14 Beautiful Pool Room Decoration Ideas Where You Can Play in Style

A pool room is a haven of recreation, usually featuring more than one activity. While the pool table is the center of focus, the décor in this game room should go hand in hand, complementing the main attraction.

The decorations you choose and the set-up you decide to go with depend entirely on your style and preferences. Your pool room is your private lounge, and anything goes! There are hundreds of ways to modify your billiard room to create your signature look.

Keep reading to discover 14 beautiful pool room decoration ideas where you can play in style!

What To Consider

You can deck out your billiard room with different accessories. This entertainment room is usually the place you can escape to spend some time apart from the household and entertain guests with a drink and a game.

So what are some things to consider when designing a billiard room to create your signature look?

  • Flooring: Plush carpeting, rich rug, or glossy wooden hardwood?
  • Lighting: LED lighting or pot lights?
  • Wall color: Complement your pool table or the same color?
  • Bar: Minibar, bar cart, or mini-fridge?
  • Art: Paintings or wall signs?

The interior design of your pool room is a direct representation of your unique style. Whatever decorations you decide to go with should speak volumes about the type of person you are.

Room Decoration Ideas

Here is a list of 14 beautiful pool room decorations where you can take pride in your surroundings while playing a good game of pool!

1. Dark Oak Library themed pool room

dark oak library themed pool room design idea

For a cultured man:

A library-themed pool room is uber-sophisticated and very telling on how intelligent you are. Even if you aren’t a reader, your guests will love the academic touch, leaving a cultured and renowned experience every time they enter your pool room. This grand escape is the royal way of playing in style!

2. Modern Touch with Earthy Tones pool room

modern pool room, modern touch with earthy tones

For a suave man:

This modern pool room created with earthy tones will show off your suave style. Carefully chosen unique pieces and simple pieces that are opulent at the same time will be the perfect getaway and a haven for your guests! You are guaranteed to be playing in style surrounded by such impressive, earthy décor!

3. Sleek and Modern pool room

sleek and modern pool room design idea

For a refined man:

A sleek and luxurious pool room with modern black and white pieces express just how worldly you are. The key to fulfilling this look is to choose contemporary pieces of décor that you wouldn’t normally find in other homes. Your guests will have a sophisticated experience, playing in style, every time you invite them into your abode.

A must-have piece you can splurge on for this modern and sleek pool room is: A Modern Wave LED Light to hang on top of your pool table. Its contemporary look will dazzle everyone.

create for life modern wave led isolated on white background

4. Pearly White Abyss pool room

pearly white abyss pool room design idea

For an elegant man:

If being posh and classy is important to you, this Pearly White Abyss pool room is simply perfect for you! Selecting snazzy pieces of décor to highlight your posh style will tie the whole look together. And make sure it’s the same shade of pearly white!

5. Mancave Games and Bar pool room

mancave games and bar pool room design idea

For a man’s man:

If you’re the type that loves entertaining your buddies and wants to make sure everyone is having a good time, this Mancave Games and Bar pool room is the one for you! Setting up a flashy bar, decked out with LED pot lights and trendy furniture and not to mention a collection of different games is how you create this look!

6. Classic Cottage Style pool room

classic cottage style pool room design idea

For a nature lover:

This earthy Cottage Style is the perfect sanctuary for someone who wants a comfortable escape. You don’t have to be located in the middle of the woods to have a pool room that looks like a chalet. Your guests will love the homely comfort your room provides.

7. Gentlemen’s Earthy Style pool room

gentlemens earthy style pool room design idea

For a majestic man:

If you take pride in your luxurious sense of style, this Gentlemen’s Earthy pool room is perfect for you. Enhanced with deep, wooden, and earthy pieces, this room boasts of your extravagant lifestyle. Whether it’s for a nightly getaway or to entertain some important guests, no one will forget this pool room, and it’s a place you can play in style!

8. Luxurious Red and Black Style pool room

luxurious red and black style pool room design idea

For a trendy man:

If you’re someone that likes to stay up to date with the latest trends and add your flair to them, this is the room for you! This pool room is defined by attention to detail, creating a simplistic yet highly modish look. Choosing red and black décor not only complements each other, but it also highlights your artistic style.

9. Valiant Victorian themed pool room

valiant victorian themed pool room design idea

For a vintage man:

If you hold vintage and antique styles to great importance, this Victorian-themed pool room is the right choice for you. Detailed with Victorian artwork and wallpaper and paired with a classic billiard table, this room will give you and your guests a blast from the past and allow you to play with incredible style.

10. Minimal Brown themed pool room

minimal brown themed pool room design idea

For an uncomplicated man:

This Minimal Brown-themed pool room is a smart inspiration for someone who is unfussy and wants a relaxing spot to unwind in. Paired with complementary colors such as beige and finished off with opulent pieces around the room, this pool room will be the most alluring space you or your guests will ever step into!

11. Cult Classic themed pool room

cult classic themed pool room design idea

For the film buff:

This Cult Classic-themed pool room is the perfect getaway for film buffs and classics lovers alike. The pièce de résistance is a wall poster or canvas of your favorite cult classic film. Be minimal with the wall art, but show off your love for films in a grand way. Adding a wine rack into the wall will finish off the look, leaving your guests dying to return to your home!

A necessary product to add to this Cult Classic themed pool room is: A panoramic canvas art piece to hang on your wall. It can be any film you hold close to your heart.

canvas35 the duo batman dark knight panoramic canvas art print

12. Modern Getaway themed pool room

modern getaway themed pool room design idea

For the aesthetic man:

If you’re someone who likes modern features, designs, and keepsakes, this Modern Getaway-themed pool room is right up your alley! You can potentially add any modern element and pass it off as an aesthetic look in this pool room! A fluffy zebra rug? Yep! Your guests will be dazzled by your crafty touches while playing pool with you!

13. Contemporary Sports themed pool room

contemporary sports themed pool room design idea

For the sports buff:

If you are huge on sports and want to recreate a bar atmosphere, this Contemporary Sports themed pool room is the right inspiration for you! Surrounded by your favorite alcoholic beverages, wide-screen TVs displaying big matches, and a relaxing atmosphere is all you need to play a game of pool in style! Your guests will be calling you to reserve a spot in your pool room rather than going out for drinks! 18. Modern LED-lit man cave themed pool room

14. Modern LED-lit man cave themed pool room

modern led lit man cave themed pool room design idea

For an innovative man:

This Modern LED-lit man cave-themed pool room is for someone who likes to splurge in just the right things to create a comfy yet original space. Having LED lights and pairing them with fresh, creative pieces to make it a calm haven is what this room is all about. Show off your originality by adding your personal touch to play in style!

Final Thoughts

There are a plethora of ways to design and decorate your pool room. Anyone can put a pool table in a bare room and call it a day. But the thought that goes into selecting your décor will be the deciding factor on whether you’ll play pool in style or not.

Finding pool room decorating ideas doesn’t have to be such a difficult task. In this article, we gave you 14 beautiful pool room decorations where you can play in style! Choose a theme that speaks most to you and vamp it up with your personal touch. These design tips can help take out the stress of decorating a room from scratch and give you more sense of direction.

Happy decorating, and get this pool room to encompass your signature style!