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Small Gaming Bedroom Setup: 6 Game Room Ideas on a Budget

Gaming in a small room is not easy. There is a limited amount of space to set up a great deal of equipment. However, you can do it by using many storage options and furniture with a relatively small footprint.

Setting up the room in a small space isn’t terribly difficult, although you may have to be creative. Extra screens can be mounted to the walls to save on space. All you need for most rooms is a small desk, a gaming chair, and ample storage space.

Setup #1- Maximizing Space

This room doesn’t require a great deal of space, it can be any small bedroom. An l-shaped glass desk is along one wall. There is an area for a console to go in the middle. The console area is raised to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from entering the system. This area flows with the desk.

Two screens can comfortably fit on the desk as it’s extra-wide, and the keyboard tucks easily underneath. To save space, another larger screen is mounted just off to the side. A small storage cabinet is beside the desk, finishing off the space.

Setup #2- Extra Long Space

If the room has some depth but not a lot of width, you can easily incorporate this style. A double-wide desk goes against one wall. Drawers are on each side for storage. Three screens and directly in the middle with the outer screens rotated inward slightly. Keyboards and accessories are all in the middle.

The console has enough room on the floor, and on the wall above all the desk screens is a large screen television.

This layout works well for rooms with angled ceilings as well.

Setup #3- A Different Spin on the Above Design

By using the same double-wide desk, you can establish two areas for gaming. However, instead of a large screen, shelves are added for storage. They are easily accessible, visual, and add more storage space to an already cramped bedroom.

For an added effect, stagger the shelves and add neon lights along the bottom of them. A hexagonal wall pattern on an adjoining wall completes the look and adds a science fiction look to the room.

Setup #4- The Gaming Stand

For extremely small areas, a gaming stand can save you a great deal of space. All you have to do is mount it to the wall. It is an easy DIY project wherein you take apart recycled wood pallets. Take six boards and put them side by side. One should go along the bottom to hold up the unit.

Then, you can add shelves as needed in any pattern. Mount the screen to the wall and place the speakers underneath. This method will save a great deal of space!

Setup #5- Light it Up!

This look requires an l-shaped desk to hold the screens and console. You can use box frames to house collectibles. For an added effect, you can backlight each box. The boxes can go across the top of the wall close to the ceiling.

Add a board that runs down the center of the wall and take it into an l-shape design. Add a shelf on the shortest corner.

For an added effect, add RGB lighting across long lines, or on the ends of the boards. It will create a cool digital effect!

Setup #6- Angled Screens

For small spaces, all you need to do is angle three large screens together. Have one in the middle and flank the other two along each side. Place each of them as close together as possible, so it appears they are connected. Rotate them outward by thirty degrees or so.

You can mount screens on stands for added security and so they can be easily configured. Add a gaming chair to the center and a small area to hold any accessories or games.

Some Space Saving Items for Your Mancave Bedroom:

The Perfect Gamer Desk

The Mecor L Shaped Computer Desk offers a very sleek, clean, and contemporary design. It is clear glass, which looks awesome for gaming, with black accents to create a modern look.

mecor l shaped tempered glass computer desk with keyboard tray & cpu stand corner

This desk contains a wide desktop, so you have plenty of room for your monitors, gaming console, and accessories. It can easily go in a corner and has room to place a console or keyboard underneath.

The material is tempered glass, so it is shatterproof. The steel frame is durable and will last.

A Gamer Mini Fridge

This small fridge looks awesome in any man cave! After all, you need somewhere to store all your beverages when you are playing. It has a 1.6 cubic foot capacity and will hold about 60 12oz cans comfortably.

antarctic star mini fridge cooler drinks inside isolated on white background

It has an adjustable thermostat with 3-grade temperature control. You can set the temperature anywhere between 40°- 61°F using the dial located on the outside of the mini-fridge to keep all your favorite drinks nice and cool.

The door is double-paned and made of tempered glass. The seal is air-tight for maximum insulation. The doors make it easy to see what is in the fridge, what needs to be stocked, and how much space remains.

The glow from the LED light makes it an attractive feature for any gaming room. The fridge is very quiet, so it’s perfect for any bedroom. It will not keep you up at night, but it is powerful enough to keep all of your drinks perfectly cooled.

Additionally, the shelves are removable, so you can place larger items in this space.

Every Gaming Room Needs Tons of Storage

Games take up tons of space. To resolve this issue, gamers have one of two options. They can either get rid of the boxes, take the games out, and store them in a zippered disk holder (which is great in terms of portability!). The other option is to invest in a compact storage space.

The Prepac Quad Width Wall storage unit holds tons of games, DVDs, and Blu-ray disks. The storage unit is high quality and durable. It is heavy, so if there are small children around, you may want to use screws or zip ties so that it doesn’t fall.

prepac quad width wall storage cabinet isolated on white background

The shelves are completely adjustable, and it does offer mounted storage.

If this storage until is too large for your space, consider the Atlantic Wave Multimedia Wire Tower. It has a small footprint, cool design, and easily holds 110 CDs, DVDs, games, etc.

atlantic wave multimedia wire tower isolated on white background

Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is a must-have for any man cave – especially if playing for hours on end. This gaming chair from Velgar has comfort in mind.

veigar gaming chair with footrest racing recliner, blue and black color

While it may not have lights or Bluetooth speakers, it is affordable. The chair itself has a flat, wide seat which provides extra space for movement. It has soft padding and uses premium PU leather. This type of material is buttery soft and extremely comfortable.

The seat is fully height adjustable, so most people can customize it to their dimensions.

The chair has lumbar support that will eliminate the fatigue gamers spend from playing for several hours. The high back curve is designed to fit any human body and alleviates backpressure. It also has a massage pillow built in to ease any neck tension experienced from gaming.

It has a rotation of 360°, enhancing the gaming experience. The tilt is fully adjustable, and each option will support your back.

The smooth mute wheels are quiet and will not do damage to the floor.

All these suggestions can create the perfect gamer man cave bedroom. They can all go into small spaces and provide a cool effect. Most of the tips involve just one wall. By strategically placing screens and adding shelving, you can save floor space. You can also highlight precious collectibles.

Double wide desks and l-shaped desks offer more space for storage and can easily be integrated into a room. Small media storage towers that go vertically instead of horizontally can increase your space exponentially. They have a small footprint, and you have easy access to all your games.

Furthermore, game lockers are another great way to save space. These storage areas have a main area that holds game cases, and some have shelves along with the doors for added space. The benefit is that the doors can be folded inward and locked when not in use.

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