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13 Best Game Room Accessories in 2021

Are you in search of designing the best game room equipped with all the latest accessories? You’ve come to the right place.

A game room is the perfect entertainment hub for your guests and family. More specifically than an entertainment room, a game room is super unique and showcases your creativity and interest all in one spot. Whether you’re huge on PC gaming and want to create the ultimate setup with your PC and collectible items, or you’re into relaxing with friends while playing video games on a console, the options are limitless!

So what are some cool game room accessories that will create a sanctuary that you never want to leave? Keep reading to discover the 13 best game room accessories!

The Products

1. Game Over Wall Tapestry

crannel gaming wall tapestry

Start decorating your game room with an attractive wall piece. This high-quality “GAME OVER” tapestry would be the perfect addition to one of the walls of your game room! Its vivid colors and patterns are eye-catching and sure to get you in a gaming mood. Not to mention the amount of commentary you will get from your awe-struck guests!

2. Floating Wall Mounted Shelf

wali cs303b floating wall mounted shelf with strengthened tempered glasses

This practical floating shelf is a perfect accessory to have in your game room. It is strengthened with tempered glass, strong enough to hold any gaming consoles, cable boxes, and surround speakers. It comes with a wall plate to manage and hide all your cables, giving your gaming setup a neat and sleek look.

3. Ergonomic Gaming Chair

shuanghu gaming chair isolated on white background

A gaming chair is a must if you have a PC setup. You don’t want to spend hours in front of your PC stuck on a chair that doesn’t give you the proper back support. This ergonomic gaming chair is comfortable and versatile, having cushions on the armrest and head support. Your body will be thanking you while you wind down and play in your game room.

4. Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard

havit rgb backlit gaming keyboard mouse combo

A gaming keyboard is another must-have product if you’re into PC gaming. This backlit keyboard is such a cool addition to your setup, helping you lose yourself when you need your alone time. It comes with a gaming mouse that is great for every movement’s precision. A backlit keyboard has been all the rave the past year, and it’s time to invest in one if you don’t have one already!

5. Large Gaming Mouse Pad

flopad large rgb gaming mouse pad

Here’s another must-have accessory to go with your whole PC setup. This gaming mouse pad is large, extra thick, and comes in 14 RGB light modes. It uses high-quality natural rubber, which is both durable and gorgeous to look at. You can play in style in your game room for hours with the comfort of this mouse pad!

6. LED Strip Lights for HDTV

pangton villa led strip lights 6.56ft for 40-60in tv with remote control

LED lights are perfect for any trendy game room that you’re designing or vamping up. Attaching LED strip lights behind your TV screen will light up every side of your TV. If you’re using your game room for video games with consoles – especially at night – this unique accessory will give you and your guests a surreal feel while you play!

7. LED Strip Lights for Room

gusodor led strip rgb lights with remote control and app control

Since you’re LED-lighting up your TV, why not go the extra mile and add some strips around your room? These highly rated 65.5 feet Smart LED lights will sync with your music or game and light up your game room with different colors. This is the type of accessory you put up, and you will never get tired of it. You won’t ever feel like you are missing out on any parties because you have the perfect setup right in your game room!

8. Game Room Neon Sign

chenxi led neon game room entertainment sign

If you need a sign to hang loud and proud in your game room, this is the accessory for you! This neon “Game Room” sign will work up to 100,000 hours and comes equipped with an on and off switch and a hanging chain. It’s an eye-catcher and adds a certain level of aesthetic to your game room!

9. 3D Gamepad Night Light

lampeez 3d gamepad lamp with remote control

Accessories amplify a room’s appeal and atmosphere. Adding this 3D night light to your room will leave your guests in awe. It’s a 3D illusion lamp that will show up a video game controller as a 3D effect. It comes in 16 colors and different brightness levels, depending on the vibe you’re going for. Although it’s presented as a nightlight for kid’s rooms, this can be such a unique accessory to add to your very adult game room!

10. Vintage Pac Man Wall Art

d1eep vintage pacman video game canvas wall art

You can’t go wrong with a vintage art piece to hang up on your wall. By adding this Pacman wall art to your game room, you’re paying homage to a cult classic and also showing off your unique taste. This artwork is stretched and framed on HD modern canvas prints in very high quality. Whether your game room is themed or not, adding a classic piece such as Pacman will bring your place of refuge together!

11. Game Controller Throw Blanket

bioworld nintendo video game controller throw blanket

It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on a gaming chair in front of your PC or on a comfy couch playing video games on the TV – there will be times where it gets a little chilly. On nights like those, this Nintendo video game controller throw blanket will come in very handy. Made with polyester material, this blanket is both comfortable and durable. You can play your games in true gamer style, bundled up in a controller blanket!

12. Headphones Stand with USB Ports

havit rgb headphones stand with 3.5mm aux and 2 usb ports

This is an accessory that not only looks nice but also serves a very important and real purpose. A headphones stand with USB ports is the perfect place to store your headphones when you’re not using them. Its convenient design helps you optimize your desk space so you can game efficiently. The USB ports easily allow you to plug and play, compatible with almost all Windows programs!

13. Electric Charging Station

lovin product surge protector electric charging station

And lastly, a useful accessory that will prove to be very valuable to any gamer is this electrical charging station. It comes designed as a power strip tower that has 14 outlet plugs with 4 USB slots and a 6 feet cord. This extension charging station is the perfect extension to plug in all your electronics. It has a vertical surge protector that eliminates the risk of electric shock hazard. Now you can play and have fun for as long as you want, without worrying about your wires and any risks!

Final Thoughts

The perfect game room for you is whatever you want it to be. You are the master of this space, and you can add or take away anything you desire.

When you’re designing your gaming space, keep in mind that there are no firm rules, and you don’t have to mimic what you see on inspiration pages. Creating a room that stays true to who you are and what you’re the most into will make you the proudest owner of a badass game room!

Hopefully, the accessories in this article gave you an idea of the best game room accessories and will give you more of a direction on what to buy to decorate your perfect game room!

Enjoy exploring, and good luck!