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The Best Darts for Beginners

The Best Darts for Beginners

If you are thinking about putting a dartboard in your man cave, don’t forget to think about investing in a good set of darts to go along with it.

Selecting the best darts for beginners can be a bit daunting. Where do I start? What do I choose? One thing that is for certain is that a proper dart will make the game so much more enjoyable. There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when you are buying your very first set of darts:

  • Weight of the dart — as a beginner you should start with a heavier dart
  • Shape and grip — you need to figure out the most comfortable grip for you
  • Flights and stems — will affect the flight path of the dart

These are just a few of the points that have major effects on your play and performance. If you are starting out with a cheap set that doesn’t glide well, that may only discourage you from playing any further. So, it is recommended that even if you are just starting to play, invest in a quality set of darts.

Best Darts for Beginners Quick Picks


We are hoping that we will be able to help you select the perfect set of darts to improve your game and aim. So, are you ready to play?

1. The CyeeLife Steel Tip Darts

With 30 darts, this is definitely a great beginner set because you will most definitely damage some when you start out. With so many flights, you can practice and play with your friends for a long time.

There are six, brightly colored flight sets that you can choose from, which is perfect if you have a large group of friends playing.

The grip on the barrel is comfortable and has a great balance. The overlapping curves make it very easy to throw the dart in the direction you want. The shaft is made from aluminum and it won’t break easily, so it can certainly take a few hits.

The steel tip can be resharpened and the rubber ring between the barrel and shaft makes the dart very secure and sturdy.

You will also receive a dart tool and a sharpener with the purchase, so it is the perfect starting set.


  • Weight — 20 grams
  • Barrel Material — Brass
  • Barrel Size — 1.9 inches
  • Barrel Texture — Overlapping curve
  • Shafts — 1.9 Inches 2BA Aluminium
  • Flights — 30


2. The WIN.MAX Plastic Tip Darts

The knurled grooves on the front part of the barrel and the deep-cut grooves at the back allow for a comfortable grip. It also minimizes the chances of the dart sticking to your fingers when you release it (and everyone knows how important that is). You will be able to provide better control on your throws and hit your target easier.

The flights are 0.3mm thick, which is thicker than most others on the market and that makes them stronger as well. They will last longer than most and the flight protector makes your flights even stronger. The flight protector helps to keep the shape of the flight and makes it even more balanced in the air. (Plus, the flights have some unique prints!)

The tips are made from a durable plastic with a smooth shape and are best used on an electronic dartboard. The matt surface was designed so that the dart will stick easier to the dartboard and reduces bounce-outs.


  • Weight — 18 grams
  • Barrel Material — Nickel silver
  • Barrel Size — 1.97 inches
  • Barrel Texture — Knurled Grooves
  • Shafts  —1.77 inches unbreakable 2BA Alu
  • Flights  — 12
  • Dart Tips  — 100


3. The CyeeLife Steel Tip Darts

With 24 brightly colored dart flights, you will be able to keep playing for quite some time. Whether you are only practicing or if you are playing with a group of friends, there are enough darts for everyone. You are able to choose from five bright colors by selecting your favorite flight.

The barrel is perfectly balanced and has a great grip. The dart travels effortlessly through the air and the overlapping curves minimize the chances of the darts sticking to your fingers. This allows the darts to travel smoothly and connect with the target with ease.

The shaft is made from aluminum, making it very strong and durable.


  • Weight  — 22 grams
  • Barrel Texture  — Overlapping curves
  • Shafts  — Aluminum
  • Flights  — 24


4. The Rose Kuli Steel Tip Dart

This is one of the heavier darts, and as a beginner a heavier dart is the way to go. It weights in at 24 grams, with a steel tip that is durable and can take a few hits if you miss the dartboard.

The textured design allows for an easy grip that is also comfortable, so you can concentrate more on your aim.

The barrels are made from steel, making it very strong. The aluminum shaft is also very strong and durable. Between the shaft and barrel is a rubber ring that reduces loosening so there is little need to re-tighten the darts often.

The darts are packed in a custom-made PVA case that protects the darts and makes for a beautiful present as well. You will receive 12 steel stip darts with flights plus eight extra flights, all with very unique designs on the flights.


  • Weight — 24 grams
  • Barrel Material — Steel
  • Barrel Texture — Plaid designed
  • Shafts — Aluminum
  • Flights — 20


5. The Trademark Global Steel Tip

Looking for a cheap set of darts? This set might just be what you are looking for. There aren’t a lot of extra parts that need to be fitted and you get a complete, solid dart.

The flights are fixed, so they will not bend or fall off, and you don’t have to fit flights and re-tighten everything all the time. The darts can take a hit and are smaller than your standard darts, making it ideal for smaller hands.

The down side here, besides the fact that the darts are small, is that they are also very lightweight so they won’t travel far in the air.


  • Weight — 10 grams
  • Barrel Material — Brass
  • Flights — Fixed to dart


6. The Whimlets Steel Tip Darts

This set is a bit more on the expensive side but a worthwhile investment. Neatly packed in a beautiful case, the darts are well protected when not in use and you won’t have to worry about pieces going missing.

This dart set will also make for a great gift. You will receive everything that you could require, including two different barrel weights (which is great for new players).

The barrels are made from a high quality brass and have a needle-sharp tip and premium flight.

With this purchase you will receive a free ebook that will provide you with some hints and tips, upping your playing experience. You will most certainly be getting more from your darts after reading through it.

You will also receive a sharpener, 24 o-rings, and a dart tool that can also be used as a bottle opener.

Another great bonus, this company gives you a three-year warranty on these darts, showing how confident they are in their product.


  • Weight — 6 x 20 grams and 6 x 22 grams
  • Barrel Material — Brass
  • Barrel Texture  — Aggressive knurl design
  • Shafts  — Aluminum
  • Flights  — 12 standard dart flights and 12 slim dart flights


Buyer’s Guide

Selecting that perfect set of darts for your next home game can be a hit or a miss. We had a look at some great dart sets here for both beginners and more experienced players.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that everyone has their own unique style of playing and each person has their own type of dart that they favor. What works for your friend might not work for you. The perfect set of darts will improve your game and set you on a whole new level.

But, let’s have a final look at these darts.

Our Top Choice

Hands down, our top choice goes to the Whimlets dart set. You have a very professional looking dart set with two different weights. Brightly colored flights will make the game fun and you will receive everything that you could possibly require in a new set.

The case will keep your darts protected and it also makes for a great gift set.

Yes, it is a bit pricier than other darts but the enhanced quality makes the extra few dollars worth it. Plus, there is a three-year warranty on these darts.

The Best All-Inclusive Dart Set

Here we have an option between three dart sets that have everything you will need for playing darts.

We have two beautiful sets from CyeeLife. One has 20/22-gram darts and the other, 22-gram darts. Both sets have beautiful and brightly colored flights (and a lot of extra flights as well). You will receive a sharpener and a dart tool with both and there are enough darts for even a large group.

Then we have the Rose Kuli dart set. Weighing in at 24 grams, it is the heaviest of the darts we have had a look at. It is perfectly balanced, with a comfortable barrel making it very easy to play. You will receive eight extra standard flights with this purchase. The darts will be packed in a case that provides protection but also keeps all the darts together.

The Best Darts for Electronic Boards

WIN.MAX darts with a plastic tip are the perfect choice for an electronic dart board. You will also receive everything that you could require: extra tips, flights, o-rings, and flight protectors. Also included is a dart tool that will make switching and removing parts much easier.

The Best Darts for Teenagers or Small Hands

Smaller than your standard darts, these are perfect for the young one that would like to play some darts or pop some balloons. They are very solid and there are no worries of the flights coming off or bending. They are very light, so they don’t travel very far in the air.

Final Thoughts

Darts is a game that requires accuracy and precision. For that, you need the right tools. These darts will help you to play your best game possible. You might not hit it off immediately with a new set of darts and it might take some time to find the perfect set for you. But these should definitely get you on the right path.

We hope you enjoyed the article and please have a look at some of our other articles too!