7 of The Best Posters for a Man Cave

8 of The Best Posters for a Man Cave

Are you a wall poster fan? Do you like to hang great content and memories on your walls in your man cave? The beauty of posters isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s also about how they make you feel.

Some of the best posters for a man cave take you way into the future or capture great moments in history, but the point is to get a poster that makes you feel good, in some way, right now in the present. This wall poster guide brings together a short list of our favorites!

1. Blow Movie Johnny Depp Counting Money B&W Photo Poster Print 

Everybody knows Johnny Depp, one of the most legendary movie stars of our time. For those who live under a rock, Johnny Depp has starred in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and Blow!

This movie star has had quite a great ride in his career and has been well decorated with awards. He is one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood — the poster doesn’t lie at all!

The Blow movie poster is a sight to display and has a twisted story to it. The American blockbuster Blow stars Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Jordi Molla, Frank Potente, among others. It’s an action-packed movie centered on a cocaine smuggler.

The movie poster shows Johnny Depp counting a tremendous amount of money. What makes the image so provocative is the thought of being around so much money — a simple but great scene.

The Blow movie poster is a catchy poster and a great icebreaker. Get your friends riled up with conversations of their hustle! This poster is a perfect choice for your man cave.


2. Trends International Sports Illustrated Nina Agdal Wall Poster

Trends International Sports Illustrated Nina Agdal Wall PosterIf there’s not a beautiful woman on the wall, is your man cave truly a man cave?

The Sports Illustrated poster features Nina Brohus Agdal, a Danish supermodel, known for her swimsuit modeling and other appearances. The poster shows the supermodel sizzling in a bikini with an ocean backdrop.

This poster adds color and a bit of edginess, yet still keeps some class too.

Trends International provides great moments and rare gem images in printed forms. Here’s what you need to know about this wall poster:

  • It is officially licensed for distribution
  • The image is printed on premium semi-gloss paper
  • It can easily be framed


3. Pyramid America Charles Ebbets Workers Lunch Atop A Skyscraper Black White Photo Cool wall Décor Art Print Poster

Pyramid America Charles Ebbets Workers Lunch Atop A Skyscraper Black White Photo Cool wall Décor Art Print PosterLooking for a vintage feel that not only has a good story behind it but also takes you far back in time, to a period when “work” meant a hammer in your hand and smoggy air in your lungs?

This black and white poster depicts a group of construction workers having lunch on a New York City skyscraper, with the rest of Manhattan (including Central Park) in the background. The men in the picture risked death to take an iconic picture of one of the world’s most prestigious cities. If anything, it’s a cool metaphor for a man cave that pays homage to risk taking, hard work, and a little bravery (or a lot).

Like the men taking a break in the photo, deck out your man cave with a similar sentiment: it’s break time now (in your man cave), but you’re going back to build great things when you’re back to work!

What you should know about this poster: the lightweight black and white poster features a satin finish paper and is ready for framing.


4. Back To The Future Movie Poster

Back To The Future Movie PosterIf you’re a true fan of sci-fi, then you are definitely going to love this poster. This Back To The Future comes from the 1985 classic directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by the legendary Steven Spielberg. As a quick refresher, the blockbuster stars Michael J. Fox in a thrilling, action-packed movie about time travel.

The adventure comedy film took the sci-fi buzz to a new level and made quite an impression in its time. Those who were privileged to see the movie in theaters can attest to its quality and would be stoked to have a piece of it hanging on their wall. In fact, this poster belongs in a sci-fi fan’s man cave just as much as a cinephile’s.

As for the poster itself, it uses a semi-gloss finish and there are also extra options for frames.


5. Michael Jordan  Dunk Vintage SportsPoster

NBA fans, get in here! There is no greater poster to christen your sports man cave than Michael Jordan dunking! He was one of the greatest athletes in the world at the time and his competitiveness has been unmatched since then.


But if you are more of a Kobe fan we get that. So we have also provided a classic shot of him on a reverse dunk. This photo is classic and perfectly timed. Even if you aren’t a Kobe fan or even a basketball fan you would still have to marvel at the perspective of the photo.

This reverse dunk happened in 2018 in Kobe’s 2nd year in the league. It was against the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

6. Rolling Stones Classic Logo Wall Poster

Rolling Stones Classic Logo Wall PosterEver heard of the Rolling Stones? Who hasn’t?

The legendary band from the 60s pioneered early hard rock and is entering their sixth decade of world renown. The Rolling Stones are easily one of the most popular groups of all time, with hits like “Gimme Shelter,” “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and “Sympathy for the Devil.”

This wall poster of the signature tongue-out logo of the Stones will fit in with any music-themed man cave, or really, any man cave at all.

The poster is licensed and printed in high quality full color. The product is rolled and sleeved inside plastic storage and safely delivered to you.

7. Johnny Cash Giving The Finger Classic Rock Country Music Poster 

Johnny Cash Giving The Finger Classic Rock Country Music Poster 
Highly provocative and controversial, the legendary Johnny Cash literally lends a hand, or finger, to both modern rock and country music.

Johnny Cash was active from 1954 to 2003, around the time of his passing, and is still one of the best-selling songwriters and music artists of all time. Cash carved out a niche for himself where he made timeless music that echoes through the ages. He sold over 90 million records worldwide and remains an icon and a pioneer in the music industry.

More than that, Cash was known for being a bit of a bad boy in his early years (or decades). The man in black was a rebel and it showed in everything he did.

The black and white Johnny Cash poster is definitely a great addition to your man cave, especially if you are trying to create a wall full of legends that have made an impact on music history.

8. Vintage Rock Band Posters 

If you need a little variety in your man cave then check out these vintage rock band posters. You get 12 band posters from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that are all 7.8 inches to 11.8 inches. They are individual so you can set them up how you want.

If you have a bit of money you can get them framed by a professional to have a very sleek look or even just hang them up by themselves in a pattern you like. They definitely give a unique look no matter what generation you are from.

Check out some of the customer images at the amazon link below to see how they have been displayed.

Going for the Best Posters in Your Man Cave

The one thing that makes posters stand out is how they make you feel. These particular posters are some of our all-time favorites!

If you are looking for the perfect man cave poster, these options may be just what you need.

So, what are our recommendations? This guide provides you with great options for your home and the perfect choice for you may depend on your taste, style, and personality. No particular poster is better than another, it’s simply a matter of choice, but we can make the choosing process easy for you if you are in a dilemma. Here’s something to consider:

Hollywood Fans

Fans of great Hollywood movies can certainly go for the Johnny Depp or Back to the Future posters. You can’t go wrong with both great choices.

Sports Fans

Sports fans, on the other hand, will absolutely thrill their visitors with the Famous Foul Line Dunk Vintage, or the sports illustrated Nina Agdal poster (though this one might be a little more versatile in terms of where it fits).

Music Fans

The Rolling Stones poster belongs in any music fan’s man cave, while the Cash poster is great for anyone who wants to “Walk the Line” between edgy and vintage (or go right past it).

History Buffs

If you’re a fan of great images with a message or historical significance, then you will certainly love the Pyramid America Charles Ebbets Workers Lunch Atop a Skyscraper poster. The image carries great significance and is always a good icebreaker for the politically minded.

Personal Preference Matters, But So Does Quality

Of course, all of this is to say that when it comes to posters, it really comes down to personal preference.

But it’s also best to go for quality, right? Don’t cheap out on a flimsy poster that’ll rip during shipping. If you can, try and check out the reviews first to make sure that other buyers were happy with what they got.

Semi-gloss posters or those that are framed are more likely to handle shipping well. If you’re not sure what to expect, you can always try and contact the seller to see how they ship their posters.

Unfortunately, when it comes to posters, you get what you pay for. Cheaper posters are probably sold at the expense of quality shipping. This is just something to keep in mind as you decide on which posters are best for your man cave!

Best Posters For Man Cave Wrap Up!

We hope this guide has given you a good idea of what to look for in a quality poster for your man cave.

Find posters that fit in with your style, or don’t fit at all — sometimes no aesthetic at all is the best option.

The most exciting thing about your man cave is that it’s your domain, after all. You get to choose what works best for you!