Kubb Game on a lawn

Best Kubb Game!

Check out some of the best Kubb games we have reviewed. If you are not sure what this game is then you need to do some research! It is one of the most fun lawn games you can play. 

Supposedly invented by the Vikings it includes throwing sticks into things and taking out a king.  That is our quick version of this game but we also have a write-up about the game in our article What is Kubb? That article gives you instructions on how to play (or how I play the game) and more!

But if you are in the know, check out the top Kubb game sets we have researched. Read on below (and then go out and play)!

Best Kubb Game Reviews


Juegoal Kubb Game Set

We put our top pick at the top of this article to save our readers some time if they are in a hurry!

This Kubb game set by Juegoal is the perfect starter set to get into the Kubb game!

It comes with everything you need to get started, including:

  • 1 King Kubb
  • 10 Kubb blocks
  • 6 Kubb tossing dowels/sticks
  • 4 corner pegs for locating the field
  • Travel bag
  • Instructions on how to play

So, gather your family and friends, and get ready for some fun and friendly competition with this amazing kubb set. 

What we love about this set:

  • We love the design of the set. Mitered edges and the painted king’s crown (red) really stand out as quality. 
  • We love the bag to be able to carry the set because if you have ever played this game carrying it around town can be a lot!
  • It has really good ratings on Amazon. 

Here are our negatives about this set:

  • The bag does seem to be made cheaply and we have noticed that there are tears in some of the bags. It is also tough to try and fit all the pieces back into the bag. 

GoSports Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game

GoSports Regulation Size Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set for Kids & Adults
  • Laser Engraved Graphics
  • Carrying case
  • Two sizes available
  • Wood has had some minor splitting
Check Amazon For Price

We have reviewed some GoSports games before and they have produced another quality game in their arsenal. 

GoSports Viking Clash Bag
GoSports Kubb game packed away nicely


It is a unique set because they have laser engraved graphics with a Viking helmet on the king and a castle on the Kubbs. The batons do not have anything on them. Check the link below for up-close photos of the engravings. We had a chance to play this set on the beach and it was great to play with. The set had been used quite a bit before we got our hands on it so it was worn and a dowel had split but it didn’t stop the game from being super fun!

Here is what comes with this set:

Kubb King Block

  • 1 King Block
  • 6 Dowels/sticks
  • 4 corner stakes to lay out the field
  • 1 Travel case

Here is what we love about this Kubb set:

  • The laser engraving is really unique and adds a cool factor to the set
  • Carrying case is cool
  • They have two sizes available but not sure why that is needed. I guess if you want to have a smaller set for traveling. 

Here are some cons:

Dowell Splitting
Dowell did split after playing many games but it did not affect our games
  • There are some issues with the wood splitting and the set we played with one dowel had split as well. Unfortunately, that just happens with wood. I even made a set for myself and that wood started splitting. It didn’t really affect my gameplay but I understand why that would be difficult to see on something you just paid for. 

Tip: If you have a set or make a set use a varnish or sealant to help avoid the wood from splitting. The splitting of the wood typically occurs in the dowels but I have had the blocks split a bit as well. Probably could use a more expensive wood but who has time to source expensive wood from a small-time dealer. I would rather just make another set after a 5 years.



EasyGoProducts Kubb The Viking Wooden Outdoor Lawn Game Set


So this Kubb game set is just like the rest except without all the bells and whistles. You still get the carrying case and instructions but there are no unique features that make this kubb game stand out. 

It comes with all the same pieces as the other sets so we will not list it out. But! This set is more than half the price of the others so you can easily get your Kubb game fix on the cheap. 

Here is what we love about this Kubb game set:

  • It’s cheaper than the other sets!

Here are some cons about this set:

  • This set is not very unique like the others but it is the budget item on the list. Check out the link to see the most up-to-date price. 


Kubb Yard game set by SwoocGames

Kubb Yard Game Set – Premium Hardwood Viking Chess Set
  • Premium and Durable Wood
  • Mallet with Bottle Opener
  • Wood Carrying Case
  • Great Reviews
  • Weighs the most
  • Most expensive because it is the best game set
Check Etsy For Price

Okay, now we step up in quality here by heading over to SwoocGames Kubb game set that they sell on Etsy. 

Besides the game, they have produced they also made the carrying case out of weed and even designed a mallet to help you knock the field stakes into the ground. Another cool thing they have added is a bottle opener on the other side of the mallet. So you will always be able to open up your drink even on the playing field!

The wood used for the set is a sustainably sourced New Zealand pine that is durable. They even take it further and guarantee that the wood will not split, crack or twist. That is a good guarantee from my experience with this game!

Also, they will plant a tree for every order!!! So you don’t have to feel too bad about your carbon footprint! They really have thought of everything!

Here is everything you get:

  • 6 dowels/sticks
  • 1 Wooden mallet
  • 1 Wooden carrying case
  • 4 Field sticks
  • 1 King
  • 10 Kubbs

Here is what we love about this Kubb game set by SwoocGames:

  • This Kubb set is premium and made of durable pine wood
  • The mallet with the bottle opener is a good touch
  • We also love the fact that the carrying case is made out of wood. So no more broken bags!
  • Great reviews on this set and of SwoocGames. 

Here are some cons about this set:

  • While we do love the carrying case it also adds to the weight of lugging it around town
  • Because this game set is premium it makes the cost higher than the others


Best Kubb Game Wrap-Up!


Okay, so we provided you with the best Kubb game sets from all the research and playing we have done. Now it’s your turn to start playing! Get into this game because it is seriously fun and a little addicting. 

One of the biggest reasons we love this game is the number of people you can play with. A total of 12 can play which is a lot better than just having 4 play cornhole or washers. So if you need to get a lot of people out of their seats this is the game. 

So to conclude we have chosen JoeGoal as the top Kubb game set just because of the quality and the price!  We also love the red crown put on the king. Check out the most up-to-date price below!

Or for those of you that are DIYs don’t forget to check out our instructions on how to make the game yourself at What is Kubb?

Happy Kubbing!….(is that thing?)