How to Hang a Flag on the Wall

How to Hang a Flag on the Wall

Do you have a flag from your favorite team, hobby, or country that you want to hang on your wall? Whether you want to showcase your American pride, your heritage, or just your favorite sports team, flags are an inexpensive way to display whatever you are passionate about.

It’s easy to hang a flag in your man cave, and it adds character and interest to your personal space. However, you don’t want to damage the wall, so it’s vital to know how to hang a flag on the wall.

Keep on reading below to find out where and how to hang your flag!

Find the Right Spot

Look around the room to determine the best spot to hang your flags, taking into account other decorations and banners on the wall. Do you want them high up on the wall or at eye level? Should they be horizontal, vertical, or on a diagonal?

If you have multiple flags to hang, you can:

  • Dedicate one wall to all the flags and display them together
  • Hang them in a row next to each other, creating a border along the wall
  • Scatter them around the room for diversity
  • If the flags are for different areas of interest or teams, you can divide them into different sections—for example, one wall for your baseball team flags and another for football flags

Hanging Flag

Mark the spot(s) where you want to hang the flag(s) with a pencil. As some of the methods below may create holes or chips in the wall, you want to be sure of the right spot before proceeding.

How to Properly Display an American Flag

Flag RulesWhen it comes to hanging the American flag, you should follow proper flag etiquette. When hanging the American flag on a wall, whether vertically or horizontally, the stars should be on the upper left side when looking at it. If you are hanging the American flag in a window, the stars should be on the uppermost left when viewed from the outside.

Some other countries also have their own etiquette for displaying their national flag, so be sure to double check before hanging it up. When it comes to country flags, knowing the proper etiquette is just as important as the method you choose to hang it up.

Hang the Flag

The methods below are quick and easy ways to hang your flags without any special tools or equipment. It is essential to check your wall’s and flag’s materials before hanging the flag to make sure it will hold. We do not recommend trying to attach it with a thumbtack on a concrete wall.

1. Command Spring Clips

Time: 5 Minutes

The best way to hang a flag on a wall is by using Command Spring Clips. The spring clips allow you to easily hang up your favorite flag without any tools and without causing any damage to the wall. The clips also adhere to a variety of surfaces including drywall, finished wood, tile, metal, and glass.

Simply stick the clips to the wall along where the top of the flag will be and then clip the flag in. The pack comes with 8 clips, but you only need 4 to hang up a flag, so you’ll be able to hang up 2 flags with one pack of clips.

2. Hammer and Nails

Time: 2 Minutes

Hammer and NailsIf you’re handy and have your hammer always within reach, this might be your go-to option. A flag is thin and lightweight, and one small nail in each corner will suffice. Nails will definitely be overkill but if that’s all you have then swing away!

When you go to your hardware store be sure to get finishing nails. They are small and will be fine for your drywall.

However, if you’re worried about making holes in the wall or plan to rearrange the flag display, try one of the nail-free options below. If you want to hang heavier objects nail-free, check out our article How to Hang Heavy Objects on a Wall Without Drilling.

3. Painters Tape

Time: 1 Minute

Flags are typically very lightweight, and adhesive tape might be your first thought for the simplest and quickest method to hang them up. The drawback to using tape is that it will likely take the paint off the wall when you remove or reposition the flag. Instead of using masking or packaging tape, use painter’s tape.

Painters tape is specially formulated with a light adhesive to minimize the risk of ruining the wall paint. While it is not the strongest adhesive, it is an excellent option if you will be rearranging your flag display. It is meant to be pulled off without taking off the paint or wallpaper. As there are various types of painter’s tape for different surfaces, check to make sure you’re using the right one for your wall.

4. Poster Strips and Double-sided Tape

Time: 5 Minutes

Adhesive strips, such as Command Poster Strips, are designed to hang things on the wall; they are strong and will hold the flag up well. If you are concerned about whether they will ruin the wallpaper or paint on the wall when you remove them, you can test them in an inconspicuous corner of the wall first.

These adhesive strips should come with instructions on how to use them. They generally follow these steps:

  1. Clean the wall – Since dirt and dust can interfere with the adhesive, it is essential to clean the wall space where you will apply the strips. Dip a cloth in a bit of rubbing alcohol and wipe the wall surface.
  2. Allow the surface to dry for a few minutes before applying the adhesive.
  3. Remove the plastic backing on the end that goes on the object to hang.
  4. Carefully press it onto the back of the flag.
  5. Remove the second liner and then press the flag onto the wall.
  6. Apply gentle but firm pressure for thirty seconds to ensure that it holds. You should apply an adhesive strip to each edge of the flag for the best results.

Another alternative to poster strips is to use a strong double-sided tape such as Scotch-Mount™ Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape. This tape works on wood, metal, stone, and concrete surfaces and is great if your man cave has unfinished walls – think concrete garage man caves.


5. Adhesive Putty

Time: 5 Minutes

Adhesive putty, or tacky putty, is removable and reusable. It is the best method if you plan to rearrange your flags. It may damage older painted walls, so test on an inconspicuous surface before using if you are concerned.

Using adhesive putty is similar to adhesive strips:

  1. Clean the wall – Dip a cloth in a bit of rubbing alcohol and wipe the wall surface to remove any trace of dirt or dust and ensure the putty will stick well.
  2. Allow the surface to dry for a few minutes before applying the putty.
  3. Take a small piece of putty and soften it with your fingers. Apply it to a corner of the flag, pressing firmly. Repeat with more pieces of putty for all corners of the flag.
  4. Press the flag onto the wall, applying pressure on the putty to ensure it has a firm grip on the surface.

6. Thumbtacks and Push Pins

Time: 2 Minutes

Thumb Tacks or push pins will leave small holes in the wall, but much less noticeable than nails, and they are easily removable too. If your flag will be hanging there long-term and you aren’t concerned about leaving little punctures in the wall, this is a great option. You can find thumbtacks in a variety of colors to match your flag, making them less noticeable. Below we have provided three great options.

First, you have a black thumb tacks which gives you a professional sleek look. The second is the wooden thumb tacks which give a classic old-school look. Finally, you have your standard thumb tack which is clear, and this should help them hide among your flag instead of standing out as the others do.

7. Pennant Display Case

Time: 10 Minutes

Early baseball pennants can be valued at over $1,000. Do you have a unique, rare, or expensive pennant flag that deserves extra attention and protection? Consider displaying it in a shadow box or a specially-designed display case. These glass or plastic-enclosed cases will protect your flag from dirt, dust, and curious hands.

Summary – How to Hang a Flag On The Wall

Whether your flags boast your heritage, favorite sports teams, alma mater, or hobby, show them off in your man cave! Now that you know how to hang a flag on the wall, choose one of the cheap, quick, and easy methods above to personalize your space.

For some more decorating options, try hanging your jerseys, vinyl records, or boxing gloves.