mancave wall decorations

10 Tips and Ideas for Successful Man Cave Wall Decorations

Décor can make or break a room, and man caves are no exception. In order to have a successful man cave, you will want to make sure your décor is right, especially your wall décor. We’ve provided 10 ideas for man cave wall decorations to help ensure that your wall décor reflects everything you want your man cave to represent.

Vinyl Records

If you’re a music fan, your man cave is the perfect place to show it. Hanging your vinyl records on your wall is not only a great way to safely store your vinyl collection, but it also allows you to show it off.

If you are a musician yourself, you can double your man cave as a music room. If you do this, hanging your instruments, such as guitars, on your wall is both functional and an interesting look.

Road Signs

If you’re a nomad at heart, you can make your man cave feel like you’re on a road trip. Many people and businesses commonly use road signs as décor on their walls. Vintage road signs especially can serve as fun man cave decorations. You don’t have to design your entire man cave around these road signs – a simple “Route 66” vintage sign will be sure to stand out!

Movie Posters

Many men use their man caves as a space to watch TV – whether it be sports, a marathon of their favorite show, or movies. If you watch movies so much that your man cave basically doubles as a theatre, why not also make it look like one?

Adding posters of your favorite movies is a great way to personalize the walls of your man cave. You can add just one or two of your favorite posters to round out the room, or you can create the full theatre aesthetic and line your walls with an assortment of posters.

Sports Décor

man cave living room with television mounted above a lit fireplace

If you have a man cave, chances are you are also an avid sports fan. If you are into sports, why not display your favorite equipment on the wall? Hanging jerseys and small sports equipment on the wall of your man cave not only make for great decoration, but it is also an ideal place for storage.

If you have sports memorabilia, using your collectables as wall décor gives you a chance to show them off. Whether you frame a pair of tickets from your first football game, display a signed baseball, or show off your favorite hockey stick, sports items make great man cave wall decorations.

Minimalist Wall Décor

You don’t necessarily need to fill your man cave with furniture and décor. Sometimes, keeping décor to a minimum is the best way to express yourself. The less décor that you have in your man cave, the less distractions it may cause, therefore turning your space into more into a place of relaxation.

That being said, adding a couple of subtle or accent pieces to your wall can still add a hint of your personality to your man cave. Whether it’s monochrome artwork, big lettering, or even a mirror, keeping your wall décor simple will emphasize the peace that your man cave may bring you.

Liquor Bottles

If your man cave doubles as a bar, then a creative way to decorate your walls is to have your liquor bottles on them. The bottles do not have to be sitting on a standard shelf – there are a number of different options to creatively display your bottle on your wall. For example, you can purchase a pack of individual wine racks to put on your wall in any way that you want.

This set of wine racks from Hipiwe lets you hang your wine upside down on your wall for a more eye-catching display.

hipiwe pack of 6 wall mounted wine racks isolated on white background

Dart Board

Dart boards are not only a fun activity to do, but they can also be decorative.

This Barrington 40 Dartboard Cabinet has a classic look that elevates the look of any dart board. With LED lights to help illuminate the target, this dart board looks especially good if you have a bar in your man cave. Recreate the theme of a pub by enjoying a beer and (safely) throwing some darts with your buddies.

barrington 40 dartboard cabinet with led light

Your Favorite Art Pieces

Are you an art aficionado? While many people keep their art in their living room, it makes sense to keep pieces that you enjoy looking at on the walls of your man cave.

This is an especially great option if the rest of your man cave décor is reflective of the type of art you want to display. Whether it be abstract, minimalist, or even a little wild, adding your favorite pieces of art may complete your artistic vision for your man cave.

Nautical Theme

Nautical-themed rooms are a classic, and man caves may benefit from such a theme. You don’t have to paint the walls of your man cave blue to have this theme come to life. Hanging a few items on the wall, such as paintings of ships, or even painting a compass on your wall, will give your man cave that nautical feel. If you’re feeling bold, you can even find an anchor to hang on your wall!


As your man cave is a designated area of the house for you, you may retreat to your man cave for some alone time, especially if you have a large family. However, that does not mean you can’t have pieces of your family in your man cave.

Photographs of loved ones makes for some of the best décor in any room of the house, including your man cave. Hanging a photo of your family or friends is a great way to complete your man cave and make it a happy space to be grateful for what you have.


What you choose as man cave wall decorations will decide the look and feel of your dedicated space. You will want to make sure that what you choose as wall decorations is not overwhelming, but that it accurately reflects who you are, and what your man cave means to you.

Choosing man cave wall decorations is exciting, and you can always evolve the wall décor of your man cave!