New England Patriots Man Cave

New England Patriots Man Cave: 11 Must-Have Products

The amount of New England Patriots memorabilia seems to be endless. Thanks to Tom Brady and the team being a dynasty over the last two decades, products showing your love for the New England Patriots are not in short supply. Even though the future is unknown for the team, there are some great ways to honor this historic team in your New England Patriots man cave.

1. Patriot Coasters

Look good while protecting your table surfaces with these Patriot logo laser engraved coasters. This is a super easy and cheap way to support your patriots!

Here is the breakdown:

  • You get 4 – 4 inch x 4 inch coasters
  • Made of stainless steel and has a corked backing to protect your surfaces
  • Logo is machine laser cut
  • Made by YouTheFan, Officially licensed gear

2. Patriots Fan Cave Sign

This wooden Patriots man cave sign measures 12” x 6” and is the perfect edition for any Patriots room. Featuring funny rules, everyone will know the rules of your man cave including rooting for the Pats with this unique sign.

You can place this anywhere in your fan cave or man cave to make sure everyone understands the rules!  If you need more rules check out our article on 100 man cave rules for your man cave sign.  

3. Patriots Bar Sign

If you are a little tired of hanging pictures on your wall get this pub sign that gives a little depth. This is great for your man cave bar or even just your football room.

Here are the specs for the sign:

  • The dimensions of sign and supports is 12 inches. This makes it easy to place anywhere.
  • The image is on both sides of the sign
  • The sign can be hung without the support piece provided.
  • The sign is made of plastic

Because of the great price we would not recommend that you hang this sign outside. This is indoors only as recommended by Man Cave Expert.

4. 6-Time Super Bowl Champ Flag

WinCraft New England Patriots 6 Time Super Bowl Champions Flag

The New England Patriots have been Super Bowl Champions a total of six times during their franchise. Celebrate their championship wins by hanging this 3” x 5” flag listing the dates of all the team’s Super Bowl wins. If you haven’t been paying attention the Patriots have won an incredible 6 times since 2002! No other team can beat that. So it’s best you represent those historic wins correctly!

5. Short Stories From the Patriots

Check out this easy read with a collection of the greatest Patriot stories ever told! Now we don’t want to bore you with a book but, we recommend placing this book on your coffee table or somewhere easy to read because you and others can easily pick it up and read some legendary stories about the Pats.

Read it during a commercial break or even at half time but having this book shows you are a true fan!

6. New England Patriots Signed Sports Illustrated Cover

This SI cover has the goat Tom Brady on the cover. Place this behind glass or even have it out so your friends can relive the moment of super bowl LI.

If you really want to take care of it the less hands on it the better so you can get a sleeve to protect it or even frame it and hang it up. You could cut out some of the inside article and frame that along with the cover so that it is still readable on the wall!

7. Patriots LED Helmet String Lights

Light up your man/fan cave with these LED helmet string lights. These are like Christmas lights but the best thing about these is that you can keep them up all year long!

Here is the run down about these lights:

  • Officially licensed
  • The total length is 10.5 feet long
  • It can be plugged into a USB port or just a regular outlet ( adapter included)

The only negative we have on these lights is that they are indoor use only! So if you use them outside make sure it’s a nice day and then bring them back in as quick as you can!

8. Patriots Wooden Barrel Clock

This officially licensed clock will tell everyone what time it is in a vary Patriot way!  Place this clock anywhere in your fan/man cave along with all of your other patriot gear.

Here is the breakdown of this wall clock:

  • The clock measures 11.9 inches in diameter x 1.5 inches thick
  • It is powered by AA batteries
  • The logos and graphics are hand painted on 100% wood

9. Gillette Stadium Banner

Winning Streak NFL New England Patriots Gillette Stadium Banner

The iconic stadium was built in 1998 and is home to the New England Patriots. This banner honors Gillette Stadium and measures 15” x 24”, coming with a ready to hang nylon cord.

Represent the stadium that is responsible for 6 championships within its time.

10. Patriots Hoodie

 This full-zip fleece hoodie is perfect for game days in our man cave!

Now, this isn’t necessarily like the other products on this list. But a lot of people forget they need to look as good as their man cave. You can even rip off the sleeves so you look like Belichick!


11. Patriots Tee

Let’s stay on the topic of clothing. This tee is great to sport when its warmer outside and a hoodie is not needed.

It’s simple and represents your patriots in the best way. We love the dark tee color and the bright logos so that it stands out.

New England Patriots Man Cave Wrap up!

No matter what piece you choose for your man cave or for yourself just know that you are supporting the team the best you can. Everything on this list proves you are a true fan and down for the Pats!  Many of our readers take their time to collect each piece so don’t feel rushed in getting everything all at once!  There is no right way to support the New England Patriots but this list is an amazing start.

Go Pats! Go Pats! Go Pats! Go Pats! Go!

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