Best Adjustable Dumbbells Under $100

Best Adjustable Dumbbells Under $100

Man caves are usually a place to go to relax and get away from the stresses of life. But for some guys, getting in a good workout is the best way to relieve stress. Whether you’ve built a home gym or you just want some inexpensive dumbbells to get in a quick workout, we’ve found the best adjustable dumbbells under $100.

For those with interest in improving their strength, muscle tone, and overall appearance, lifting with dumbbells serves as a great way to start. All of the dumbbells listed here offer the flexibility of adjustable weight, impressive durability, and easy storage.

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Best Adjustable Dumbbells Under $100

This guide will explore five of the best adjustable dumbbell sets on the market available for under $100. In the end, you have to decide for yourself how deep you wish to delve into the world of weightlifting. We hope the following reviews provide you with the guidance necessary to make the right choice of dumbbells so you can enjoy your workout routines for years to come.

1. MOVTOTOP Dumbbells Set with Non-slip Handles

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Whether you lack time to hit the gym or face yet another lockdown in your area, the MOVTOTOP adjustable dumbbells allow you to work out in the comfort of your living room.

Each set comes with a pair of extension bars, four nuts, and 16 plates (4 x 5.5 lb, 4 x 4.4 lb, 4 x 3.3 lb, and 4 x 2.8 lb), allowing users to lift 33 pounds per dumbbell. The extension bars consist of anti-rust, wear-proof plated iron, and the embossed polyethylene (PE)plates contain a mixture of iron powder and cement. The nuts seem to consist of PE and offer easy hand-tightening.

The non-slip handles and antiskid side pads on the plates both represent useful features that provide for a seamless workout, even when you sweat during floor exercises.

The deep threading of the nuts and bar extensions creates a tight fit, locking the plates into place so users can enjoy a wobble-free lifting experience.

The MOVTOTOP Dumbbells Set serves as a suitable entry-level product for beginner lifters and individuals who wish to perform a high number of reps. However, we wish the extension bars could hold more weight, allowing users of moderate experience to get more out of them.

2. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell

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This dumbbell offers the look and feel of weights you might lift at a private gym. The familiar diamond-knurled chrome handle and cast iron plates add a touch of quality to this durable dumbbell. And, the plates receive a black paint finish to provide anti-corrosion properties and rust resistance; so, you can use this dumbbell for years to come.

With a maximum weight of 52.5 lbs, the Yes4All dumbbell comes with one 16” x 1.15” handle and bar, two collars, and 12 plates (8 x 5 lb, 2 x 2.5 lb, and 2 x 1.25 lb). The convenient, star-lock collars bear a rubber trim that prevents slippage and loosening of the plates.

Users have many options at their fingertips to customize their Yes4All dumbbell. For an additional price, barbell connector rods, kettlebell handles, Xtreme grips, and wrist straps can take your workout to the next level.

Then, when you’ve completed your routine, the dumbbell proves easy to disassemble and store for later use. The Yes4All dumbbell represents a quality product that users can depend on using indefinitely.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Chrome Dumbbell Set with Carry Case

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If you want a completely chromed-out dumbbell set, then look no further than Sunny Health’s offering. This eye-catching set comes with two solid steel handlebars and four cogs. The plates consist of cast iron. And, everything shines the way that only chrome can.

The steel handlebar bears diamond-knurling for extra grip and slip-resistance during heavy workouts. And, the solid steel star-locks have rubber rings to help prevent slippage and loosening.

As a bonus, this set includes a free carry case for fitness buffs who constantly find themselves on the go.

Overall, the Sunny Health dumbbell set may represent the best value on this list, considering purchasers get two handlebars, four star-locks, and 12 plates (8 x 2.5 lb and 4 x 1.5lb). It serves as a great set for beginners, but we would have preferred a higher maximum weight per dumbbell so it would suit users of a higher skill level.

4. CAP Adjustable Dumbbell Set

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The CAP Adjustable Dumbbell Set provides that old-fashioned aesthetic and feel during a workout. The rugged cast-iron plates feature a durable, black epoxy coating to lengthen their lifespans, preventing rust and corrosion. And, the chrome-plated, cold-rolled steel handlebars have the same diamond-knurled grip that you encounter at the gym.

The steel star-lock collars bear a rubber O-ring to secure a tight fit and lessen the likelihood of slippage while working out.

There does, however, seem to be a discrepancy over the width of the handlebar. While CAP claims the handlebar measures 1” in diameter, it actually comes out to 1⅛”. Those willing to spend a little more can purchase up to a 100 lb pair.

5. MOVTOTOP 2-in-1 Adjustable Barbell and Dumbbells Set

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As the second offering from MOVTOTOP on this list, the barbell and dumbbells set offers greater versatility than its predecessor. Users can attach a dumbbell to both sides of the included connecting rod to create a barbell, allowing for a wider range of lift types.

Aside from the added flexibility of a barbell, this MOVTOTOP set also differentiates itself from the company’s previously reviewed product by including extra thick handles. These handles do have the same non-slip technology, however.

Although the plates have a different appearance than the Dumbbells Set with Non-slip Handles, they possess the same polyethylene coating; and, although it remains unclear as to what the plates consist of, we would assume they contain the same iron powder and cement mixture as the first product reviewed here. They also have the same antiskid side pads for floor exercises.

Finally, the bars contained in this set have a similar anti-rust, wear-proof plating and deep, inverted threading to add security when locking the plates in place. Buyers can select a 2-in-1 barbell and dumbbell set that comes with either 44 or 66 lbs of plates.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best adjustable dumbbells under $100 can prove tricky, especially in the wake of nationwide lockdowns. With nothing to do each day, millions of people decide to start their fitness journeys, resulting in a dumbbell shortage. As strange as that may sound, the shortage has continued, leaving many adjustable dumbbell models out of stock.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how far you want to go with your workout routine. If you prefer to perform basic curls, butterflies, and tricep presses, then one of the simpler dumbbell sets would suffice. But, if you want to explore new exercises and round out your weekly routine, then you might want to choose an expandable set.

The ability to use the weights you purchased with additional attachments, like a kettlebell handle or barbell, offers extra versatility that can push your workout regimen a little further. Diversifying the type of lifts performed can provide better, faster results while keeping your routine interesting and fun.