Gesobyte TV Antenna

Gesobyte TV Antenna Review

TV antennas are an amazing way to help cut the cord and reduce the cost of how much you pay for your tv entertainment. In this article, we will provide you with a quick review of the Gesobyte TV antenna!

Gesobyte Tv Antenna Review

We purchased a Gesobyte TV Antenna for one of our spare rooms. It does not have a coaxial cable in the room nor do we pay for cable. We have cut the cord. 

What the Gesobyte antenna does for us is gives us the basic tv channels in the area. Or at least that is what we hoped when we purchased it. 

Here is what comes with the antenna:

  • Coaxial Cable: The coaxial cable is 18 feet long. The length is great so that you can position your antenna in the best place to receive a signal. If you are in the city this probably doesn’t matter too much but the further you are away from an antenna the more likely you will need to utilize the length of the cable. 
Coaxial Cable Connection
What a coaxial cable and connection looks like
  • USB Power connection: Plug right into your modern tv to power the antenna with the USB connection. Makes it easy if you have a modern tv and thus reduces the length of cord you have to hide. 
  • USB Power Adapter: This is if you don’t have a USB connection in the back of your tv. So this means this antenna will work for older TVs. The only issue is that you will need to be located close to a power outlet or use an extension cord. 
  • HDTV Antenna: The antenna is not like the rabbit ears of old. This antenna is cardboard thin and very flexible. It’s great because it is a little easier to hide. 
  • 3M double-coated tissue tape: This tap is provided to stick your antenna anywhere you want. If you can we recommend sticking it directly behind the tv so that it gives a clean look to your setup. But that totally depends on the reception you receive in your area. 
Gesobyte TV Antenna Parts
Everything that comes with the Gesobyte TV Antenna

Performance of the Gesobyte TV antenna

Channels on Antenna
Our Channel Scan Using the Gesobyte Antenna

How many channels did we receive: 40,  but really I am only concerned with the major channels that fill in the gaps of the streaming services. I get the following major channels:

  • NBC 
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • FOX

These are the channels that I care about. But here are some more channels that may be important to you.

  • PBS
  • Telemundo
  • Univision
  • The CW
  • Other local new channels

Just remember that the channels you get depend on a lot of factors such as the location of a broadcasting antenna, the city you live in, and the location of your antenna. 

Here is a link to purchase the Gesobyte TV antenna from Amazon. Check it for the most up-to-date price because they do provide discounts sometimes. 

Ease of installation of Gesobyte TV Antenna

It is really easy to set up this TV antenna.

  • Plug your USB power into the TV or USB adapter into the wall socket
  • Screw on the coaxial cable into the back of the tv
  • Turn on the TV and go to settings to scan the channels for your antenna
  • If you are not receiving many channels you will need to move your antenna and find a good spot to hang it with the double-sided tape provided. After you have moved it repeat #4. 


Here are some easy troubleshooting answers in case something isn’t working for you. 

Not receiving a signal

If you are really close to a broadcast tower (35 miles) switch the amplifier to short range. (the amplifier is where the coaxial and USB cable come out from. 

Place the antenna onto the closest window

How many channels will this antenna provide?

There are many variables to how many channels you will receive. They are:

  • Location to the broadcast tower 
  • Placement of the antenna
  • Channels provided by the tower

Go to this site by the FCC regarding DTV reception maps. It will show you the strength of signals in your area and how many channels could be provided. 

Where to set up my tv?

If you haven’t installed your tv yet think about these things when using an antenna. 

  • Location to a power source not only for your tv but for your antenna power if you do not have a newer tv with a USB connection.
  • If you don’t have a great signal, proximity to a window is important. This will limit the exposure of cabling to reach the window and give your room a cleaner look. I have a great signal in my house so I simply hung the antenna on the back of the TV. There was a slot there by the TV mount and it loosely keeps it there. It is not the most secure location but I don’t have any cords showing so it looks good!
  • If you are going to hang your tv check out our article on how high to mount your tv!
Antenna Location
During my installation, I was lucky to have a spot to hide my antenna while still getting great reception

I moved my antenna now I don’t get any channels

Every time you move your antenna be sure to scan the channels again. Moving the antenna can sometimes cause some channels to not be received. Rescanning allows them to come back if your antenna is still in a good location. 

Will Roku and Fire Stick Work with the Antenna?

Yes, they both will work with the antenna. 

Does the Gesobyte Antenna provide HD channels?

Yes, you will be surprised by how the major channels look if you get good reception. The channels that do provide HD tv will look just as good as regular cable. That is the case with my use of the Gesobyte TV antenna. 

Typical HD channels will be NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox.


Gesobyte TV Antenna Review – Wrap up!

We here at Man Cave Expert believe this is a great antenna to pick up if you want to cut cable or just want to receive some extra channels via airwave broadcast.

We have used this antenna and it provides great reception and we didn’t even stick it on a window as per recommendations. It has great reviews on amazon and is even a top seller. There are two colors provided black and white. I could see how white could be hidden against a while wall a little better but we wanted black to hide behind the tv.

The price isn’t bad either. Especially if you decide to cut cable!  Check out the great reviews and user photos at the amazon link below.

We plan on updating this review if something happens to go wrong with the antenna but so far so good.