internal: 8.25” wide x 7.75” deep x 3.5” high
  • Cigar Count: 25-50 one review said if you keep the hydro system in there it could get down to 15-20 depending on ring size
  • Spanish Cedar Lined: Yes
  • Glass Top: Yes
  • Personalization: Yes
  • Color: Black and Brown are available
  • Hygrometer: Digital

This humidor can also be found at amazon and we have provided that button as well. Sometimes you can find it a bit cheaper on amazon!

From both stores, you can get them monogrammed on the glass to make it a little more personal. 

What we like:

  • Storage for lighter and cutter
  • Great reviews about maintaining humidity
  • Hydro system


  • Price is higher than the others


Engraved Wooden Humidor by Giftscharm

This is another humidor that you can personalize the glass.  It holds 25-50 cigars and it’s made of macintosh oak with a walnut finish and looks stunning. 

The humidor is sealed with sureseal to insure a properly maintained environment for your cigars. It also comes with a divider so you can separate your cigars if you have different sizes. 

Here are the specs:

  • Dimensions External: 10.3” wide x 8.75” deep x 4.3” high
  • Dimensions Internal: NA
  • Cigar Count: 25-50 
  • Spanish Cedar Lined: No
  • Glass Top: Yes
  • Personalization: Yes
  • Color: Walnut
  • Hygrometer: yes – analog

This humidor can be personalized with a last name up to 15 characters and 6 different styles. Although depending on the style you pick can limit how many characters you can have. 

It is also great because a round humidifier comes with it so you can store your cigars safely and quickly!

What we love:

  • Sureseal technology
  • Comes with round humidifier


  • Did not provide internal measurements
  • Did not come with Spanish cedar*
  • If you are not sure why it’s best to have a Spanish cedar humidor check out our article on how humidors work. 


Scotte Cigar Humidor Case

This humidor doesn’t necessarily fit into the same format as the humidors above but I thought it was such a great idea I put it on the list. 

Now this one is more of a portable humidor but it could also be used for storage if you live in a small space and don’t need to hold too many cigars. 

This humidor can fit about 12 to 16 cigars and it even comes with a hygrometer and a cigar sized humidity stick. 

Again while not the same as above it will still work as a humidor and you can even travel easily with it. 

Here are the specs:

  • Dimensions External: 9” long x 4.7” diameter
  • Dimensions Internal: NA
  • Cigar Count: 12 to 16
  • Spanish Cedar Lined: Cedar lined
  • Glass Top: No
  • Personalization: No
  • Color: Black Leather
  • Hygrometer: yes – analog

Now because of how low the price is on this item, I like to tell my readers to not expect too much. It is priced accordingly so don’t expect an amazing humidor. But if you are in a pinch and need a small humidor or one for traveling this is a great one that you don’t have to worry about damaging or losing. 

What we love:

  • Smallest humidor on this list
  • Easy travel
  • Super low price – click the link below to check price


  • Quality could be lacking but for this price its a no brainer if you need this type of humidor


Small Humidor Wrap Up

All of these small humidors will keep your cigars safe and plump with humidity. But our top pick is the humidor with glass top by Case Elegance for a long list of features. Hydration system, storage inside the unit for your lighter and cutter, cedar lined and it even comes with a digital hygrometer. 

Whatever one you choose enjoy that cigar!