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19 Pieces Of Best Small Exercise Equipment For Tight Spaces & Rooms

Living in a space can be extremely difficult when looking to work out at home. Due to a small space, you need the best small exercise equipment that can also be stored easily or will not take up very much room. There is light workout equipment you can use to tone your body that can be stored in a drawer or easily hidden away under a couch or on a shelf.

The larger workout machines can be folded up and stored away, providing you with more of a cardio workout without taking up too much space.

The Ab Roller Wheel

The Ab Roller Wheel is great for a home workout and for taking out with you when traveling or in your apartment. This piece of equipment will strengthen your core by simply rolling it across the floor.

vinsguir ab roller wheel abs workout equipment

With both hands on the bar, place your knees on the floor. Roll the wheel on the back and forth on the floor, and you will begin to feel the burn in your abs as you roll it forward and backward.

To use it correctly, you will want to tuck your core in and your tailbone, then roll out. To roll back, tuck in your core to go back to your original starting position.

Jump Rope

Using a jump rope is a great piece of cardio equipment that doesn’t take up too much space. Ensure that there is enough space around you to avoid hitting anything with the rope as you jump.

Using the jump rope in your workout routine will also help to tone your entire body.

fitfort jump rope isolated on white background

It will work out your gastrocnemius (calf muscle), your quadriceps (front of your thigh), your hamstrings (back of your thigh), your glutes, your abdominal muscles (stomach), your forearms, and your deltoids (shoulders).

Jump rope is great for working on your agility and your balance. It also helps to strengthen your bones. Jumping rope is also really great because you can take it with you when traveling or easily tuck it away in a drawer, saving you space while also getting in a good workout.

Weighted Smart Hula Hoop

The weighted hula hoop is a popular choice for working out. It gives a nostalgic feeling from when you were younger and loved to hula hoop as a kid. These smart-weighted hula hoops work out your abdominal muscles, legs, and glutes while encouraging good cardio to help lose weight.

dumoyi smart weighted hoola fitness hoops isolated on white background

The belt adjusts, and you can attach it to your waist, then swing the weight. It may take a couple of tries, though it does become easier with practice.

Stationary Bike with Desk

Being in a small space can make it difficult to find a spot and sometimes makes it tedious to find the time to work out. Using a stationary desk with a standing desk can help with that. Using this stationary bike as a desk will get you to move your legs while you work.

women using afully stationary bike with desk

This bike will get you to be more active as you will want to move your feet while sitting. If you choose not to use the stationary bike, you can stand at the desk, which also benefits your health. This stationary bike with a standing desk is clean and sleek and will work in nearly any room.

If you want or need to move it, it has four wheels to move it between locations. Using these machines will help add to your small space because it has multiple uses, making it worth the extra space that it does take up.

Vertical Climber Machine

A vertical climbing machine gives you a full cardio workout. It feels very different from a typical treadmill workout. A vertical climbing machine will work your entire body, giving you a great workout.

maxi climber vertical climber machine isolated on white background

It tires out the entire body, giving you one piece of equipment to cover your overall fitness and burning more calories than you would jogging, for example. This piece of equipment gives you a good core workout while making you stronger.

The machine is low impact, which will not hurt any joints, making it easy for you to hurt yourself while on the machine. The vertical climber machine will fold for easy storage.

Glider Exercise Machine

Working out can be difficult with moderate to severe joint pain, and finding the right cardio exercises may be challenging. A gliding exercise machine might be perfect for you or anyone with stiff or painful joints.

gazelle edge glider exercise machine isolated on white background

This machine is not for overall fitness, but more or less to keep the body moving. The machine swings freely so you will not harm your body by over-extending your legs, making it much easier on your knee and hip joints.

Gliding exercise machines do not need to be plugged in usually, making them very quiet, which is great for apartments, as no one can complain about the noise. They also easily fold up to be stored as well.

Portable Resistance Band

A resistance band system is great for someone looking to tone or build their muscles. These resistance bands are great for a full-body workout without doing any cardio.

synergee resistance bands and bar system

Resistance bands will make your workout effective the entire time you are working out, and they will keep the workout challenging as you keep up. Resistance bands are very portable, making them easy to travel with.

You can get different types of resistance bands for different variations of strength or attachments for different workouts. Getting an attachment, like a bow, makes your full-body workout that much easier and adds to the effectiveness of your full-body workout.

They are usually made out of latex, making them very difficult to rip or break. A resistance band prevents the risk of any harm that you may receive when lifting as there is no additional weight.

Workout Station – the Rack

A THERACK is perfect for assisting you in your workout, specifically if you’ve been at it for a while. If you can’t do a pull-up, this more than likely is not the right piece of equipment for you. However, if you are trying to be strong enough to do a pull-up, this might be perfect for you.

man using therack workout station the rack

This product is 15.8 x 24 x 34 inches and weighs a total of 30 pounds. It is compact and portable due to its size. If 30 pounds does not seem heavy enough, you can add an additional 40 pounds of plates to your Rack to make it that much more of a challenge. It features wheels to be used for abdominal exercises as well to work out more than just your arms.

Cubii Jr.

Cubii Jr is an elliptical for resistance training under your desk to keep you moving even while you’re in the office. It has a low impact design, allowing you to burn up to 150 calories per hour and work on your physical fitness without bumping your knees.

cubii jr1 seated under desk elliptical Machine for home workout

There are eight different resistance levels to make your workout while working that much more difficult. The Cubii Jr is a compact, simple way to help you meet your fitness goal.

Yoga Ball Chair Set

Getting a yoga ball chair set will greatly help with freeing up space in your small areas. A yoga ball can be used as a chair or as a use for working out.

gaiam classic balance yoga ball chair set isolated on white background

You can use it for squats, sit-ups, balancing practice, stretching, or other core exercises.

As a chair, it helps with back support while you work, and it can be soothing to some to sit on a yoga ball and bounce while working away at their desk.

Doorway Exercise Bar

Using a doorway exercise bar for your workout is a great space saver. Simply install above a doorway, and you can work out your upper body, including your biceps, triceps, core, chest, and back.

yiofoo doorway pull up exercise bar isolated on white background

This bar can hold 300 pounds with three different positions, so you do not only have to use it for pull-ups.

Under-Desk Treadmill

Treadmills tend to be bulky and take up a lot of space, but they are the most effective way to get a good cardiovascular workout in. This under-the-desk treadmill is only 6.5 inches high and can be stored pretty much anywhere.

young girl using umay portable under desk treadmill

This under-desk treadmill lets you burn calories while you work. It is important to note that the standing desk does not come with this treadmill, and it will need to be purchased separately.

Quiet Punch

If you want to get into boxing but have a hard time finding a gym or getting a small punching bag, try the Quiet Punch. The Quiet Punch is a small punching bag that you can mount on your door.

quiet punch small punching bag isolated on white background

On the lower bar, you can attach your phone and watch tutorials while you work out. This simple workout equipment works on your core and your arm strength while getting out any anger you may have generated while at work or during the day.

Twister Stepper

The Twister Stepper is perfect for getting some cardio in a small space.

The Twister Stepper is similar to jogging in place; however, it features bands attached to the machine.

sunny health & fitness twist stepper machine with resistance bands

This machine makes it so that you are working out your entire body, and within 15 minutes, you can burn up to 150 calories. The Twister Stepper can easily be tucked away in a closet due to its small and compact size.

Pocket Monkii

Pocket Monkii is a suspension kit that is small enough to fit in your pocket. You simply need to clip it onto the door, shut the door, and begin your workout. With a variety of different workouts, you can work out your entire body.

pocket monkii total body training device isolated on white background

They have their own app so that you never become bored with your daily workout.

In their app, you have over 300+ workouts to choose from to work and tone every muscle in your body.

Perfect Fitness Push-Up Handles

Getting a form correct can be very difficult to do when you are just starting your workout plan. You do not need to have equipment for doing push-ups but getting the form correct can be a challenge.

push up handle exercise equipment

With Perfect Fitness’s Push-Up Handles, you will quickly begin working the correct muscle groups to do the perfect push-up, maximizing your workout every time.

The handles help reduce joint strain so that you can put more effort into the correct muscles. They feature rubber grips on the handles and non-slip bases to prevent slipping from occurring.

Noonchi Office Chair Workout

The Noochi Office Chair Workout is perfect for anyone who is working on their computer all day. When you need a quick break or to get your blood flowing, the Noochi Office Chair Workout helps. It transforms your office chair into a great workout machine designed for your triceps.

noonchi v2 all office chair workout isolated on white background

The Noochi Office Chair Workout attaches to your office chair, and it will save you space in your small area or apartment. The Noochi Office Chair focuses not only on your triceps but your biceps, chest, and back muscles as well.

Escape Fitness Deck

escape fitness multi purpose fitness deck

The Escape Fitness Deck can be changed in 16 different ways (including incline and decline) and folded up small enough to fit under your bed or in your closet. This desk is a great option for people who are not into heavy endurance workouts but want to incorporate more exercise into their lives. However, you can use it for cardio workouts found on Youtube or DVDs.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike will fold up when you are finished with it, making it ideal for apartments and small spaces.

exerpeutic folding magnetic upright exercise bike

Though smaller than most exercise bikes, it can hold a 300-pound person with a large and comfortable seat pad. It features eight levels of magnetic tension and has an easy-to-read LCD monitor.

Final Thoughts

A small space may make working out difficult. Remember to look for equipment you can use for more than one thing and that you know you will make use of. Look for easy storage options. Does it fold up? Will I use it daily so that it will look okay if I leave it out? Either way, there are great pieces of equipment to add to your small space home gym.