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Small Gaming Bedroom Setup: 5 Gamer Room Tips

Gaming in a small room is not easy. There is a limited amount of space to set up a great deal of equipment. However, you can do it by using many storage options and furniture with a relatively small footprint.

Setting up the room in a small space isn’t terribly difficult, although you may have to be creative. Extra screens can be mounted to the walls to save space. All you need for most rooms is a small desk, a gaming chair, and ample storage space. But it definitely helps to get some tips and learn some tricks so you save some money and do it right the first time.

If you can dream it you can do it so here are some helpful ideas to get you started on your way to a dream small gaming bedroom setup! We will cover 5 tips and provide some photos of gamers’ rooms and then provide the pros and cons of each room.

This should help you get started on your way to gamer room heaven!

Tip #1- Maximizing Space

Maximizing your space to include a gaming setup is the top priority. Check out these helpful tips to maximize your space so that you can game all day in your bedroom!

Here are some helpful tips for maximizing your space:

  1. One question to ask is how big is your bed? If you have a king-size bed for one person is that necessary?  It is an easy way to save a lot of space.
  2. Two screens can comfortably fit on the desk if it’s extra-wide, and the keyboard tucks easily underneath. To save space, another larger screen is mounted just off to the side. A small storage cabinet is beside the desk, finishing off the space.
  3. Storing things on shelves will help have a place for your things and keep things off the floor saving more space for your gaming setup.
  4. If you game with a laptop a stand is a perfect way to get more desk space.
  5. Store things under your bed. You can get bed risers or even get a bed that lifts up. We have one for that exact reason and we got it from Ikea.
  6. The gaming table is very important. If you can get one with shelves or multiple levels this can be great for your screens, keyboard, tower, and mouse pad. Drawers help too for storing things away.
  7. If you are more of a console player then having a shelf or tv stand would be great for all your consoles and controllers. That space will be dedicated to your gaming equipment. If you have to play from your bed because of how small your room is then perhaps get some cushions that help you lean against the wall so you are comfy. Or if you can fit a bean bag chair in between then that is probably best!

Maximizing Space Gaming Setup Review

Let’s review our first gaming setup 1:

Gaming Setup

What we love about this setup:

  1. This table is small so this could be useful in a very small gaming bedroom.
  2. It’s a wall gaming table so it’s braced by two 2x4s that connect to the wall. This saves space on the floor for the small cabinet to sit underneath and a printer on the left side.
  3. The monitor is mounted to the wall avoiding any stands that would take up precious space on the small gaming table.
  4. Floating shelves and a peg board to hold and store miscellaneous stuff or even put up art or gaming lights.
  5. The small cabinet on the right is spaced perfectly to hold the tower and save space on the table.

What we don’t like about this setup:

  1. It’s all white…..Sorry, this has nothing to do with space but c’mon!
  2. No dual monitors but because it is mounted on the wall there is space for another one.

Tip #2- Minimalist Gaming Bedroom

Being a minimalist in your bedroom is going to save you a lot of space. Now minimalist does not mean that your space cannot look cool. It’s will result in a clean-looking room with not a lot of clutter and more space for your gaming equipment.

Here are some tips to achieve that minimalist gaming bedroom:

  1. Look at everything in your room and determine if you actually need it. Check even your closet because you can store a lot of stuff in there.
    • Old clothes you haven’t worn in years….Trash!
    • DVDs you never watch because you don’t have a DVD player….Trash!
    • Books you have read…Trash!  You get the picture.
  2. If you have anything on the walls keep it to a minimum. Too much stuff on the walls can make your room feel smaller.
  3. Your gaming table or console cabinet is going to be a simple open concept design with maybe a couple of cabinets but not too many. Everything will be exposed but you will not have a lot to put on the shelves. Anything messy like extra cords, paper, pens, and controllers can be put into the cabinet when not in use.
  4. Don’t have too many decorations. Keep these to a minimum. This will help save floor space for your setup and other things you need in your room like a dresser and bed.

Minimalist Gaming Setup Review

Gaming Setup Minimalist

What we love about this setup:

  1. The bedroom is simple and clean.
  2. There is no clutter so if you happen to be lazy a couple of days in a row it will not look that messy.
  3. The table is small and only houses one monitor. This is great for a gamer on a budget.
  4. Because this is such a simple set up changing everything around will be simple. The table is easily moved by one person.

What we don’t like about this setup:

  1. The table is small so if you decide to get a couple more screens you will need to upgrade. Although you could hang the screens on the wall and just center the table a little more.
  2. The screen is on the table. Place it on the wall to get more table space.
  3. The chair is not the best for gaming so when the time is right, upgrade to a gamers chair.

Tip#3- Creative with Storage

Having a bedroom and game room could cause many to wonder where am I going to store things. Normally storing things doesn’t have the best appeal if out in the open. Go check out your garage, it doesn’t look that best. But with a gaming room, you don’t necessarily have to take the boring route.

Tips for Game Room With Storage:

  1. Incorporate your storage into your gaming desk or console cabinet/stand. Choose storage bins of bright colors or with unique patterns. Avoid the gray and dull bins. For a gaming desk sometimes you can store bins underneath the desk that doesn’t conflict with your seating arrangement.
  2. Choose a gaming desk that has a lot of cabinet and drawer space for all your loose odds and ends. Remember if you don’t use that stuff that much see the minimalist setup above and THROW IT AWAY!
  3. Redesign your closet space to utilize every space of it. That way you can store more things in it and have more room for your gaming setup.


Photo by Sunshine on a Ranney Day

Storage Gaming Setup Review


What we love about this setup:

  1. The red storage bins are awesome and match the bean bag chairs. They allow the room to pop and act as a decoration while also storing a bunch of junk.
  2. The screen is on the wall which avoids a stand and allows for even more space on the top shelf.
  3. Bean bag chairs save a lot of space and are easily moved around.
  4. The Tv is tilted down to allow for great gameplay from the bean bag chairs.

What we don’t like about this setup:

  1. The shelving system and lighting display will be very expensive to build. But take this idea and simply use a long TV stand or even two that does not have cabinet doors and place the bins there. This will allow you to hang the tv still and you can even put lighting behind the stands.  A shelf like the one below could work.


  2. That’s it for this one. I think they do a great job of exposing the storage they have but making it really cool!

Tip#4- The Gaming Desk

Choosing the right gaming or console stand can make or break it in your small bedroom. If you pick a gaming desk that is too big you are going to be squeezing in and out of your room and your room will look even smaller.

Typically with console stands you can’t go wrong because they aren’t as wide as gaming desks.

Tips for Gaming Desks:

  1. Do not choose one that is so wide it will limit the space in your bedroom. If you are stuck putting the desk with your back facing your bed this may be a tight squeeze so the smaller the better.
  2. Decide if you need a lot of storage or if a minimalist look will work for you. Storage is best but that can get pricey!
  3. Make sure your gaming chair or whatever chair you use will fit with the table. If your table is adjustable that is the best option. Otherwise, you may have a chair that doesn’t get close to the table because of the arms. Or if you don’t have an adjustable chair or table you may sit in an awkward position when trying to game.

Tips for console stands:

  1. You will need a wide open space on the shelf for your console or consoles. If you are an organized person you may want to make sure that the consoles can be centered on the stand.
  2. Ensure that cords can travel through the back of the stand so you don’t have to do any cutting.
  3. If you need storage ensure there is cabinet space with closing doors or enough shelving. Remember it’s always great to put your controllers somewhere when not in use so they don’t break.
  4. If you are going for a minimalist look hang your tv/screens and run your cords nice and neat through a cord cover. Or just place them on top of the stands.

Gaming Desk Review

What we love about this desk:

  1. This is a narrow room so they took advantage of the end of it and placed an L desk. That gives them plenty of desk space and three monitors!
  2. I love the soundproofing on the wall. This would be great for a podcaster or even a gamer. We all know that gamers like to yell a lot and sometimes it’s best not to hear what they are yelling.
  3. This desk is supported by brackets that are connected to the wall so there is plenty of leg room and if you wanted you could store items below.

What we don’t love about this setup:

  1. Placing the monitors on the walls would provide a cleaner look.
  2. No storage space or shelves

Tip #5- Light it Up!

Lighting up your gaming desk or console shelf and TV/monitors is almost a must these days.

Add RGB lighting across long lines, or on the ends of the boards. It will create a cool digital effect!

There are a lot of choices to choose from when doing this and the creativity is endless. You can get lights that are even programmed or that you can control with your phone.

Some tips:

  1. Hide led strip lights behind things like desks, monitors, frames, and beds. This will give you the glow look that a lot of people use in their rooms. You don’t necessarily have to see the lighting for it to stand out.
  2. Typically we use dark lighting to set a darker mood. We do not use them to be able to read!
  3. Blues and reds are commonly used but with RGB lights you can change them whenever you feel like it.
  4. Choose various LED shape lights that you can place on your wall with double-sided tape. These things are really popular and for most products, you can change their shapes.

Gaming Setup with lights


Some Space Saving Items for Your Gaming Bedroom:

The Perfect Gamer Desk

The Mecor L Shaped Computer Desk offers a very sleek, clean, and contemporary design. It is clear glass, which looks awesome for gaming, with black accents to create a modern look.

mecor l shaped tempered glass computer desk with keyboard tray & cpu stand corner

This desk contains a wide desktop, so you have plenty of room for your monitors, gaming console, and accessories. It can easily go in a corner and has room to place a console or keyboard underneath.

The material is tempered glass, so it is shatterproof. The steel frame is durable and will last.

A Gamer Mini Fridge

This small fridge looks awesome in any man cave! After all, you need somewhere to store all your beverages when you are playing. It has a 1.6 cubic foot capacity and will hold about 60 12oz cans comfortably.

antarctic star mini fridge cooler drinks inside isolated on white background

It has an adjustable thermostat with 3-grade temperature control. You can set the temperature anywhere between 40°- 61°F using the dial located on the outside of the mini-fridge to keep all your favorite drinks nice and cool.

The door is double-paned and made of tempered glass. The seal is air-tight for maximum insulation. The doors make it easy to see what is in the fridge, what needs to be stocked, and how much space remains.

The glow from the LED light makes it an attractive feature for any gaming room. The fridge is very quiet, so it’s perfect for any bedroom. It will not keep you up at night, but it is powerful enough to keep all of your drinks perfectly cooled.

Additionally, the shelves are removable, so you can place larger items in this space.

Every Gaming Room Needs Tons of Storage

Games take up tons of space. To resolve this issue, gamers have one of two options. They can either get rid of the boxes, take the games out, and store them in a zippered disk holder (which is great in terms of portability!). The other option is to invest in a compact storage space.

The Prepac Quad Width Wall storage unit holds tons of games, DVDs, and Blu-ray disks. The storage unit is high quality and durable. It is heavy, so if there are small children around, you may want to use screws or zip ties so that it doesn’t fall.

prepac quad width wall storage cabinet isolated on white background

The shelves are completely adjustable, and it does offer mounted storage.

If this storage until is too large for your space, consider the Atlantic Wave Multimedia Wire Tower. It has a small footprint, cool design, and easily holds 110 CDs, DVDs, games, etc.

atlantic wave multimedia wire tower isolated on white background

Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is a must-have for any man cave – especially if playing for hours on end. This gaming chair from GTplayer has comfort in mind.


While it may not have lights or Bluetooth speakers, it is affordable. The chair itself has a flat, wide seat which provides extra space for movement. It has soft padding and uses premium PU leather. This type of material is buttery soft and extremely comfortable.

The seat is fully height adjustable, so most people can customize it to their dimensions.

The chair has lumbar support that will eliminate the fatigue gamers spend from playing for several hours. The high back curve is designed to fit any human body and alleviates back pressure. It also has a massage pillow built in to ease any neck tension experienced from gaming.

It has a rotation of 360°, enhancing the gaming experience. The tilt is fully adjustable, and each option will support your back.

The smooth mute wheels are quiet and will not do damage to the floor.

Small Gaming Bedroom – Wrap up!

All these suggestions can create the perfect gamer bedroom. They can all go into small spaces and provide a cool effect.

Not all of these ideas can be implemented but we here at man cave expert hope that you can take small tips away from this article and implement them to make the best gaming room. There is nothing like gaming in the comfort of your own design!