Cigar Boxes

How Many Cigars Come In A Box?

Currently, there are roughly 50 cigar manufacturers in just the USA. These manufacturers provide different cigar sizes and can package them differently depending on the product. So there is no set standard answer to how many cigars come in a box. But typically you will find boxes of 25, 20, and 10. It all depends on which brand and shape you choose!

But we have provided some of the top cigars and some of their shapes to give you further understanding. The info below is from various manufacturers and we try to give a bit more info to satisfy your cigar brain!

ManufacturerCigar NameVitola/Quantity Per BoxVitola/Quantity Per BoxVitola/Quantity Per BoxVitola/Quantity Per Box
Romeo Y Julieta
(Domicican Republic) Established 1875
Ashton Cigars
(Domincan Republic)
Established 1985
Aged Maduro#10/25#60/25Pyramid/25
Cabinet Selection#1/10#3/20#8/25Tres Petite/25
ESG20 year saulte/2524 year salute/25
Established in 1886
Connecticut ReserveChurchill/20Double Toro/10Lonsdale/20
MonticelloChurchill/20Double Toro/20Robusto/20Torpedo/20
Serie GChurchill/25Double Robusto/25Figurado/25Robusto/25

We have hardly scratched the surface of the number of cigar manufacturers but as the above information displays the numbers are typically 25. But the number can vary depending on what type of box you get as well and where you get it. You can get a small box that would fit 6 or 8 as well. 

Cigar Shapes And Sizes

There are many different shapes and sizes of cigars. Let’s deep dive into the various shapes and sizes of cigars and what they provide in the experience. 

Cigar Sizes

First, you have the cigar size which can be described as ring gauge (diameter) and its length. Or those two dimensions can be described with their Vitola Name. For example, a cigar with a ring gauge of 50 and a length of 4 ⅞ inches is called a Robusto. 

Here is a chart for all of the ring gauges, lengths, and their respective Vitola Names. 

Vitola NameLength (inches) Can VaryRing Gauge
Small Panatela533
Carlota5 5/835
Panatela5 5/838
Lancero7 1/238
Petit Corona5 1/842
Lonsdale (Cervantes)6 1/242
Corona Grande6 1/842
Corona5 1/242
Panatella5 5/846
Gran Corona847
Rothschild4 1/248
Double Corona7 5/849
Robusto4 7/850
Double Toro (Gordo)660
Grande4 3/460 to 80

Cigar Shapes

There are 5 cigar shapes that a majority of cigars come in. They are the Parejo, Belicoso, Piramide (pyramid), Torpedo, and Perfecto. The below image shows another shape, the chisel!

How Do You Store Cigars At Home

It is best to store your cigars in a humidor that has been set to the correct humidity and maintained during the storage of your cigars. 


You can store your cigar in plastic pouches, Tupperware, and even a plastic bag if you want. It will be harder to maintain the humidity and just doesn’t look as good. If you go the cheap route then plastic pouches or even a ziplock would be best. To maintain the humidity you can buy the same silica and humidity-maintaining products you do for a regular humidor. 

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Wooden Cigar Box Manufacturers

One cigar box manufacturer that stands out is the Millenium Wood Boxes Inc. Not only do they produce really great cigar boxes but they also manufacture for other uses like gun boxes, wine boxes, and more!

Their minimum order is 100 boxes per one style so unless you are going to be reselling these they are probably not for you. Read on below to find out where else to get cigar boxes. 

Another cool website to check out is They make boxes for a lot of cigar manufacturers including Miami Cigar Company, AJ Fernandez (Montecristo), Oliva, and more. 

Where To Get Cigar Boxes

Cigar boxes

It’s actually relatively easy to find cigar boxes these days. You can even find them on Amazon. Here are some other websites to find them:



What to do with old Cigar Boxes

Some people have come up with some great ways to repurpose their old cigar boxes. Here is a list of some things to do with your cigar box. 

  • Keep it and turn it into a humidor
  • Create a purse out of it and gift it to your wife
  • Create a cigar box guitar 
  • Store jewelry in it and put a lock on it. 
  • Turn it into a planter with real or even fake plants
  • Cigar box clock
  • Gun safe ( be sure to also lock this away as a cigar box is easily broken into)
  • Tool or hardware storage

Cigar Box Guitar Design Ideas

Check out C.B. Gitty website to learn how to turn your cigar box into a cigar box guitar. 

The website has a great video of a guy ripping it up on a cigar box guitar. It sounds a lot better than you would think. 

According to the website, cigar box guitars date back to the mid 1800’s. 


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