Entertainment Room Additions that Every Man Dreams About

To have a man cave is every man’s dream. Man caves are areas that they can call their own. It is a space that they design by themselves and reflects their unique personality and style. The man cave is their sanctuary wherein they can kick back and chill.

Man caves are all about investing in some me-time. Here are a few ideas on what to incorporate in your special space.

Passionate About Hardware?

If you love your screens and accessories, make them the focus of your space. Find a spacious desk that will accommodate various screens, controllers, and accessories. Then, locate a comfortable gaming chair or one that is overstuffed yet fits well under the desk. Then, you can play your games with comfort and ease.

Cool Room in a Shared Space

If you share a space with an office, or want to morph a room, incorporate more seating for entertainment. Find a comfy hide-a-bed or futon so that if you or any of your friends are tired, it can double as a bed.

This room is designed with deep blue walls and accented with yellow-orange squares giving it that perfect gaming feel. If you have crown molding along the ceiling or the ceiling is raised, you can place long fluorescent blue lights around it. Pot lights in the center of this area just make the room.

Choose a sofa that is clean, modern, and contemporary to pull off this look. It can be off-white with a dark inset. Blue and grey pillows pull this look together.

Highlight the Home Bar

You can do so much with a home bar! Use built-in wall shelves behind the bar with two cabinets with glass enclosures on each side. In this area, place a large picture. Place wine glasses, beer glasses, etc. on the shelves and show off bottles in the glass enclosures.

The backdrop to this design is a cool slate blue. It adds the perfect backdrop to a white bar top. Then, place four high bar stools in front. Three large pendant lights finish off the look.

Movie Madness

If movies are your thing, create the perfect theater space in a media room. To do this, find either an l-shaped sectional or seats that you can arrange into various forms. They should be double-wide and overstuffed. The ideal material for this look is chocolate brown leather, and chairs with cup holders are ideal as well.

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If you have a raised ceiling, either place illuminated rectangles around it, framed pictures, collections, etc. Then place them along the border.

Framed jerseys can flank either side of the room.

In the back of this entertainment space, have separate eating, sitting, or gaming area, complete with a table and overstuffed leather chairs.

To add an extra flair and creativity to a large space, attach a circular piece to the ceiling and surround it with lights. Repeat with a smaller circle, then place the smaller circle over the larger. This creates a dropped-down look and a movie atmosphere.

The walls should be medium brown with wooden flooring. The ceiling should be two shades lighter than the walls.

Add a Golf Simulator

Choose one place in the room and add an area to play golf. You can add a golf simulator to any space, and an alcove makes the ideal place to incorporate this feature.

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All you need to do is set up a screen that serves as the virtual simulator. Find a green indoor-outdoor carpet to simulate grass, get the golf clubs, and practice. This is great for playing all year round in the comfort of your home.

Create a Poker Paradise

Add a long, oval poker table to make your man cave fun. Choose one that has a chocolate brown border and beige insert. Chairs can surround each side. On the back wall, have a series of chairs to watch the game in between hands.

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In the middle, have a large screen. On each side of the large screen television, you can place smaller screens to watch multiple games simultaneously.

Corvette Cave

Many men have taken the back of a red corvette convertible and used it as a desk by adding glass to the top. This can be done as simply a table as well.

Musician’s Delight

If you are into music, find a place on the wall to hang your instruments if you are into guitars and such. This décor looks cool on a recessed wall.

To further highlight this area, encase the area with dark-colored wood. You can add a recessed table to add more storage or purpose to the area. Then, use track lighting to highlight your instruments.

You can use lighting on each side for added appeal and draw your attention to the area. A light blue picks up the colors in the instruments.

Then, you can add a dark blue sectional couch with a square table over an area rug to complete the look.

For a retro look, you can even display vinyl records on the wall.

Screened In

If your room has a slanted ceiling, consider adding screens along with it. If you have a poker table or pool table, it can surround this area. This way, you can watch television and play at the same time.

These are just a few ideas to incorporate into your man cave to make it your own. There are many different themes that you can play around with, and you can customize them to suit your personality.

With many ideas out there, it isn’t hard to find one that works for you. You can also highlight collections with many of these decors or give your man cave that extra adult feel.

When designing this area, think about what you would like and what you’re using the space for. Incorporating themes is fun, but it starts with a single concept. Avoid doing too much in the space.