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12 Design Tips for the Ultimate Game Room

A fully equipped game room is the elite entertainment room in your entire house. A game room may be furnished with whatever suits your fancy, but an ultimate game room will have everything to entertain any guest!

A game room is a space reserved exclusively for leisure and entertainment. But everyone consumes entertainment in different ways. Before you start transforming an empty room in your house into a game room, you should think about how you and your family want to use the space. Brainstorm whether you want a spot to play board games and video games with your family or a place to relax and watch movies with the kids or even an adults-exclusive spot for your guests. You have the power to transform this space to your liking!

If you want to create a game room that will live in the heart of all your guests and be your private escape on the days you need it most – keep reading to discover 12 design tips for the ultimate game room!


1. Avoid having a theme

Having a theme for your game room may seem like a great idea in the beginning but gets very complicated as you start furnishing the room with games, equipment, and furniture.

The best thing to do is to decide whether you want to go for a “dark” or “light” look and pick and choose your furniture and décor from there. Sticking to a theme and brandishing the game room with only items that fit will be a pain to keep up.

2. Include a cocktail bar

If you’re entertaining guests at your place, having a cocktail bar in your game room is a great idea. Including a bar stocked with your favorite go-to drinks to give you the “best host” title in your group of friends!

different filled glasses of drinks in cocktail bar

Top it off with some bar stools or a coffee table nearby so your guests can socialize and relax after trying their hand at a few of your games.

3. Invest in unique and quality games

Taking the time to decorate a game room means having some interesting games to play. Investing in durable and unique game tables will elevate how your space looks. Forgo any games or tables made with plastic as it will give off a cheap look and probably won’t be as durable. Instead, look for pieces of furniture that are hand-made or one of a kind!

4. Don’t forget to add a pool table

The ultimate game room is not complete without a pool table! Pool tables can get very pricey but they will elevate the look of your entire space. Your guests will be dying to play a good game of pool or learn how to play if they don’t know how to. You might also consider an air hockey table, ping pong table, foosball table.

5. Add multi-functional furniture

When you’re shopping for furniture, make sure to look for multi-functional pieces. When you invest in pieces that serve multiple purposes, you are killing two birds with one stone. Examples would be a coffee table that also serves as a cabinet to hold board games in. Or, get a pool table that you can transform into a ping-pong table! You just need to keep your eyes peeled.

6. Create a space to indulge in your hobbies

Creating the ultimate game room doesn’t mean thinking about what others (your guests) would want. Let’s face it, when it comes to entertainment and leisure activities – we’re all different. So make sure you create a space (even if it’s a small corner of the room) to do something you’re passionate about. You can create an elite game room to entertain guests but still have a corner to indulge in your favorite hobbies on the days you need to escape!

7. Don’t limit your imagination

Think big! If you plan to spend a lot of time in your game room, you can transform a large open room, such as a basement or den, into a multi-use recreation room. Have zones for video games, a home theatre, and games like darts or pool. If you visualize it, you can create the space for it.

8. Use equipment as décor

This is a smart move when you’re deciding on how to decorate your entertainment room. Using equipment as décor will not only look cool and be functional, it also saves you money from spending on additional décor! You can hang game accessories – such as darts or ping pong paddles – that double as décor, and you won’t have to stow them away when you’re done using them.

9. Add a projector or big-screen TV for movie nights

playing animated movie on large screen tv

A game room doesn’t just have to be filled with game tables. Adding a projector – which projects on an entire blank wall – or a flat-screen TV can be the ultimate escape and serve as a home theatre. You can even pull up your video games on a projector and play big!

10. Add a mini-fridge or snack bar

A fun night isn’t complete without snacks! Having a mini-fridge stocked up with some classic snacks will have your guests content all night long! You will most likely be crowned the best host!

11. Invest in unique lighting

You can elevate your game room’s look by adding unique LED lighting or pot lights. It’s not a necessity but it will serve as a cool design that your guests will love! You can even buy LED lights with multi-colors to suit the theme or vibe of the night and impress them further!

12. Make the space comfy

Lastly, you want to design the space to make it comfy. An important aspect of any recreational room is for it to be comfortable. You’re dedicating this space in your house for leisure time so you should feel completely relaxed from the high-quality furniture you buy to the calming atmosphere you’ve created that is suited to your taste!

Final Thoughts

Designing a game room doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember to have fun and put your unique touch into creating the space. In the end, you want to feel proud of your choices. These design tips for the ultimate game room should give you a clearer direction on where to start. Enjoy and good luck decorating!