How to Display Ticket Stubs in Your Man Cave

How to Display Ticket Stubs in Your Man Cave

Love showing off your fandom and attending games? Do you happen to save all of the souvenirs from the games, but don’t know how to display your ticket stubs? Here are some great ticket stub display ideas to showcase and store those memorable tickets.

It is always recommended to get things planned out ahead of time and decide on how you want to display your ticket stubs. This means making sure you have all of the proper tools to get the job done.

Hanging Frames and Shadow Boxes

If you want to put your ticket stubs in a shadow box or frame (see below) and then display them on the wall, this is a fantastic way to keep them safe and for everyone to see them.

  1. Find the spot on the wall you want to hang it and mark it with a pencil.
  2. Take the right measurements to make sure that it will fit in the spot properly.
  3. Use a hammer to nail in the hooks. The frame or display case will usually come with the proper nails and hooks to use.

Ticket Stub Shadow Box

We really love this idea, especially if you have other items from the games or other events such as photos, gloves, or maybe even a wristband. Use this opportunity to turn your shadow box into a theme dedicated to that game. To really get the full experience, get a photo of the field from your seats to place next to the ticket stub.

Even if you don’t have other souvenirs from the game, you can add your ticket to the display of your framed jersey hanging on the wall.

There are also shadow boxes designed to hold all of your ticket stubs. They come with a slot in the top so you can just drop the ticket stub in when you get home from the game or concert.

The fun thing about shadow boxes? There are so many different options including shapes and sizes.

Ticket Stub Frame

This is another option if you want to maybe frame just one actual ticket stub. If you want to frame multiple tickets, you can even use a multi-photo frame.

For this to look the best, you need to find the right size frame and make sure the ticket stub fits perfectly. Even though this is a more simple option, you can really make it a neat display especially if you frame your ticket stub with a photo from the event.

Maybe you went to the Super Bowl or a really memorable game. Using a frame is a great option to display just the actual ticket stub. You can go with an elegant wood frame or even find a frame with your team’s colors.

Ticket Stub Album

An album is a really cool way to collect ticket stubs. Especially if you are a season ticket holder or go to a ton of games.

You can either use a simple ticket stub album to store your ticket stubs or you can create a scrapbook using a regular photo album. This is where you will want to include photos from the game, stickers, and mix in your team’s colors.

If you have a tradition of going to games with a friend or loved one, this is a thoughtful way to share the experience with them over and over again.

Ticket Stub Coffee Table

Designing a ticket stub coffee table is a very fun and unique way to display all of your ticket stubs and small souvenirs.

Of course, you will need a table with a removable glass top. While some tables only allow you to display flat items, this shadow box coffee table allows you to store and display items up to 2.5 inches tall.

Carefully organize and design your ticket stubs and photos on the table after removing the glass top. Then, place the glass tabletop back on. Try to avoid moving the ticket stubs and other items around often as you want them to stay securely.

Helpful Tips When Displaying Your Ticket Stubs

Get all of your ticket stubs together and figure out which is the best way to display them.

If the tickets are two-sided, decide which side you want to display. You will most likely need to use tape or some sort of adhesive to stick the ticket stubs in a shadow box, frame, scrapbook, or on the coffee table.

We recommended using double-sided tape to make the job easier. To keep from damaging the ticket stubs, avoid moving them around after applying tape and displaying them.